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Chapter 64: Mechanic Refinement Method

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 64: Mechanic Refinement Method

    Little Fatty was unaware that the teen’s spirit escaped. After all, it wasn’t very often that he fought with someone and therefore lack the experiences dealing with it. This resulted in such a low-level mistake. If he was more experienced, he would definitely use his magical Qi to scrutinize the place to ensure that the enemy’s spirit did not escape.

    Little Fatty then cluelessly returned to the Cool Breeze Temple and sent the subordinates who saw the teen away. He also instructed them to keep it a secret that someone came today.

    Although the Taoist monks found it strange, they still nodded their heads in agreement. Little Fatty was the temple head after all and they did not dare to offend him. However, how tightly sealed their mouths were, Little Fatty really had no idea. But since they were still his subordinates, he couldn’t possibly silence them. Thus, he could only do what he did.

    After sending everyone away, Little Fatty then went back to his room and counted his gains. After finish counting, he was elated. Previous feelings of frustration were washed away by this great excitement.

    Little Fatty did not know what kind of background the teen came from. He did not have many abilities, but he was really wealthy. He had at least 5 to 6 magical tools, which were all minimally of the 6th grade. You have to know, after such a big contribution to the sect, Little Fatty’s reward was only a 5th-grade flying sword.

    Of course, magical tools are things that lesser cultivators use. With Little Fatty’s wealth, he completely would not be enticed by it. However, what made Little Fatty the most elated was that he had a crossbow magical artifact and a giant magical artifact, the black giant boat.

    First, the giant crossbow, it was a mechanical magical artifact and was different from a normal magical artifact. A normal magical artifact relies on the magical Qi of a cultivator to activate it, whether for defense or attack. The different magical artifacts would have various abilities, but the prerequisite would be that the cultivator’s cultivation must be high enough to activate such a strong magical artifact

    As for a mechanical magical artifact, it was activated through the use of a spiritual stone. As long as one had sufficient spiritual stones, even a low-level cultivator could use it. Thus, a mechanical magical artifact boasts greater functionality. Plus the fact that it does not require the use of a cultivator’s magical Qi, under certain circumstances when one runs out of magical Qi, it is a pretty good method for attack.

    However, pros and cons are but different sides of the same coin. First, in terms of prowess, the mechanical magical artifact is not as strong as a normal magical artifact of the equivalent level. This is because a cultivator’s magical Qi is much purer than the spiritual stone. Plus the fact that a normal magical artifact is controlled by the spiritual sense of the cultivator, making it more versatile. Second, a mechanical magical artifact can only be used for one purpose. For example this giant crossbow, it could only be used for attack and not for defense. But, regardless of the form or shape of a normal magical artifact, it would be able to attack and defend. This is also another flaw of the mechanical magical artifact.

    The most important thing is that the amount of high-grade spiritual stones a mechanical magical artifact uses is very high. For instance, this giant crossbow would use a piece of middle-grade spiritual stone for every arrow fired. Plus, the materials of the black iron arrow should be taken into consideration too. As such, the arrow which Little Fatty previously received was worth almost a thousand low-grade spiritual stones.

    Of course, such a big spending would also bring about a big threat and large convenience. Although Little Fatty’s black iron bell managed to block the blow, but a big indentation of 3 feet was made in the bell. 3 feet of black iron was blown into dust, if it were to hit him, how would he have felt?

    But no matter what, this giant crossbow is a magical artifact worth at least 2 million spiritual stones. With just this item, Little Fatty is already very satisfied.

    As for the flying boat, that made Little Fatty excited beyond belief. You have to know, although the mechanical magical artifact, the giant crossbow, isn’t too bad, but it can be bought. In the middle-level shops of Firmament City, these things could be easily found there. But this giant boat is different. It was something that couldn’t be bought even with money. It was normally the pride of the large sects and noble families. In a large-scale mobilization of disciples, if there isn’t such a giant magical artifact, the pride of these sects would be lost.

    Not only do crafting such an item require a lot of effort, it also requires the time of JinDan stage and above experts. Thus, under normal circumstances, the sects would not refine it for no reason. As for normal rogue cultivators, not only would they be unable to gather so many materials, they would not have the manpower to do so either. As such, such an item could only be crafted by a large sect.

    Although this boat was a little small, and could probably only house a dozen of people. But the costs involved in crafting it is definitely not small, and would probably only be possible in a middle sized sect. Because such an item is really too rare, Little Fatty could not estimate its price either. But he could be sure about one thing, that he would never be able to buy this item. No matter what, he would have to take out something of equal value in order to trade for something like this.

    Although this flying boat is a giant magical artifact, but because it was small its size, he could operate it alone. Just like how the teen operated it alone and flew over.

    Only after fondling with and admiring it for half a day, did Little Fatty place the item down and looked at the other items.

    The teen’s dimensional storage bag was really huge, and it was of an even high grade than Little Fatty’s. It was over 100 feet in diameter, and would probably be worth around 100,000 spiritual stones. The items stored inside it was really numerous. From clothes, money, makeup, to spiritual stones, bed frames etc. Little Fatty even found a mosquito net, making him really speechless. He thought to himself, ‘This fellow must really be born of noble background. He really knows how to indulge in hedonism.’

    These miscellaneous items naturally were unable to attract Little Fatty’s attention and thus he casually placed it aside. Finally, he was attracted by 2 jade talismans, which was obviously used to record cultivation methods or messages. One of it was a little newer, and it should be used to record his own cultivation method. As for the other one, it was an intricately carved, high-quality jade. With a single look, one could tell that it was an extraordinary item.

    Seeing this item, Little Fatty’s eyes immediately lit up and hurriedly picked it up. He then used his spiritual sense to peruse the jade.

    After about 2 hours, Little Fatty then retracted his spiritual sense from the jade. At the same time, his face was filled with an uncontrollable joy, to the point he almost laughed out loud.

    The thing which was recorded in the jade was not a cultivation method or lightning spell. But it is an extremely rare mechanic refinement method.

    A mechanic refinement method refers to a method to refine animal traps, puppets, and other kinds of mechanical magical artifact. The giant crossbow and flying boat which Little Fatty received today were both refined from this method.