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Chapter 61: A Conflic

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 61: A Conflict

    In the world of the cultivators, there exists a myriad of unique magical tools and artifacts. Not necessarily do they need to be used individually, there are some which can be better used by a group. Normally, those artifacts that are used by many people at once are gargantuan. Thus, they were naturally nickname, “giant magical artifact”.

    Such an artifact has a specialty, and that is the refining process is tedious. Furthermore, it requires a lot of materials as well. But once it is successfully refined, the prowess would definitely be worth the price. Thus, there were no low grade giant magical artifact of the magical tool grade. Even the lousiest one is definitely a high grade magical artifact. Additionally,, the grades of the giant magical artifact is also different from other normal magical artifacts. It can even be said to belong to 2 different systems. The reason was that the giant magical artifact’s prowess is really too strong. Plus, it is also affected by the number of users operating it. Sometimes, a lower grade giant magical artifact, with enough people, will be able to unleash the prowess of a few powerful magical artifact.

    Of course, although the giant magical artifact is so strong, refining it is also extremely troublesome. Not only is the amount of materials required enormous, the amount of time and people required is also astounding.

    Even with the capabilities of the Mystical Sky Yard, it needs to exhaust a thousand years worth of accumulation of resources to refine a normal giant magical artifact. At the same time, a hundred JinDan stage and a couple YuanYing stage experts must undergo close door refinement for decades to refine it. As such, it can be seen how precious such an item is.

    Something like the giant magical artifact, is normally the treasure of a sect. It would not be taken out easily except under special circumstances. Today, Little Fatty managed to witness a giant magical artifact, the black giant boat.

    Although it was only a few hundred feet, and would only be considered a low grade giant magical artifact. But if it were to be put up for auction, it would definitely be able to fetch an astronomical price.

    Little Fatty couldn’t help but feel excited when in the presence of such a treasure.

    Just when Little Fatty was staring at the black giant boat, a teen dressed in white suddenly jumped out. This guy could be considered to be handsome. With his white clothes fluttering as he landed from the skies, he can be described to have transcended the secular realm. He could be said to be superior to Little Fatty. It was just that his appearance was slightly supercilious, which made looking at him unpleasant.

    As he flew down, the giant boat in the sky automatically shrunk down. It became the size of a palm and landed in the palm of the teen.

    He then casually kept the giant boat and arrived in front of Little Fatty at the same time. As he studied Little Fatty who was still seated down enjoying tea, he revealed a face of contempt. He then snorted, “Go and call your temple head Yu here, tell him that someone he knows is visiting!”

    Little Fatty was first stunned and thought to himself, ‘I’m the temple head and my surname is Song. Then he very quickly understood that the other party was looking for the previous temple head. He seemed to have a surname, Yu.’ Due to Little Fatty’s dislike of his cold attitude, he could not even be bothered to remember his surname.

    Hearing that he was not looking for him, plus that look of contempt made Little Fatty very displeased. He did not even bother getting up but lazily said, “The temple head Yu which you’re looking for has already retired and went back to the Mystical Sky Temple, you can go look for him there!”

    “What? Retired? He’s doesn’t want to be the temple head anymore?” The teen was first stunned, he then added, “Who is your new temple head? Ask him to come out and see me!”

    “You have already seen him!” Little Fatty said impatiently.

    “I’ve already seen him?” The teen was smart and understood immediately. He then replied with shock, “Eh? It’s you?”

    “That’s right!” Little Fatty then added, “Why are you looking for me?”

    The teen sized up Little Fatty a little, shook his head and said softly with a look of contempt, “The Mystical Sky Yard is really getting worse and worse after each generation! They actually sent such a lecherous looking fatty here to guard this place. Judging from his size, I’m afraid all the things here have already been embezzled by him!”

    Although he said that softly under his breath, but Little Fatty was a XianTian stage cultivator after all and had very sharp ears. He heard everything which was said and was enraged immediately. If not for the fact that he had a giant magical artifact, signalling the fact that he had some background, Little Fatty would definitely reward him with a few Earth Divine Lightning.

    This brat was definitely the disciple of a noble family and was used to being proud. Added the fact that he have reached the 8th XianTian stage which far surpassed Little Fatty. He thought that he would definitely be able to take advantage of this fatty, thus he dared to speak without restraint.

    After mumbling, he straightened his face and threw a dimensional storage item onto Little Fatty’s stomach and said rudely, “Since you’re the temple head, then you shall make the decision! I am here today to purchase some eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom for my father’s birthday. There is 10,000 spiritual stone in here. Hurry up and prepare 50 catties of it for me!”

    Seeing his condescending attitude, as though he was ordering around his servant at home really made Little Fatty mad. He then grabbed the dimensional storage item and threw it back to his feet and scolded, “Where did this beggar come from? If you cannot afford it, then don’t act like you’re some big shot!”

    It was no surprise that Little Fatty was angry. The eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom was rich in demand with no supply. 1000 catties were produced a year, and after deducting the various expenditure and bribes which goes into it, it would bring at least a million spiritual stones to the sect. 100,000 spiritual stones would not even be enough to buy 50 catties of eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom. But as for this fellow, he only took out 10,000 spiritual stones and still dared to act as though he was the son of a rich family, how could Little Fatty not be enraged?

    Seeing that Little Fatty did not show him face at all, his face instantly changed and raged, “Darn fatty, you dare to talk to me like that? Do you know where I came from?”

    Little Fatty hated people to call him fat the most and and has been pissed thoroughly by the other party. He could no longer be bothered with his background and scolded, “There are so many dog’s kennel in the world. How do I know from which you crawled out from?”

    The teen was almost angered to death. Crawled out from a dog’s nest, can that still be considered human? This fellow was obviously scolding his whole family to be dogs.

    As he realised that, added the fact that he was very proud and looked down on Little Fatty. He was immediately enraged, he pulled out a flying sword, pointed it at Little Fatty’s nose and scolded, “Darn fatty, you dare to humiliate me? Are you tired of living?”

    Hearing the other party continue to scold him ‘darn fatty’ anger spread through his whole body. He jumped out from the chair, took out his Golden Eagle Sword, pointed it at him and said, “I think that you’re the white-skinned monkey that’s tired of living!”