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Chapter 74: Exhausting All Means

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 74: Exhausting All Means

    Being of the same body, there was a slot at the top most portion for the black pearl to fit in. Above it, the pearl would be protected by the bell, and below it, was filled up with dozens of feet of black iron.

    Just as Little Fatty entered the dimension in his Natal Artifact, the large fireball smashed onto the black iron bell. With a loud boom, a large mushroom shaped cloud was formed. The large explosion blew away all the clouds in the surrounding few kilometres and smashed all the nearby vegetation into smithereens. The surroundings were laid bare as though a large hurricane had passed by.

    With such a large explosion, the black iron bell was also sent flying. The black iron exterior was instantly reduced by a few feet, and the remaining portion glowed red under the high heat. The bell vaguely resembled a smoking red apple.

    However, despite such an intense explosion, the black iron bell was not deformed at all. Although the exterior of the bell looked so damaged, there were no signs of it falling apart and it was still completely intact.

    The key was that no matter what sort of commotion was happening on the outside, the dimension in the Natal Artifact was not affected at all. The eyeless fish in the pond was not even alerted in the slightest. One could see how strong this magical artifact is.

    Since the eyeless fish was not in the least affected, Little Fatty who was inside naturally was completely unharmed. He already retracted his spiritual sense right before the explosion, thus having no worry of his spiritual sense being damaged.

    Of course, after the explosion, Little Fatty could not help but extend his spiritual sense back out. After realising that the black iron bell was completely out of control and fell on the fall, he immediately circulated his magical Qi to direct the bell to fly towards the Mystical Sky Temple.

    As for the 4 cultivators, they personally saw that under such a frightening explosion, the black iron bell was sent flying by a few kilometres before finally smashing into the mountainside.

    Upon seeing such a scene, they were immediately elated and began cheering. Since they did not see Little Fatty when the bell was sent flying, they all assumed that he was smashed to dust by that explosion! After finally getting rid of him, they naturally had to celebrate.

    Just when they were cheering, they suddenly realised that the steaming bell took flight again, flying towards the Mystical Sky Temple. Seeing its stable and swift flying speed, it was obviously under the control of someone. Plus, the person must be uninjured, judging by the stability of the bell.

    Seeing this, they were completely stunned. The female cultivator commented with an expression of surprise, “Senior brother, under such circumstances, how can you still skimp on the materials?”

    “Yeah, yeah, senior brother, you really shouldn’t have hidden your abilities. Look, now you did all this for nothing?” The cultivator riding the leopard said with a bitter laughter.

    “Nonsense!” The fan holding cultivator replied with much grievance, “I had already done all I could okay?”

    “But senior brother, your Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon is equivalent to the full force of a JinDan cultivator. If you really used your full force, why can’t you destroy a black iron bell?” The cultivator riding the eagle shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who are you trying to fool?”

    “This~” As he heard that the fan holding cultivator was speechless. Goodness, he really did put in his full force in that attack, but he was unable to destroy that black iron bell. This is really too bizarre. Not only was his junior brothers and sister are in doubt, he was also completely baffled. He constantly asked himself if he held back anything, thus unknowingly reducing the force of attack.

    Thinking about this, he also could not be bothered to defend himself any further. He took out a jade gourd and said with frustration as he freely poured the Earth Flame Divine Lightning into the cannon, “I don’t believe that I cannot destroy it!”

    As he said that, he checked to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the middle-grade fire type spiritual stones. Only after he made sure that nothing was wrong, did he chase after the black iron bell with his cannon.

    Although the black iron bell could fly, because of its large size, it could not be considered fast. It was a lot slower than the golden eagle sword. Thus, it was caught up with too easily.

    The fan holding cultivator was also merciless this time. Only after reaching about a kilometre away, did he fire the cannon.

    Because he wanted to wash away his humiliation with this blow, thus he specially absorbed more spiritual Qi. Only after absorbing more than a hundred middle-grade fire type spiritual stones did he fire the cannon. This resulted in a much larger and powerful fireball.

    Seeing this, the other 3 cultivators confirmed that he must have skimped on the materials previously. They all instantly had a tinge of disdain in their hearts. If the fan holding cultivator knew that his actions resulted in him being looked down on, he would definitely not do this.

    Just when they all had different thoughts in their hearts, the large fireball smashed onto the black iron bell. The same scene replayed again, large mushroom cloud, large shockwave, and the bell was sent flying into another mountain.

    This time, the 4 cultivators did not celebrate but stared at the black iron bell intently. Following which, they all saw the bell shake a little, then continued flying.

    Seeing such a sight, the 3 cultivators all turned and look at the fan holding cultivator with eyes saying, ‘Why are you still skimping on materials?’

    The fan holding cultivator was completely stumped. He immediately said, “Why are you guys looking at me like that? I swear that I did not skimp on anything. I really did put all I had into that attack!”