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Chapter 63: Killed on the Spo

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 63: Killed on the Spot

    The moment the sphere was thrown, the sky was immediately filled with sounds of thunder. Within the loud thunder, the golden ball smashed into the teen like a shooting star.

    The brat was initially still distracted regarding Little Fatty’s big bell. However, in that instant, Little Fatty had turned the tables and created such a large commotion. Being born of noble background, the youth was immediately able to recognize its significance and could not help but exclaim, “Earth Divine Lightning!”

    Seeing that, the teen regretted immensely! Someone who could use the divine lightning in the XianTian stage must definitely be the descendant of a noble family. Apart from them, no one else would have such an ability. These large noble families were not one which he could afford to provoke. You have to know, even someone like him does not have the rights to cultivate divine lightning in the XianTian stage.

    If he knew that the darn fatty he was facing had such a large backing, he would definitely not be so proud.

    A pity, it was too late for him. The divine lightning was already thrown and it was obviously full of killing intent. Helpless, he could only release 3 defensive magical tools, a golden shield, water ball and white net. The 3 magical tools were at least of the 7th grade. Especially the golden shield, which could become a golden wall of over 20feet high, was the 8th-grade magical tool. These 3 magical tools being released at once immediately created another commotion. The water ball covered the teen, the white net and golden shield became 2 large walls in front of him. Alone, they may not be able to defend against the divine lightning. But put together, it would not be much of a problem to defend against a single Earth Divine Lightning.

    At the same time, the teen also started shouting, “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. This brother of mine, stop fighting, it’s all a misunderstanding!”

    It was unfortunately too late for the teen to beg for mercy now. Little Fatty already had the desire to kill. He was just ambushed by the other party and almost died. He wanted to kill me just now but beg for mercy now that he cannot win. How would there be such a convenient thing?

    Thus, after hearing what he said, not only did Little Fatty not stop, but continued shooting another 3 more Earth Divine Thunder. Seeing 3 divine lightning, the teen’s face turned green.

    It was a pity that he had already deployed all his magical artifacts and no longer had the ability to defend. He could only watch as the 3 divine flashes of lightning attacked him. It smashed into him in 3 loud bangs, causing the atmosphere to shake. In the loud thunderous bangs, the 3 protective magical tools were immediately destroyed by the first 2 divine lightning. As for the third one, it smashed onto the teen without any impedance.

    Although the teen’s coat was a magical robe with excellent defense, but it was completely unable to defend against the frontal assault of the divine lightning. In just an explosion, the teen was blown into pieces without a corpse being left! The burnt body parts sprayed all over the skies, resulting in a horrifying scene.

    The terror of a lightning spell could be seen from here. Actually, according to abilities, Little Fatty was a few level lower than the teen. His magical tools and artifacts were also completely inferior to him. But because of the Earth Divine Lightning in Little Fatty’s hands, he was able to turn the situation around and wipe him out.

    It sounded to be a miracle, but it was actually very logical. The cultivation of a lightning spell required a large amount of time and energy to prepare. When refining a divine lightning, it was like casting a spell. It requires over half of one’s magical Qi and over 2 hours. How could it not be strong?

    The key thing was, such a spell could be used continuously. It was as good as Little Fatty casting a spell which he prepared for 6 hours, used 3 times of his magical Qi, in an instant. The instantaneous scale of the explosion was naturally shocking. This was the reason why a lightning skill was considered to be so deadly.

    In fact, this was actually the first time that Little Fatty used the divine lightning to kill someone. He did not expect things to be so simple. In just 3 divine lightning, but with 3 days of hard work, he can easily eliminate someone stronger than him by a few levels. Plus, he had a body full of high-quality magical tools. He originally thought that he would have to throw a few more!

    Seeing the strength of his lightning spell, Little Fatty could not help but feel pleased. He also gained the determination to continue cultivating lightning spells.

    After a short moment of consideration, Little Fatty very quickly snapped out of it. He hurriedly went over to investigate the spoils of war. Although the Earth Divine Lightning was able to smash magical tools of the 7th and 8th grade, but that teen still had plenty of good stuff. Especially his dimensional storage bag, because the robe took most of the impact. The remaining impact was enough to destroy the teen, but it wasn’t enough to destroy this high-grade dimensional storage bag.

    Besides, the teen’s flying sword was also far away from the teen during the explosion and was spared from the area of destruction. As for the 3 protective magical tools, the shield was blown away and filled with cracks. As for the other 2, it was blown to smithereens and not a bit of it was left.

    However, Little Fatty already is in possession of his big bell, which had a superb defense. He could not be bothered to repair the shield. Thus, he threw it into his dimension for decomposition by the black soil.

    After packing his things, Little Fatty burnt away all the remnants of the teen’s corpse. He then searched the scene again, making sure that there is nothing left behind which could expose his identity before flying back to the Cool Breeze Temple.

    After killing the teen, Little Fatty was also a little frustrated. He was mainly afraid of the teen’s backing. After all, the teen could use a giant magical artifact to travel, and a strong magical artifact like the crossbow. Thinking about his background, Little Fatty had a feeling that he caused a big trouble this round because of his rashness.

    However, although Little Fatty wasn’t happy, he did not regret. If he had a choice, he would still kill him! Not because he wanted his possessions or he loved to kill. But just for his own justice. Since you want to kill me because of our arguments, then you will have to pay the same price! Only like this, could Little Fatty kill so resolutely.

    As he was thinking, he flew towards the Cool Breeze Temple. Little Fatty thought that he had already tied up the loose ends of the matter, but this wasn’t the case. After he left, a chilly wind blew from the ground and formed the shape of the teen in the air. He stared at the direction Little Fatty flew towards and cursed, “Darn fatty. Just wait, this isn’t the end!” As he finished, he became a gust of cold wind and disappeared to another direction.