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Chapter 67: Grim Circumstances

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 67: Grim Circumstances

    Though Cool Breeze Temple is but a branch of Mystical Sky Yard, not much emphasis was placed upon it due to it being located in the secular realm and having low amounts of spiritual qi. Thus, they only delegated a single cultivator to guard the place. The other Taoist monks were only there to handle the miscellaneous chores. Even if they cultivated some HouTian cultivation methods, they were only slightly stronger than mortals.

    It can be said that they were just strong mortals. Normally as a cultivator, as long as they are not evil cultivators, they would not attack mortals. Doing so is tantamount to bullying the weak, which leads to having an ignominious reputation. Of course, if the mortal has done something unforgivable, it would be a different story. For example, Little Fatty killed the imperial tutor and all, because they first unscrupulously harmed the other mortals.

    However, these Taoist monks in the Cool Breeze Temple were not like that. They were secluded from the world and did not do anything bad. But yet they were killed so cruelly. Such a despicable action could only have been committed by those evil cultivators.

    From the remnant Qi, surprisingly there was not a trace of evil in it. In fact, it has the spiritual Qi of a righteous cultivator. The only plausible explanation was that a righteous cultivator was the one who did this.

    After reaching such a conclusion, Little Fatty flew into a rage. He unrestrainedly bellowed, “No matter who you are, I will rip you to shreds!”

    Little Fatty’s roar was embedded with his spiritual Qi. It was like a lion in the forest. The roar could be heard from kilometres away, causing the surrounding fire to flicker a moment .

    At this moment, a cold laughter echoed from the surroundings. A sharp voice filled with hatred then replied, “Darn fatty, I have not looked for you and you dare to appear! You even dare spout such nonsense? Haha, very good, let’s see who will rip who into shreds!”

    As this voice sounded, Little Fatty immediately felt 5 strong presence around him. Subsequently, 5 cultivators surrounded him. These murderers did not leave but stayed around to find Little Fatty. It is just that Little Fatty hid into his Natal Artifact, thus managing to stay undetected. Now that Little Fatty came out with such a roar, they immediately surrounded him. They all stopped in mid air and looked down on Little Fatty from above.

    Despite being surrounded, Little Fatty did not feel any regret. Instead, he sized up the people around him with killing intent while taking in a cold breath.

    There were 5 cultivators who surrounded him, out of which only one was in the XianTian stage. The other cultivators were in the Foundational stage. Because of his low cultivation, he could not tell what their exact cultivation was. He only knew that they were not to be trifled with.

    The only female cultivator was about 30 years old. She was dressed in red, effusing the charisma of a mature lady while disdain suffused her pair of eyes. She seemed to be very weak but was actually very dangerous. It could be judged from the dozen of discs floating around behind her.

    This palm sized, black, intricately designed discs were a set of very powerful Mechanical Magical Artifacts which was recorded in the jade strip.

    Although it was very small, it could transform into a light disc of at least a few feet when released. Such a light disc was very sharp and could slice through jade and metal. All the mutilated corpses that were sliced into pieces was probably the result of those darts.

    Apart from its sharpness, the most irritating thing about it was its ability to track its target. It can thus pester an enemy, and ambush them from any direction. Plus, dozens of discs can be sent out at once, coordinating with each other.

    When they were sent out, they would also give out a sharp howl, distorting a person’s concentration and further discombobulating the foe.

    Not only can the discs attack, it could also form a defensive shield. It was a rare mechanical artifact which could both defend and attack.

    It is difficult to refine it, and it is very brittle and could be destroyed easily. Plus, the usage of this item is very complicated with a high exertion on the user’s spiritual sense. Thus, not many people were fond of using it. But once a person has mastered it, everybody has no choice but to acknowledge its prowess.

    Observing how the lady easily controlled the dozen of darts, it can be said that she was a dangerous opponent who has mastered the use of it.

    To the right of the lady was a 40-year-old man standing blithely on a mechanical bird. The bird under his feet had wings of 30 feet wide. It was made purely from a yellow metal and looked like an eagle. But it was obviously far more dangerous than an eagle.

    Little Fatty’s jade strip also had records of the golden eagle. The wings of the eagle were filled with hidden weapons. The moment it’s activated, all the golden feathers would explode outwards, obfuscating the skies like locusts and capable of filling a person with holes.

    Beside him was a haggard grey man. He sat indolently on a mud yellow leopard. Little Fatty thought that it was an ordinary leopard on first sight. But after looking carefully, he realised that it was also a mechanical animal, just that it was covered in a demonic beast skin. Thus misleading him.

    It was also because of the skin which prevented Little Fatty from seeing its real appearance. Thus being unable to verify what it is.

    Helpless, Little Fatty could only give up and look towards the last cultivator. Ostensibly a 20 years old male dressed in white, with a charming visage. His face gave out a carefree smile, with a fan held in his hands. He did not have anything else and stood in the air just like that.

    Although he did not have any mechanical animals and seems the most innocuous, Little Fatty was the wariest of him. It was not only because Little Fatty could feel that the pressure given out from him was the strongest. He also seems to be the leader of the pack. In order to be the leader, he must be the strongest.

    As for the XianTian stage teen, Little Fatty was sure that he has never seen him before. But, he has an unexplainable feeling of familiarity, puzzling Little Fatty.