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Chapter 72: Comfortable and Relaxed

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 72: Comfortable and Relaxed

    Apart from the toughness of the bell, the reason why Little Fatty was able to endure the attacks was because Little Fatty was not just purely focused on defense. If that was the case, he would have been finished. When the 4 cultivators attacked him, the were cautious about his Earth Divine Lightning. They only used 60% of their magical Qi on an attack and the rest on defence.

    Despite the fact that they could defend against an Earth Divine Lightning, they would not be able to handle against two, or even three of it. The Earth Divine Lightning was easy to block since it was simply thrown out in the open. The more annoying spell would be the Negative Water Lightning. Although it was weaker, it was completely transparent and silent. If they were careless and allowed it to explode near them, they may not only be injured but also stunned. Under such circumstances, they would definitely not dare to be careless.

    Among the 4 of them, the most frustrated one would be the female cultivator. This was because the other cultivator’s magical tools and artifacts are all very powerful. Each time they attacked, a large commotion would be generated and Little Fatty would block it easily. Her mechanical darts was the only one which focused on being nimble and agile.

    Facing someone with a giant shield like Little Fatty, it was supposed to be her time to shine. Using the agile darts to avoid the bell, injuring Little Fatty. But in reality, the situation was the opposite, and she did not dare to carelessly release her darts.

    This is because Little Fatty paid extra attention to her darts which captured his weakness. Any moment he sees her launching an attack, he would throw 3-5 lightning spells in retaliation.

    Though the darts were agile, the same could not be said for their durability. It was not afraid of ordinary flying swords, but against 3-5 lightning spells, the darts naturally could not handle.

    The first time she attacked, Little Fatty immediately destroyed 3 darts with his Earth Divine Lightning. Such a loss was really huge. It was not easy to refine the darts, and after the darts was refined, the darts would have to be bathed in one’s primordial spirit to slowly familiarise with the darts in order to fully utilise them. These 3 darts were worth at least 4-5 years of efforts for her, how would she not feel the pain? Since she was not the only one here, she decided to keep her darts and use a normal flying sword to reduce her losses.

    Just like that, the only cultivator which could threaten Little Fatty did not give her all, and the fierce attacks of the other 3 were blocked by the bell. In the end, the 4 cultivators were not able to do anything to Little Fatty at all.

    However, the 4 of them were not nervous at all. This is because they all understood that although Little Fatty seemed fierce, he would not be able to last for long. He had to maintain the speed of his flying sword and command such a dense bell to defend against the various attacks. He would definitely exhaust a large amount of spiritual Qi. For a 5th XianTian cultivator, he would probably be able to hold on for only half an hour before running out of magical Qi. When that time comes, he would completely be at their mercy.

    Although their plans sounded ideal, in reality, that was not the case. After 15 mins, Little Fatty was still active like a dragon. After another 15 mins, he was still so ferocious. Yet another 30 mins passed and Little Fatty was still maintaining his status quo making the 4 cultivator’s face turn uglier by every passing minute.

    Little Fatty at this moment, puffed his chest, stepped on his golden eagle sword and flew around in the skies. His left hand was behind his back, holding on to 3 Earth Divine Lightning, ready to strike. His right hand on his waist, flicking every now and then. Every time he flicked, a loud explosion would be heard, or a sword light would be seen.

    At the same time, the black iron bell which was damaged all over was like a nimble ape rolling around Little Fatty blocking all the attacks with its tough body.

    Despite the fact that Little Fatty’s clothes were in tatters, he was really very energised and had a look of disdain. He did not look like he was being chased, but as though he was on a relaxing tour.

    Little Fatty was actually feeling delighted in his heart. After all, he was only a lowly 5th XianTian cultivator. But relying on spells, 4 foundational cultivators was unable to do anything to him. If this were to spread out, no one would believe it for sure.

    He was only thinking to himself, ‘Since I have plenty of 5 elements pure essence to replenish my spiritual Qi, let us continue this stalemate! It has already been an hour, in another hour or so, I would have reached the Mystical Sky Temple already. Haha, when that time comes, I will let you guys know why the flower is red!”

    Facing such a relaxed and carefree Little Fatty, the cultivators chasing him were completely angered. The cultivator riding the leopard would not help but complain frustratedly, “Boss, we can’t go on like this! That darn fatty’s magical artifact is so tough and his divine lightning lethal. Plus his unending supply of magical Qi. In what way does he seem like a XianTian cultivator? He is most likely a foundational cultivator in disguise!”

    “Yeah, which XianTian disciple would have so much magical Qi. He is even able to control such a big bell so precisely when flying on his sword enduring our attacks for an hour. Even a foundational cultivator would not be able to take it after being surrounded for so long! Look at his relaxed appearance, it seems like he is just playing!” The female cultivator also said in frustration.

    “Eldest senior brother, I am only left with about 30% of my magical Qi. If this goes on, before that fatty dies, we will die first!” The cultivator on the golden eagle frowned and said, “Do you think we should use that?”