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Chapter 65: First Try At Refining Weapons

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 65: First Try At Refining Weapons

    Normally, apart from cultivating and condensing spiritual Qi, a cultivator would study a few combat techniques and a few auxiliary skills. Of course, one could cultivate more than a few, but every technique requires deep understanding. Cultivating too many Arts would impede cultivation. Thus, only geniuses would cultivate more, and normal cultivators would only choose one or two skills.

    Combat skills refer to flying sword spells, lightning spells, five element spells etc. As for auxiliary skills, it refers pill refinement, tool refinement, formation study and etc. There exists a myriad of categories, and some skills are the amalgamation of several. The mechanic refinement method is a tool refinement method.

    Little Fatty’s cultivation is already very stable, plus supplemented by his plethora of elixirs, his cultivation speed is unprecedentedly fast. Under such circumstances, he does not need to cultivate assiduously for 20 hours a day as it would be detrimental to his body. As such, apart from the time he spends cultivating his Primal Chaos Formula and lightning spells, he still has plenty of leftover time, which could be spent productively on cultivating an auxiliary skill.

    To Little Fatty, the best auxiliary skill to cultivate would definitely be a tool refinement method. This was because his Natal Artifact is really the most suited for refining tools. Not only does it contain a lot of materials, the failed products can be decomposed again, mitigating wastage. Under such circumstances, Little Fatty would be able to refine high-grade tools with no constraints.

    Other cultivators did not possess the luxury of cultivating this refinement method, as materials do not come by easy. Thus they could only practise it rarely, and through these rare occasions, boost their mastery ever so slowly.

    No matter how fastidious they were each time they refine something, there would still be many failed products. These failed products, wastages, were what made every tool refinement master’s heartache.

    Little Fatty cared little for all the cons of tool refinements. He could cavalierly refine tools, regardless of how precious the material was. Presented with such serendipity, Little Fatty had wanted to find a tool refinement method to play with since a long time ago.

    However, the refinement of tools is an abstruse topic, and the many methods in the market would only capable of refining low-grade magical tools. With Little Fatty’s wealth, how would he be able to appreciate those trash? However, the higher grade tool refinement methods were usually production secrets, meant for sustaining businesses. Thus, nobody would be willing to sell them.

    The Mystical Sky Yard had some manuals which weren’t too bad and could refine some stronger magical tools. But those methods can only be learned if one had sufficient contribution to the sect. Based on Little Fatty’s character, he would definitely not waste his energy contributing to the sect.

    Thus, Little Fatty did not have the chance to learn tool refinement. Never did he expect that in such a deserted place like this, there would be someone who would give him a refinement method.

    According to known history, the origin of this manual was not simple. It was left behind by a sect which specialises in the refinement of tools. This Mechanic Sect was very powerful over a thousand years ago, comparable to the Mystical Sky Yard in strength. But a pity, the sect has been on the decline over the last millennium, till it became an unnotable sect that Little Fatty was not cognizant of.

    As the saying goes, ‘A skinny camel is still larger than a horse’. Although the sect fell from its former glory, there were still many treasures that were left behind. For example, the giant crossbow, and the flying boat.

    Who knew what status this teen had in his sect. Not only did he possess such good items, he also had a copy of the sect’s manual. It may only be an elementary manual which did not record anything stronger than the giant crossbow, but this was already considered satisfactory. In any case, Little Fatty currently do not have the ability to refine the giant crossbow, and could only start from the lowest grade chain crossbow.

    The chain crossbow was made from soft steel, black iron, with wind copper as the main ingredient, plus a few middle-grade treasures. Little Fatty had all these items in his Natal Artifact. He could not help but excitedly take them out and start refining.

    Little Fatty stretched out his left hand, circulated his primal Qi on his palms, emitting primal natal flame. This is the natal flame which every cultivator are capable of producing, which differs with their respective cultivation methods. Little Fatty cultivated the Primal Chaos Formula, and the natal flame generated from his primal Qi is smoky grey.

    This ball of fire may seem unimpressive and ugly, but its prowess is really stunning. Little Fatty originally did not have much confidence in his natal flame. Only after using it, did he realise that the flame is shockingly powerful. All low-grade materials were melted by it in an instant and with ease.

    He then asked Han Ling Feng about the prowess of her natal flame. Han Ling Feng then told him, “I am a fire type cultivator, so my natal flame is stronger than normal cultivators. In about 10 breaths, I would be able to melt low-grade materials like black iron.”

    By comparing, Little Fatty realised that his primal natal flame is much stronger than Han Ling Feng’s natal flame. He could also deduce that his Primal Chaos Formula is also a lot stronger than Han Ling Feng’s cultivation method.

    After igniting his natal flame, with a sweep of his spiritual sense, he started to refine the various materials with his primal natal flame. Under the heat of the primal natal flame, all the materials were melted and mixed together.

    At the same time, Little Fatty’s right hand did not slow down either. He dexterously imprinted inscriptions into the metal liquid. By the inscriptions and control of his spiritual sense, the metal liquid began to stretch out and change its shape. After about 2 hours, it became the shape of a giant crossbow.

    After the last inscription was made, a silver, one-foot long crossbow appeared in front of Little Fatty. He ignored the sweat on his face and began admiring his first creation. The appearance of the crossbow was the same as that on the jade strip, and the inscriptions on it seem to be similar as well. So, is it time for a test shot?

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty took out the 5 elements pure essence and gulped it down. He then took out a piece of black iron and refined it into a 1-foot long arrow. Little Fatty completed this easy task in the blink of an eye.