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Chapter 71: Battle in the Skies

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 71: Battle in the Skies

    Facing the attacks from a group of furious cultivators, Little Fatty did not have any ways to deal with them either. He could only release his bell and place it behind his back to guard against the attacks.

    The first to attack the bell was blue lightning from a Golden Eagle. A thin blue lightning bolt accompanied by the sound of the storm hit firmly on the surface of the bell. A large crater of 2 feet was immediately created in the bell. At the same time, a blue smoke also emitted from the crater.

    Following which came the red lady with dozens of mechanical darts. The darts each gave out a sharp light under the activation of the lady’s spiritual Qi. It rapidly spun into a light disc of 10 feet long and attacked the bell from various directions.

    Accompanied by the sound of grinding metal, the black iron layer was slowly ground off by the mechanical darts. At the same time, a large scar was left on the surface of the bell.

    The third attack was a yellow energy ball from the yellow leopard, creating another crater on the bell. The last attack was from the cultivator with holding the fan. He released 2 water type flying swords against the bell, leaving a deep scar.

    After a series of the lightning strike, dart attacks and sword slashes, the bell looked so damaged that it appeared it would be destroyed any moment. But in reality, it was not affected at all. It continued to endure all the scars and stubbornly defended Little Fatty’s back.

    The scars on its body and smoke emitted from it seemed to be sarcastically laughing at the 4 cultivators.

    Seeing such a scene, the 4 foundational cultivators were furious. They thought to themselves, ‘You do indeed have some capability to be proud with your divine lightning. But what is this bell considered? Isn’t it just a lousy black iron bell? Even if it is larger than usual, how formidable can it be!’

    Thinking about this, the leader commanded, “Use all that you have and break this turtle shell before taking care of that fatty. We must rip him to shreds!”

    “Ha! Watch this!” The cultivator riding the leopard shouted, then slapped the leopard on its back. Magical Qi was injected into the leopard, immediately rejuvenating the leopard. The leopard then opened its large mouth and yellow light began glowing in it. After a few breaths, a yellow ball of intense light was formed.

    “My trump card, Heaven’s Roar!” The cultivator roared, as he slapped the leopard’s head. The ball of light then became a shooting star and smashed mercilessly on the giant bell.

    Following a loud bang, a shockwave far greater than Little Fatty’s divine lightning was given out from the large bell.

    The large shockwave blew the large bell flying and 2 to 3 feet of black iron was immediately reduced into nothing. It can be seen how powerful this attack was, living up to the full force of a foundational cultivator.

    Of course, to the 1000 feet bell with a dozen odd feet of thickness, such an attack would only able to tickle it. It would be useless without hundreds or thousands of such an attack.

    However, the bell may be fine, but it does not mean that Little Fatty was the same. He was too near to the bell, and even though the impact was blocked by the bell, the shockwave still had a pronounced effect on him. Even if his skin was thick and body firm, he was still shocked dizzy. The clothes on his body were also destroyed by the shockwave in the process, making him seem as though he was a beggar.

    Thankfully Little Fatty did not leave his spiritual sense on the bell, else his spiritual sense would not be spared.

    But this single explosion already reduced him to this pathetic stage. If they attacked a dozen of times, he would not be alright even if his bell could take it.

    Little Fatty could only curse that the quality of the bell was too high. If he could only use the divine inscriptions of the Primal Chaos Formula, he could at least activate its various abilities. Even the most basic divine protection of the bell would prevent him from falling into such a state.

    Currently, it was also useless for him to think about anything else. Seeing how the attack of the leopard was useless against the bell, the cultivators all understood that the bell must have a trick to it. If not, it would not be so tough. Thus, the diverted their target to Little Fatty since they could not damage the bell. So long as they can kill Little Fatty, the bell would become an ownerless item incapable of threatening them.

    You have to know, no matter how big the bell was, it would still conform to the shape of a bell. It cannot wrap Little Fatty up completely unless it becomes an iron egg instead. Thus, the 4 cultivators could easily go around the bell to attack Little Fatty.

    In an instant, flying swords, spells, and mechanical darts all smashed towards Little Fatty like a storm. Although Little Fatty’s golden eagle sword is considered quite fast, it does not have any advantage in front of foundational cultivators. The 4 cultivators easily caught up to him and continuously surrounded him with attacks.

    However, facing all these attacks, Little Fatty instead became more relaxed. Since they only wanted to kill him and not destroy the bell, they stopped using destructive spells relying more on spells and magical artifacts which had high speeds and specificity.

    Under such circumstances, Little Fatty was immediately energised. He used his bell to defend on one side, and his lightning spells to attack the other side and became more valiant the more he fought.

    Because of the large size of the bell, plus the fact that Little Fatty could control it as though it was his Natal Artifact, 80% of the attacks were blocked. The weaker attacks could only create more scars on the bell, but was unable to injure him. Little Fatty blocked the remaining attacks with his golden eagle sword, with his safety on a knife’s edge.