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Chapter 69: Wing Piercing Tiger

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 69: Wing Piercing Tiger

    With regards to Little Fatty’s performance, the only one who remained indifferent was the teen, whose hatred for him seeped through his bones. The moment he heard the leader give the order, he smiled evilly and said, “Let me do it, I must kill him with my own two hands!”

    As he said that, he waved his hands and 2 purple lights flashed past. In an instant, 2 purple flying tigers appeared in front of him.

    Both the bodies of the tigers were refined by a special purple coloured forbidden spell. The amazing thing is that the gold material used to refine the body was made to become lifelike under the work of a legendary tool refiner. The tigers stretched their wings, and as they moved, their skins rippled naturally as though they were really alive.

    Under their feet were 5 to 6 white clouds. They stretched their wings out fully, with a pair of green eyes and red light in their mouths, making them look ferocious.

    The moment he saw the 2 flying tigers, Little Fatty’s heard was startled. He seen this on the jade strip before. It was called the Wing Piercing Tiger and was a middle grade mechanical animal. It could only be made by a cultivator who had formed his core.

    You have to know, the battle prowess of mechanical animals are very high. It isn’t just because they can attack automatically. The most important thing was that many mechanical magical artifacts can be installed on the body of the mechanical animal.

    Take this Wing Piercing Tiger for example, their legs were installed with Cloud Stepping Pearls. This is a special kind of pearl, that when activated, it would release a white cloud. This white cloud is solid and can allow the mechanical animal to step on it to walk in the air. This would allow the mechanical animal to run on air relying on its legs and not just its wings.

    Under such a circumstance, not only can the clouds help increase the mobility of the tiger, it can also allow the tiger to perform short bursts in the air, increasing its battle prowess. With this item, the Wing Piercing Tiger would also not be afraid of it’s wings getting destroyed. If not, they would be like normal birds, falling from the skies the moment their wings are destroyed.

    It could be seen how useful the Cloud Stepping Pearls can be. It was a pity that it was not cheap to refine such an item, thus not everyone would be able to afford it. Seeing how these 2 tigers had a total of 8 pearls, it speaks volume of the owner’s wealth.

    Apart from this, the wings of the tiger can improve the balance of the tiger. Together with the Cloud Stepping Pearl, it would help the Wing Piercing Tiger to maintain an agility while flying at a high speed, being the real king of the skies.

    The eyes of the Wing Piercing Tiger was also something extraordinary. It was a magical artifact pearl which could break illusionary spells. It’s mouth also contained a magical artifact which could help it to shoot fire. From the red and white light coming out from its mouth, it would most likely be a fire and an ice type.

    Thinking about how he would be bathed in fire and ice later, Little Fatty could not help but feel troubled. Both of these tigers each has the strength of a foundational stage cultivator. When released together, with the combination of fire and ice, their prowess would increase further.

    Thinking that he had these 2 treasures in his hand, the teen instantly looked down on Little Fatty and shouted, “Attack, tear this darn fatty into pieces!”

    Upon hearing the commands of their master, the 2 tigers roared and dived down from the skies above like a dragon exiting the mountain.

    As the tigers dived down, Little Fatty did not show any signs of weakness. He roared at the same time and charged at the 2 tigers with his flying sword.

    Seeing such a scene, the other 4 foundational cultivators displayed a look of disdain as they watched by the side. You have to know, each of this tigers weighed over 30,000 catties. Charging with the aid of the Cloud Stepping Pearls and wings, even a small mountain would collapse upon collision with it. To them, for Little Fatty to receive it with his body, it was as good as committing suicide.

    Thus, none of them took action and watched to see Little Fatty get crushed by the Wing Piercing Tigers.

    In an instant, Little Fatty and the tigers met. Just when the tigers were about to pounce on Little Fatty, an accident occurred.

    At the most crucial moment before the collision, Little Fatty waved his hands and a giant iron bell appeared out of nowhere.

    The tigers descended from the skies while Little Fatty ascended from the ground. When the giant bell appeared, it separated the both of them with great precision.

    Little Fatty was already prepared, and when the bell appeared, he immediately halted his steps and hid in the bell.

    But the 2 tigers were not prepared at all. Just when they accelerated to their peak, the suddenly saw a giant bell like a small mountain. Everything was too sudden, and before they had a chance to react, the tigers ran smack into the bell.

    The scene was like a meteorite crashing onto Earth! With 2 loud bangs, the giant bell was blown away by the impact by tens of metres. Many of the buildings in the Cool Breeze Temple was smashed into pieces by the bell.

    As for the 2 tigers, their heads were embedded into the iron bell as though it was mud.

    This time, Little Fatty learnt his lesson. He did not use his spiritual sense to control the bell. He only controlled the size of the bell and threw it on the ground without controlling it at all. Thus, although the impact was large, it did not harm Little Fatty at all. It was not like the last time where Little Fatty spiritual sense was almost injured when blocking the giant crossbow.