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Chapter 66: Blood Event at Cool Breeze

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 66: Blood Event at Cool Breeze

    After refining the arrow, Little Fatty excitedly placed it in a special compartment within the crossbow. This was a space which could store up to a thousand arrows, meaning that the crossbow could shoot a thousand arrows continuously.

    He then placed a large spiritual stone in the tail end of the crossbow. The spiritual Qi provided by the spiritual stone would serve as the main driving force for the crossbow.

    When all was said and done, Little Fatty followed the instructions on the jade strip and held the crossbow on its pistol grip. He then injected a small trace of spiritual Qi. If the crossbow was a successful product, then it would be automatically loaded. Little Fatty would then only need to pull the trigger.

    However, not surprisingly, Little Fatty’s first creation was not successful. After injecting his spiritual Qi, he noticed that the inscriptions on the crossbow suddenly began to shake. Before he could react, it exploded in his hands.

    Thankfully, the chain crossbow which Little Fatty refined was of the lowest grade. The amount of spiritual Qi it could contain wasn’t much, thus the small explosion impact. Relying on his strong bones and skin, Little Fatty bore the explosion without harm.

    However, as the event was too sudden, Little Fatty could not avoid being startled. Plus, after the chain crossbow exploded, the debris all smashed towards his face, bruising it badly.

    Such a result filled Little Fatty with much displeasure. As he picked up the fragments to throw it into his Natal Artifact, he muttered to himself bitterly, “Why am I so unlucky? It is one thing to endure an explosion when refining lightning spells. Why is it such that I need to endure an explosion too when refining weapons? Don’t tell me I’m just born with such bad luck?”

    In actual fact, Little Fatty was the one who underestimated the difficulty of refining tools. If even a novice could succeed on his first try, then the refinement of tools would be too simple! In actual fact, the refinement of tools was a very deep and intricate skill. With just a minute error, the materials would be wasted, or even cause an explosion. Of course, although it is common to waste materials, it is pretty rare for explosions. Meeting an explosion on his first try can only be attributed to his poor luck.

    However, Little Fatty had perseverance in spades. The more he failed, the more he was motivated. For example, just looking at the time when he refined his Negative Water Lightning, he endured a few hundred explosions. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been unable to withstand it. However, Little Fatty was determined and finally mastered the Negative Water Lightning in the end. Without a teacher for guidance and protection, it could be considered to be a miracle for Little Fatty to learn the lightning spell. If it were to be made known, he would really be famous in the cultivator’s world!

    And now, although he met some troubles along the path of tools refinement, Little Fatty does not have any intentions to give up. ‘Isn’t it just an explosion? I am not even afraid of the explosion of a divine lightning, would I be afraid of this?’ he thought.

    Not only did Little Fatty not give up because of this setback, he became more determined and practiced harder. In the following days, apart from his Primal Chaos Formula and lightning spells, he spent the rest of his energy on the refinement of the chain crossbow.

    Countless of failed products were birthed through his hands, then thrown back into the black soil for decomposition. Although he had not succeeded before, Little Fatty did not feel dejected. Instead, he put in more effort. Little Fatty already made considerable improvement. From exploding a third of the time, it was decreased to a tenth of a time.

    After a few days, maybe the heavens could not take it any longer, and Little Fatty finally refined a successful chain crossbow.

    After priming it with 100 arrows and sufficient spiritual stones, Little Fatty released it all in a single breath, piercing his giant bell with a barrage of arrows.

    The might of the chain crossbow would naturally be unable to compare to the might of the giant crossbow. But the chain crossbow was still able to penetrate the black iron layer by an inch, which satisfied Little Fatty very much. You have to know, even if he used his Golden Eagle Sword, he would only be able to penetrate the black iron by 2 to 3 inches. In order words, this chain crossbow had about half the might of his flying sword attack.

    However, Little Fatty had to gather his magical Qi for every attack with the flying sword. After attacking, he had to retract his flying sword before continuing, making each strike to be rather time wasting. But the chain crossbow did not have such a criteria, as long as there was enough spiritual stones and arrows, Little Fatty could shoot continuously. In the time taken for 2 stabs, the chain crossbow would be able to shoot out 10 arrows. Plus, it did not exhaust much of his magical Qi, which was the greatest advantage.

    As he finally succeeded, Little Fatty rubbed his crossbow with satisfaction. He then finished drinking the cup of 5 elements pure essence and retreated back to his own bedroom.

    Just when Little Fatty came out, he felt that something was wrong. The air was not filled with the fresh feeling of the forest, but a harsh burnt smell mixed with blood.

    “There’s trouble!” Little Fatty realised, and rushed out without a second thought. He was taken aback by what happened.

    The Cool Breeze Temple was transformed into a scene of purgatory. The rooms were all on fire, bodies of Taoist monks lay strewn all over the place. Some of them were sliced into pieces, some burnt to death. There were even some who had traces of being bitten by a demonic beast.

    Although these Taoist monks did not have a very close relationship with Little Fatty, but they were still his subordinates. They took care of his meals and helped settle the various affairs of the temple. It was only because of their hard work could Little Fatty be so relaxed. Although Little Fatty did not say it, but he was very grateful to them in his heart. He originally intended to thank them properly when he left, but he never thought that they would all be killed in front of him before he even left.

    Seeing such a scene, Little Fatty’s eyes naturally turned red!