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Chapter 77: Senior Uncle to the Rescue

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 77: Senior Uncle to the Rescue

    Having this in mind, Qing Feng Zi immediately became more alert. Just when he wanted to question them what was going on, fatty suddenly appeared from the inside of the miserable bell. The moment he appeared, he immediately ran over to Qing Feng Zi and whined, “Senior uncle, save me! These few people slaughtered the dozens of people in the Cool Breeze Temple! They even want to silence me!”

    The moment the 4 cultivators saw Little Fatty appear, they were shocked. After hearing what he said, they were almost enraged to death and thought to themselves, ‘There’s only less than 10 people in the Cool Breeze Temple including you, where did the dozens of people come from?’

    When Qing Feng Zi heard it, he also found something to be strange. But he immediately understood what was going on. It was definitely this brat’s attempt to conveniently increase these people’s crimes in order to take revenge.

    Qing Feng Zi was also deceived into thinking that Little Fatty had suffered extreme grievances due to the latter’s pitiful appearances. He only had this one nephew, and he wanted to allow him to get some benefits from the Cool Breeze Temple. But now, he was pursued by 4 foundational cultivators to such a pitiful state. Qing Feng Zi was angered to the point that his face turned green.

    Without saying anything else, Qing Feng Zi raised his hands and a green sword light appeared out of nowhere. Like an agile snake, it violently slashed towards the 4 foundational cultivators.

    Simultaneously, Qing Feng Zi used his other hand to pull Little Fatty behind him for protection. He then cast a wood type regenerative spell, allowing the not so injured Little Fatty to feel a wave of comfort. This action made Little Fatty really touched. Ever since his parents passed away, this is the first time he felt such care and protection from an elder. Such a blessing made Little Fatty’s eyes start to turn moist and red.

    While Little Fatty was overwhelmed by such concern, the 4 foundational cultivators were completely stuck in a predicament. They experienced a fierce battle not long ago and their spiritual Qi was almost all depleted. Now, they had to face the attack of a foundational cultivator even stronger than them.

    After receiving a few blows, the fan holding cultivator knew that this cannot go on. He immediately shouted, “Go!” As he said that, his body turned into a blur and he escaped. The other 3 dare not delay and they quickly vamoosed on their flying sword.

    Qing Feng Zi would not let them go and wanted to chase after them. But, he was unexpectedly stopped by Little Fatty.

    “Senior uncle, don’t give chase!” Little Fatty was afraid that his senior uncle would lose out facing 4 foundational cultivators. Although they could not match Qing Feng Zi alone, but together, they were stronger than Qing Feng Zi. If not for the fact that Little Fatty depleted so much of their spiritual Qi, it is uncertain who might win! Especially since they had the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon, a killer weapon! If Qing Feng Zi were to be careless, he might die. Little Fatty finally found a senior who doted on him so much, and naturally, would not want him to take risks.

    However, Qing Feng Zi frustratedly said, “Don’t stop me, I have to let those b*st*rds know the ramifications of bullying my child!”

    “Senior uncle, senior uncle!” Little Fatty hurriedly pulled him back and said, “Your nephew is fine, it is just that they destroyed my clothes. They should be from the Mechanical Sect. Even if they were to escape, their headquarters can’t escape. It is best for us to inform the sect to let the sect take action!”

    “Hmph!!” Only after hearing that Little Fatty was fine did Qing Feng Zi calmed down. After examining Little Fatty, then did he realised that his condition is fine. Especially his mouth, it was still a little oily and had a fish scale, as though he just ate roasted fish!

    Seeing this, Qing Feng Zi could not help but jokingly scolded. “You’re really amazing, brat! Being chased by 4 foundational cultivators and you are still able to eat roasted fish?”

    “I didn’t eat roasted fish?” Little Fatty immediately denied innocently.

    “Clean the scales off your mouth before lying.” Qing Feng Zi said with a face full of laughter.

    “Ah?” Little Fatty hurriedly wiped his mouth and saw the fish scale. His face turned red as he defended himself, “I was disturbed by them when I was eating fish. I fought all the way here and did not have the chance to clean my mouth!”

    Hearing that Little Fatty was alright, Qing Feng Zi’s face immediately became serious as he asked, “What happened to the Cool Breeze Temple? Why did they want to kill you?”

    “It’s like this!” Little Fatty explained, “A few days ago, a guy wanted to use 10,000 spiritual stones to purchase 50 catties of eyeless fish and spiritual mushrooms! At such a cheap price, plus it’s the property of the sect, how would I dare sell it? But hearing that I did not want to sell it, the guy wasn’t happy and even insulted me. In a fit of anger, I could not help but rebut him, thus resulting in an argument!”

    “What happened next?” Qing Feng Zi continued to ask.

    “ We fought!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said.

    “What happened after you fought?” Qing Feng Zi frowned and asked.

    “After we fought, this, this isn’t easy to explain already!” Little Fatty also knew that it was a little too much to kill someone over an argument. Thus he stuttered and said, “Anyway, that brat eventually used a killing move on me, thus I also showed no mercy which resulted in a tragedy!”

    “What kind of tragedy?” Qing Feng Zi asked in doubt.

    “He died!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said, “He was smashed into pieces by me!”

    “This~” Qing Feng Zi immediately frowned and replied with a bitter laughter, “You’re fantastic! When you’re with me, you killed the imperial tutor, regional governor and royal uncle. Now that I sent you out, you killed another cultivator in just a few days! Where did all your killing intent come from?”

    “It’s not like that, I was really forced into a corner by him!” As he said that, he took out a giant crossbow and said, “Look at this, that b*st*rd wanted to shoot me with this! If not for my fast reflexes, I would not be able to see you anymore!”

    “Hmph!” Qing Feng Qi was someone who was knowledgeable. The moment he saw the crossbow, his face immediately changed and he couldn’t help but scold, “Where did this wild child without any manners come from? He actually dares to make trouble within the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard?”

    “Could he be from the Mechanical Sect? I did not investigate carefully, but his status is definitely not low. From what I hear, he may be the son of the sect master!” Little Fatty added, “If not, would he be able to take out something like this giant crossbow!”

    “The young master of the Mechanical Sect?” As he heard that, Qing Feng Zi’s face changed immediately, “If he is the son of the sect master, his cultivation shouldn’t be too low right?”

    “Higher than me, about the 7th XianTian stage!” Little Fatty said.

    “Then he should have many top notch magical tools right?” Qing Feng Zi asked again.

    “Of course, that brat at least had 3 protective magical tools of the 7th grade. He had plenty of other treasures too!” Little Fatty hurriedly replied.

    “Then this is strange, you’re just at the 4th XianTian stage. Eh, no, 5th XianTian stage already?” Only then did Qing Feng Zi notice the improvement in Little Fatty’s cultivation. He then asked, “Even if you’re at the 5th XianTian stage, you still won’t be able to defeat him right? He had a giant crossbow and top notch magical tools. How did this poor kid like you kill him?”