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Chapter 75: Fighting Together

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 75: Fighting Together

    Despite having a helpless expression and all the swearings, the fan shape cultivator’s attack appeared to have no effect. This matter was really too bizarre. How could a black iron bell be impervious to a JinDan stage attack? Thus, the 3 other cultivators insisted that the fan holding cultivator was holding back in order to save some spiritual stones.

    Being continuously misunderstood for a miser, and yet did not have anything to refute them at all. After all, the facts were right in front of them, and it would be difficult for him to convince them. Under the doubtful eyes of the 3 cultivators, the exasperated fan holding cultivator became enraged. He did not bother saying anything else and directly attacked Little Fatty’s black iron bell relentlessly.

    Following the countless explosions, the black iron bell was sent flying constantly. The black iron bell’s exterior was completely shattered and was scorching red. The subsequent attacks had shaved off several layers of black iron, estimating to be about 10 feet and several tons worth of black iron. However, it was still unable to do anything to the black iron bell.

    The countless amount of black iron which Little Fatty accumulated over these few years was all used to coat the exterior of the black iron bell. Even when the black iron bell was over a thousand feet tall, the black iron layer was at least 4 feet thick. The 10 feet plus which was shaved off just now was honestly nothing much.

    Just when the fan holding cultivator was using all his might to attack the black iron bell with the Earth Flame Divine Lightning, Little Fatty was enjoying his 5 essence tea in his dimension. At the same time, he had the mood to roast some eyeless fish to enjoy. Although he was no longer in danger and not as pathetic as before, he was still wearing the pathetic Taoist robe which was in tatters. He did not even bother cleaning off the dust on his face. His plan was to go back to the mountain with such a pathetic appearance to show his senior uncle how pitifully he fought and how cruel the enemy is.

    Compared to the relaxed Little Fatty, the expression of the 4 cultivators was extremely bitter. After the fan holding cultivator fired 7 or 8 shots, the other 3 cultivators could see that he indeed tried his best. After all, the Earth Flame Divine Lightning was really expensive. Why would he fire so many shots If he could settle it in one shot? The amount of spiritual stones which went into these few shots was almost a million spiritual stones. It is more than enough for him to buy a few high-grade magical tools. Under such circumstances, it was obvious that he was not holding anything back.

    Seeing the situation, the female cultivator said with shock, “Senior brother, something seems wrong? With so many shots fired, a normal magical artifact would already be destroyed by you. Why is it that this black iron bell is still completely fine?”

    “How am I supposed to know?” The fan holding cultivator said irascibly, “You guys should finally believe that I did not hold anything back right? It is not that I’m not trying, it is just that this darn fatty’s bell is too tough!”

    “How can this be?” The cultivator riding the golden eagle said, “This doesn’t make sense?”

    “Without a doubt, that large bell holds a secret! It is just that we won’t be able to figure it out anytime soon!” The cultivator riding the leopard suddenly asked, “Senior brother, how many more Earth Flame Divine Lightning do you have?”

    “Not much, ever since the last defeated battle, I did not have the chance to replenish it. I used up almost all of it just now!” The fan holding cultivator replied with heartache.

    “Then I think you should save it then. Given the situation, I don’t think there will be any difference if you continue blasting it!” The female cultivator suddenly said, “Right, we completely didn’t see that darn fatty. Could it be that he was also blasted to death? The only thing that is controlling the bell is his primordial spirit?”

    “It can’t be. He’s such a low-grade cultivator, and his primordial spirit is pathetically weak. If his body is blown apart by the Earth Flame Divine Lighting, his primordial spirit wouldn’t be able to survive. Besides, if a XianTian cultivator rested his primordial spirit on a magical artifact that is being blasted like that, his primordial spirit would definitely be shattered. Besides, the person controlling the flight must have a firm primordial spirit and ample magical Qi. If not, such a situation wouldn’t happen!” The fan holding cultivator replied.

    “But where is that darn fatty?” The leopard riding cultivator asked.

    “Maybe he is hiding under the bell!” The fan holding cultivator guessed.

    “That’s not right? If that’s the case, the shock wave from the impact would be enough to kill him.” The female cultivator added, “It can’t be that he is completely uninjured.”

    “Maybe he has another protective magical artifact!” The fan holding cultivator suddenly said, “Being able to use divine lightning when he is a XianTian cultivator. He is also able to take out the large bell with such a perverse defense. It wouldn’t be surprising if he has a few more powerful protective magical artifact!”

    “This fellow has so many high-grade treasures, and he is even able to use divine lightning. Did we offend the grandchild of some YuanYing elder of the Mystical Sky Yard?”

    “It can’t be, if he was the grandchild of a YuanYing cultivator, we would have heard of him before!” The female cultivator said, “Besides, these big shots are normally cultivating in seclusion, why would they become the temple head in this god forsaken place?”

    “Even if he is the child of a big shot, we have no way back! He killed master’s son, and we killed everyone in his temple. There already exists enmity between us. If we do not get rid of him today and allow him to bring news back to the Mystical Sky Yard, we will be in big trouble!” The fan holding cultivator solemnly said.

    “But we can’t find that darn fatty, and can’t do anything to that turtle shell. What can we do?” The female cultivator said anxiously.

    “Let’s all attack together, everyone take everything you have out and attack the underside of the bell. I’m guessing that he’s right over there! In any case, we must definitely force that darn fatty out!” The fan holding cultivator stared everyone in the eyes and said.

    “Yes, senior brother!” The 3 cultivator immediately straighten their faces attack the bell simultaneously.

    As the fan holding cultivator said that he also took out a flying sword and shouted, “Everyone, we have been chasing him for over an hour already! We have chased him for a few thousand kilometres and it is only a thousand kilometres away from the Mystical Sky Temple. We may meet people from the Mystical Sky Temple any time. All of you know what the consequences would be. In any case, time will not wait for us, all of you fight for your lives!” As he said that, he rushed towards the black iron bell.

    Hearing the fan holding cultivator say that, the 3 other cultivators eyes also turned red. They took out everything they had and smash the bell with all the spells, magical tools and flying swords they had.