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Chapter 76: Imminent Peril

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 76: Imminent Peril

    Facing a bunch of lunatics, Little Fatty did not have any thoughts of showing himself. He knew that this was the time when they would be the craziest. The moment he showed himself, he would be killed for sure. Besides, he was about to reach the Mystical Sky Temple, where Qing Feng Zi would settle them. Thus, Little Fatty naturally could not be bothered to fight with them!

    Thus, Little Fatty only used his magical Qi to control the flight of the bell and ignored everything else!

    Under such circumstances where the 4 cultivators faced a live training dummy, they would naturally attack with everything they had. Scorching flames, chilling ice, lightning bolts, and sword lights were all smashing on the giant bell as though they were worth nothing. The black iron was slowing being shaved off and the surface of the bell was filled with pock marks and scratches. The bell was green in some places, purple on others. There were even marks of intersecting sword scars. The look of it was really pathetic beyond belief.

    But no matter how savage the 4 cultivators were, the giant bell remained as firm as ever and stubbornly flew forward. Little Fatty who was in his dimension was also as relaxed as ever. Drinking his 5 element tea on one side to replenish spiritual Qi, and roasting some eyeless fish on another side.

    Compared to Little Fatty’s relaxation, the 4 cultivators on the outside were completely drenched in sweat. In just a few minutes, they had depleted near to all their magical Qi. However, the black iron bell was still unfazed, and they were not able to force Little Fatty out. No matter which part of the bell they blasted, they just could not find any trace of Little Fatty. As time passed, the battle was inching nearer and nearer to the Mystical Sky Temple. They were almost driven insane from anxiety.

    The fan holding cultivator bit his lips and took out his Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon and roared, “I don’t believe that if I destroy this cannon I would not be able to destroy you!”

    As he said that, the fan holding cultivator took out his jade gourd and poured all the Earth Flame Divine Lightning into the cannon. He then aimed at the bell and prepared to fire.

    Seeing this scene, Little Fatty’s face could not help but change also. He knew that not only can the cannon fire single shots, it could also fire continuously. However, if it were to fire continuously, it would also cause an irreparable damage to the cannon. Thus, under normal circumstances, no one would bear to use the cannon as such. They would fire a maximum of 1 or 2 divine lightning at most, and would definitely not fire more than 4 at once. Because the result of that would be the destruction of the cannon.

    But seeing the actions of the fan holding cultivator, he poured in at least 5 Earth Flame Divine Lightning. If he were to fire it all at once, it would be comparable to the might of about 50 normal divine bolts of lightning. Plus, this attack was not aimed at the exterior of the bell, but the interior. Such an explosion in a confined space would further increase the impact of the explosion, even possibly reaching the might of a YuanYin cultivator. If that’s the case, Little Fatty did not know if the black iron bell could take it.

    It would be okay if the black iron bell is damaged. But if his Natal Artifact is also destroyed, then he would be finished. After all, all his possessions are all in the dimension of his Natal Artifact. The moment it was lost, he would be reverted to his old and poor self. Not only would he be unable to cultivate lightning spells, he would have to slowly earn money for elixirs.

    After enjoying the taste of a wealthy man, Little Fatty would not want to revert back to how he used to be. But he also did not dare to go out at this moment. The other party was already ready to fire, and the only thing he could do was to pray that he would develop cold feet.

    Thus, Little Fatty was caught in a dilemma. If he did not go out, his Natal Artifact might get destroyed. If he went out, he would not be able to do much to prevent the shot. What exactly should he do?

    As Little Fatty sweated, the fan holding cultivator suddenly stopped before firing the cannon. He then looked to a direction with doubt and appeared completely stunned.

    Seeing such a scene in his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty’s heart was elated. At the same time, he was puzzled as to why he would show mercy. He hurriedly used his spiritual sense to follow the direction the fan holding cultivator was looking at. The moment he saw that, Little Fatty’s joy knew no bounds.

    Turns out, a green clothed middle-aged cultivator had silently entered the battlefield on a green sword light. From the way he could instantly appear here from afar with his sword light, it spoke volumes about his strength.

    More importantly, Little Fatty recognised this person. This was Little Fatty’s senior uncle, the temple head of the Mystical Sky Temple, Qing Feng Zi!

    Qing Feng Zi was originally cultivating in his cave, but suddenly felt a strong wave of spiritual Qi from afar. With his experience, he could naturally discern that it was a battle between cultivators.

    You have to know, the Mystical Sky Temple was located within the Blue Moon Nation and the whole country was his territory. Based on the unspoken rule of the cultivator world, it was a very rude thing to casually start a battle on the territory of others. Being the person in charge of the Mystical Sky Temple, plus the intensity of the battle, he would naturally have to personally come out to take a look, as his XianTian stage subordinates would not be able to do anything for sure. After all, this was a matter which was concerned with the reputation of the Mystical Sky Yard and could not be dealt with casually.

    A few hundred kilometres was nothing but a blink of an eye to a late foundational cultivator like Qing Feng Zi. But he was stunned the moment he arrived. 4 foundational cultivators attacking a bell, and they used everything they could. The fan holding cultivator even took out such a large killing weapon like the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon which would even cause Qing Feng Zi’s heart to skip a beat.

    The reason why the fan holding cultivator was stunned was because of the Mystical Sky Temple insignia on Qing Feng Zi’s robes. Plus the strong cultivation he displayed, he was immediately able to discern that he was Qing Feng Zi.

    The reason why the few of them wanted to kill Little Fatty at all costs was not only to take revenge for their junior brother. It was mainly to silence Little Fatty to leave no evidence of them attacking the Cool Breeze Temple. But now, not only were they unable to kill Little Fatty, the temple head of the Mystical Sky Temple was already here. All of their efforts were completely wasted and they even brought catastrophic trouble to their sect. Facing such a grave situation, the fan holding cultivator was completely stunned silly. The other 3 cultivators were also completely at a loss for what to do.

    After Qing Feng Zi arrived, he immediately felt that something was fishy. Although he did not recognise Little Fatty’s bell, but he could see that the eyes of these few cultivators showed fear.