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Chapter 68: Ready for Attack

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 68: Ready for Attack

    It was five versus one, plus four of them Foundational stage cultivators. The situation was definitely very disadvantageous for Little Fatty. However, despite his circumstances, Little Fatty did not feel a single ounce of fear

    Little Fatty could also guess the background and reason of these people. It was probably related to the teen he killed a few days ago. This was because they all had mechanical magical artifacts which were similar to the person he killed and those recorded in the jade strip.

    It seems that he did not do a good job cleaning up, thus allowing them to find him. Since they had already started killing, they were obviously prepared to silence everyone so that the Mystical Sky Yard could not trace it back to them. In such a scenario, it would be useless for Little Fatty to plead.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty took a deep breath and sarcastically said, “All of you are Foundational stage cultivators and yet wiped out the mortals of my temple so easily. How majestic, how cruel!”

    Hearing what Little Fatty said, the few Foundational stage cultivators face turned red. Attacking the innocent was something which would indeed tarnish their reputation if it were to spread. In addition, there was a certain majestic spirit which Litle Fatty possessed while saying it, rendering them all speechless.

    However, although the Foundational cultivators said nothing, the XianTian cultivator burst out in rage, “We can’t be as cruel and majestic as you! Damn it, didn’t we just bicker? I had already pleaded to you for mercy and you still killed me!”

    Hearing that, Little Fatty was immediately stunned. He asked in doubt, “I have never seen you before, why did you say that I killed you? Besides, if I killed you, how can you still be standing here? Don’t tell me I’m seeing a ghost?”

    “Idiot, don’t tell me you don’t know what it means to reincarnate by borrowing a corpse?” The teen scolded, “If not for the fact that you destroyed my body, would I need to be reduced to such a state where I’m neither ghost nor human?”

    “Reincarnate by borrowing a corpse?” When Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately enlightened. This was the secret technique of a ghost cultivator, allowing the spirit of a dead cultivator to possess a corpse so as to be revived. Of course, it would be considered neither human nor corpse. Although he could still cultivate, his speed would be greatly impeded with no hope of future success. In order words, he was condemned!

    This teen’s talent was considered pretty good, possibly better than Han Ling Feng’s. If he had entered the Mystical Sky Yard, he would definitely be able to enter the inner court. Even though he was in a sect weaker than the Mystical Sky Yard, he was able to enter into the 7th XianTian stage before the age of 20.

    You have to know, Little Fatty only entered the XianTian stage when he was 16. Now that he was almost 20, he was only at the 5th XianTian stage. In order to reach the 7th level, he would still require a few years. This was already considering all of Little Fatty’s cultivation resources. It could be seen how much talent this teen had. If there was no accident, he should be able to reach the YuanYing stage.

    However, such a talent was destroyed just because of a quarrel with Little Fatty. He lost his body and magical artifacts, and could only stay alive by borrowing a corpse. In future, he would probably face trouble to even advance into the Foundational stage. It can be said that his entire life was ruined by Little Fatty’s hands, so how could he not hate Little Fatty to the bone? It was also because of this that he brought his senior brothers for revenge before even stabilising his cultivation after reviving.

    After understanding the situation, Little Fatty was not afraid despite the pressure. He only snickered and said, “You also know that it was just a quarrel? Because of the quarrel, you shot me with the giant crossbow. If not for my quick reaction, wouldn’t I have died under your hands? You wanted to forcefully buy my Mystical Sky Yard’s items first, then tried to kill me later. Why can’t I kill you? What do you take my Mystical Sky Yard for? Some place where any random passer-by can do what they want?”

    “Nonsense? How is this related to the Mystical Sky Yard?” The teen replied angrily, “I just wanted to make a private transaction with you! The sect wouldn’t know that you received some benefits, hasn’t it always been like this?”

    “Hmph! I would definitely report the previous temple’s head embezzlement to the sect for punishment for sure!” Little Fatty said with anger, “However, that is another matter altogether! All of you came to the Cool Breeze Temple today and killed dozens of my men. If you guys do not give me an explanation, I’m afraid that there’ll be no good ending!”

    “Ai yah, this little brother is really bold! I almost thought that you are a senior who formed your core!” The female cultivator could not help but laugh coldly.

    “KaKa, the disciple of Mystical Sky Yard indeed has such a unique charisma! Even a XianTian stage novice would dare to talk to a Foundational stage senior like this!” The guy riding the leopard laughed coldly and added, “Brat, I really admire your courage!”

    “It just means that you’re seeking death!” The cultivator on the bird said mercilessly.

    “Okay, stop talking nonsense!” The final cultivator dressed in white said, “We are not here to reason, but to take revenge for our junior brother. Of course, we also have to retrieve our sect’s treasure while we’re at it! The Cool Breeze Temple is an establishment of the Mystical Sky Yard. It wouldn’t be good to alarm them. You guys better settle this carefully, do not leave behind any incriminating evidence!”

    Hearing what he said, everyone around him immediately fell silent. They all knew that if the Mystical Sky Yard found out about this, it would definitely cause a blood wave. Thus, they all became serious and decided to kill this darned fatty.

    Feeling their killing intent, Little Fatty who was already prepared was not afraid. Instead, his fighting spirit was ignited from deep within him. Little Fatty did not feel anything initially, but as the Primal Chaos Formula circulated around his body, he quickly felt his body burning with fighting spirit.

    A wave of vigorous fighting spirit was given out from Little Fatty. Despite the fact that they were all foundational stage cultivators, they were still stunned momentarily by Little Fatty’s sudden explosion of aura. They did not expect that after being surrounded so fiercely by them, not only is this 5th XianTian stage lowly cultivator not only did not show signs of fear but was able to release such a strong fighting spirit.

    Seeing such a scene, everyone could not help but be taken aback. At the same time, they thought to themselves, ‘The Mystical Sky Yard is really extraordinary. Even such a low-grade disciple is able to put out such an exciting performance.’