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Chapter 73: Divine Cannon

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 73: Divine Cannon

    Listening to his 3 sect mates, the face of the cultivator holding the fan twitched. He gave a vicious stare at the arrogant Little Fatty and roared, “Whatever, let’s go all out!”

    As he said that, he took out a dragon shaped magical artifact over 10 feet long and 1 feet thick. The body of the magical artifact glowed with a red light and was obviously formed with high-quality fire type gems. It was long and straight like a giant brush. The dragon’s head was ferocious, a black hole about the size of a head could be seen in its mouth. The 4 claws were separated to both sides, forming a stable structure. On the surface, this looked like a magical artifact. But if one were to look closely, it resembled more like a dragon-headed cannon.

    At this moment, Little Fatty also felt that something was amiss because the all the 4 cultivators stopped attacking him. Feeling strange, he quickly turned around to realize what was wrong. He was shocked the moment he saw the dragon shaped cannon.

    This cannon was also recorded in the jade strip. It is the strongest mechanical magical tool recorded in the jade strip, the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon. The body of the cannon was carved from a fire type jade, then refined with a forbidden art. Although the fire type jade was not that rare, it was still rare to see such a huge piece of fire type jade. Additionally, even if one had such a large fire type jade, it may not be in the hands of a tools cultivator. It may also be broken down for various uses. Plus the fact that mechanic refiners were rare in the world of cultivators, thus such a cannon was very rare.

    The Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon may be rare, but it does not mean that it was lousy. On the contrary, not only did it boast huge firepower, it was the scariest magical artifact of its kind. It does not fire a normal cannonball, but a special Earth Flame Divine Lightning.

    The Earth Flame Divine Lightning was very different from Little Fatty’s Earth Divine Lightning. Little Fatty’s Earth Divine Lightning can be refined with normal earth type spiritual Qi. But the Earth Flame Divine Lightning can only be refined with the natal flame of the Earth deep underground. The natal flame of the Earth was many times more powerful than ordinary earth spiritual Qi. Thus, the divine lightning refined from it would also be frightfully powerful. In other words, they can’t even be compared at the same level.

    Although such a divine lightning is very powerful, it is extremely difficult to refine it. Not only is it because of the complicated process of refinement, the essential materials are also very rare. Natal earth flame is not something that can be easily found just by digging underground, it depends on affinity too. As such, the Earth Flame Divine Lightning was very precious. It was not something like Little Fatty’s divine lightning which could be refined without limit so long one has spiritual Qi. Thus, only when one has no other choices will one use something like the Earth Flame Divine Lightning.

    Of course, the Earth Flame Divine Lightning is the same as Little Fatty’s divine lightning and could be used anytime. But if it was used like this, only the prowess of the divine lightning can be manifested. Although it was powerful, but it would only be equivalent to the attack of a complete foundational cultivator. Such an attack was definitely stronger than the 3 other cultivators, but not by much. Only if the fan holding cultivator would be willing to throw out a bunch of Earth Flame Divine Lightning at once, will the might of the explosion be equal to a JinDan stage cultivator.

    Obviously, the fan holding cultivator did not have that many Earth Flame Divine Lightning to expend. Thus, he took out the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon.

    The Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon is able to absorb pure spiritual Qi to increase the prowess of the Earth Flame Divine Lightning. It is able to increase the prowess up to 10 times. In other words, a single blast of the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon was tantamount to throwing 10 divine lightning.

    After placing the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon properly, he took out a jade gourd and opened it carefully. He then poured out a green pearl, which had a scintillating glow and a strong spiritual Qi. Due to the high temperature, the pearl became green.

    He then inserted the Earth Flame Divine Lightning into the mouth of the cannon and adjusted the angle. Only then did he inject his spiritual Qi in and cursed in frustration “B*st*rd, you forced me into this!”

    It was also no surprise that he was so frustrated. The Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon is really too draining. Rather than say that it shoots cannonballs, it shoots money out! In order to increase the prowess of the shot, it isn’t enough to absorb fire type spiritual Qi from the air. It absorbs the fire type spiritual Qi from spiritual stones placed in the tail of the cannon. A single shot would be equivalent to almost a hundred middle-grade spiritual stones. Plus the value of the Earth Flame Divine Lightning, every single pearl costs at least 100,000 spiritual stones.

    In other words, the cost of 1 shot was equivalent to a 5th or 6th-grade magical tool. Such a large amount spent, just to blow up a black iron bell, in order to kill a XianTian cultivator. How would the fan holding cultivator be satisfied? It would be a wonder if he did not feel any heartache!

    The moment Little Fatty saw the Sky Shattering Dragon Cannon, the foe was already ready to fire. With a loud boom, the first shot was fired.

    Following the loud boom was a 10 feet wide green fireball. It shot towards Little Fatty like a shooting star.

    Seeing the shape and size of the fireball, Little Fatty was terrified. This attack was obviously equivalent to a JinDan cultivator. A mountain would probably be demolished by it, how would Little Fatty dare to receive it blatantly.

    With a single thought, Little Fatty appeared in the dimension of his Natal Artifact. He only left a black iron bell outside to protect his Natal Artifact.

    Although Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact has a dimension within it, only Little Fatty can enter. As the basis of the dimension, the black ball must always remain outside.

    Under such circumstances, if Little Fatty also took in the giant bell, it would only expose the black ball to the other cultivators. They would definitely find out about Little Fatty’s secret. If they were to capture the Natal Artifact at that moment, won’t Little Fatty be like a fish in the net?

    Thus, Little Fatty can only leave his black iron bell outside to protect his Natal Artifact. Not only was it to conceal it, but also to prevent it from being smashed into smithereens.