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Chapter 70: Fleeing after Killing

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 70: Fleeing after Killing

    Although Little Fatty seemed to have gained the upper hand this round, he too did not turn out unscathed. The impact on the black iron bell was too hard, causing it to resonate intensely. Fortunately, it was given out from the external of the bell, and the inside of the bell was completely unaffected because of the high quality.

    Despite this, Little Fatty who was situated nearest to the bell was shocked dizzy due to the vibrations. At least it was considered a minor injury and Little Fatty’s perverted physique managed to endure it without affecting his next action.

    However, at this moment, the rest of the cultivators were still in a state of bewilderment. They could not expect such a strange occurrence. The rushing force of the 2 tigers was really too terrifying, even ordinary high-grade magical tools may not have been able to defend against it.

    In fact, If Little Fatty used a high-grade magical artifact to block the tigers, they would not be so startled. The problem was that Little Fatty only used a giant black iron bell to settle the problem.

    Black iron was widely known as the lowest grade material in the cultivator’s world. It was completely disregarded by cultivators, and if one possessed some ability, it would not even be considered. But now, this fat Taoist monk took out this 100 feet black iron bell. By the ease of how it was released, it was obviously a Natal Artifact. If not, a XianTian disciple would not be able to release such a large item at ease. Goodness, what kind of puzzling thing was this?

    Especially the shape of the bell, not only did it have a large crater created by the teen’s giant bow. It also had a hundred arrows embedded on it by Little Fatty’s experiment.

    Such a useless and comical artifact was actually refined into a Natal Artifact? Furthermore, this was not an ordinary disciple. He was the disciple of a noble family who could use lightning spells. All the extremely strange occurrences, everything that defied common sense led all the cultivators to be hopelessly puzzled.

    Although they were dizzy, Little Fatty was not. The heads of the 2 tigers were stuck in the bell but it doesn’t mean that they have been settled. They were currently struggling vigorously and may escape anytime. Once they escape, Little Fatty would not be able to deal with them. After all, they were not idiots who would repeatedly ram into the bell.

    Thus, Little Fatty did not dare to delay and flew on top of the bell on his sword. With a flick of his hands, he threw out 4 golden lights akin to shooting stars which smashed towards the 4 foundational cultivators at high speed.

    The 4 foundational cultivators were not the slightest bit careless while dealing with the lightning spell. After all, it was very powerful and could take their lives. Of course, because Little Fatty’s abilities were limited, the lightning spells he refined also has a limited prowess. It would be peerless in the XianTian stage, but to a foundational cultivator, it would only be considered troublesome.

    The 4 foundational cultivators used spells or magical tools to block it and easily defended themselves against this failure of an ambush.

    But at this moment, all their faces suddenly changed as they shouted respectively, “You dare!”



    “Show mercy!”

    Turns out, everything that Little Fatty did was but a distraction. He used the Earth Divine Lightning to attract their attention by attacking them, but his real motive was actually the teen. Just when the 4 foundational cultivators blocked the lighting spell, Little Fatty silently released 3 Negative Water Lightning spells.

    The Negative Water Lightning was transparent and well concealed, plus the fact that the Earth Divine Lightning attracted their attention. As such, when the 4 foundational cultivators realized Little Fatty’s intentions, the Negative Water Lightning was already in front of the teen.

    At this moment, it was out of the 4 of their control and they were unable to defend against it. The only person who could stop this tragedy from happening would be Little Fatty. Only the owner of the lightning spell would be able to stop the explosion of the divine lightning, preventing the death of the teen. As such, the 4 of them shouted anxiously hoping to save the teen through such a method.

    But obviously, at the moment, how would Little Fatty still show mercy? The corpses which were littered all over had already angered him to the high heavens. Now that he had the chance, Little Fatty did not hesitate in the slightest. With a cold laughter, he ignited the explosion of the three lightning spells using his spiritual sense. Following the explosion, this poor child who did not even know how he died was blown into smithereens. Although the Negative Water Lightning was not as strong as the Divine Earth Lightning, the teen did not have as many protective magical tools. Thus, the damage dealt to him was greater as compared to the few days ago. Pieces of his body parts could have been found before, but now, he was blown into minced meat.

    Seeing the cloud of blood in the air, the foundational cultivators were stunned silly!

    You have to know, the person who died wasn’t an ordinary person. He was the son of the sect leader. If not, the four would not have come. The last time the young master had a mishap, they were scolded because they did not protect him. This time, the 4 of them personally protected him, but he was killed by a XianTian cultivator under their noses! How would they be able to answer to the sect leader when they returned?

    Not only will the sect leader not forgive them, they would not be able to forgive themselves either. If word were to spread, what would others think about them? The person who four foundational cultivators were protecting was killed by a 5th XianTian cultivator. This was like slapping them in the face! It was really too embarrassing and they really wanted to dig a hole and bury themselves inside!

    They were immediately swarmed by a sense of humiliation and the 4 of their eyes turned green.

    At this moment, Little Fatty kept his giant bell and hurriedly flew away on his flying sword. He flew out off the place the teen was guarding towards the Mystical Sky Temple. As for the 2 tigers, because their owner died, they became ownerless. Since they were stuck on the bell, they were conveniently kept into Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact.

    Seeing Little Fatty making a run for it after killing the teen, they woke up from their shock and gave chase with all the techniques, flying swords, magical artifacts and spells at their disposal.

    Their young master had died, and there wasn’t even a fragment of his soul left. This event would be enough to let them not have the face to show for the rest of their lives. If the culprit manages to escape, they would probably commit suicide from humiliation.