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Chapter 60: Black Giant Boa

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 60: Black Giant Boat

    With this idea, Little Fatty could no longer rein in his excitement. He hurriedly found an excuse to brush off the Taoist monk beside him, then entered his own dimension. Little Fatty’s dimension was already over 15000 feet wide and was very large. Although a large portion of the space was being occupied with various damaged magical tools, he still managed to clean out an area.

    After over 2 hours of hard work, Little Fatty dug out a pond of dozens of feet wide and a few feet deep in a corner of his dimension. He then came out of his dimension and filled the pit with the water from the cave. Of course, he conveniently used his spiritual Qi to catch a few thousand eyeless fish in. At the same time, he also dug out many of those white water grass in, else the fish would starve.

    In addition to that, on the way out, Little Fatty picked many of the spiritual mushrooms with their roots still attached and planted them into his own dimension.

    Afraid that he would be found out, he carefully wiped out all traces after picking them. Plus he only plucked a few mushrooms from each various place, so as to minimise the difference. Just like that, in a short half a day, Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact had 2 more special products.

    In the next few days, in the free time when he wasn’t cultivating, he paid close attention to those 2 items. He realised that it grew surprisingly well in his dimension. The abundant spiritual Qi in his dimension must have played a large role. Although the scale of it was still small, but it was enough for Little Fatty to eat it once a month. If Little Fatty could increase the scale of it, there would definitely be more in future.

    However, it isn’t easy for Little Fatty’s dimension to expand any further. The number of dimension items was originally little, to begin with. Plus the fact that the decomposition of a low-grade dimensional storage item now only results in a minuscule increase in the size of his dimension. This was, after all, a large dimension of a few kilometres. The small increase of 10 feet was like a drop of water in the river, and it wasn’t obvious at all.

    Only when he can find large-scale dimensional storage magical tools will there be a significant difference after decomposition. It is a pity that those are all treasures which are very expensive. Little Fatty would not be able to find it so easily and can only mull over it.

    However, the current dimensions of his dimension were not considered small. At least, Little Fatty was very satisfied with it. More than 10,000 feet, how many things could that hold? Even a small mountain can fit into it.

    After he settled the eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom, Little Fatty had nothing else to do. The next step would be for him to begin cultivating his new Earth Divine Lightning.

    Being the most basic 5 element lightning spell, the Earth Divine Lightning is not considered difficult to other lightning cultivators. If one has an expert by his side as a master, almost every one of the XianTian stage would be able to learn it. But if there isn’t a master watching by the side, most XianTian stage cultivators would be blown to death by an accident during cultivation.

    Although Little Fatty did not have a master, he possessed tendons and bones with stunning defense. After he cultivated the Primal Chaos Formula, although his body shape grew horizontally and was brought further away from the elegance of a cultivator, the Primal Qi refined his tendons and bones, making Little Fatty’s body structure become closer to a demonic beast. Any normal divine lightning would not be much to him so long as it was not at full power.

    As such, after being blown away dozens of times, Little Fatty finally made his first Earth Divine Lightning through his stubborn perseverance. However, despite the fact that Little Fatty had thick skin and strong muscles, he still had a price to pay to face a spell which was even stronger than the Negative Water Lightning. During the process, he was blown to the point his internal organs were damaged and he spat out blood. However, as though he had a life force of a cockroach, Little Fatty stubbornly persisted. Although he succeeded eventually, the difficulty of the process was not something which one could imagine.

    However, with effort come rewards. As Little Fatty refined the Earth Divine Lightning, his own abilities also improved greatly. As such, he broke through within a short period of time and advanced to the 5th XianTian stage.

    Little Fatty initially thought that he was still half a year away from the 5th XianTian stage. But as he was refining the divine lightning, he used the 5 elements pure essence to replenish the Qi he exhausted. He then realised that drinking more of the 5 elements pure essence would also cause his cultivation speed to improve. This was due to the fact that his Primal Chaos Formula requires the Qi of all 5 elements, which is present in the 5 element pure essence. If consumed for a prolonged period of time, these spiritual Qi which does not transform to magical Qi would lay dormant in Little Fatty’s body. When he cultivates, he would be able to use the Primal Chaos Formula to transform all these to Primal Qi.

    With such a discovery, Little Fatty was elated. This is because as long as he had damaged magical tools to decompose, his dimension would have a very dense spiritual Qi of the 5 elements. Which could be transformed into 5 elements pure essence by the jade stone lake where the 5 elements pure lotus lives. As such, the 5 elements pure essence was almost limitless to him.

    Under such circumstances, why would Little Fatty use it sparingly? He treated the 5 elements pure essence like water and even brewed tea with it. He drank over a few catties of it each day. With such an extravagant support, Little Fatty’s cultivation speed naturally increased. It would not be slow even if he wanted it to be.

    Ever since he came to the Cool Breeze Temple, Little Fatty’s days were extremely relaxed. He spent 2 hours on refining an earth and water Divine Lightning each. Then, after he cultivated his Primal Chaos Formula, he had nothing to do. Since he does not need to trouble himself with anything, the Little Fatty who was so free just roamed around the area, hunting for food, eating the eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom occasionally. Such a life was really considered most carefree!

    If he could, Little Fatty would be willing to stay here for decades. But sadly, Little Fatty’s expectations were destined to fail. In a sunny afternoon, an accident suddenly descended from the skies, ruining Little Fatty’s carefree life.

    Little Fatty was not doing much today and was seated in the yard enjoying his 5 elements pure essence tea. All of a sudden, he saw a black dot flying towards him.

    His cultivator’s instinct cried out to him, so he hurriedly focused his magical Qi on his eyes and stared carefully. The identity of the black dot gave him a rude shock.

    The black dot was a Black Giant Boat which was flying in the sky. The boat was 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. There was an exotic and intricately designed tower in the middle. Surrounding the tower was 8 human like figures. Little Fatty initially thought that they were bodyguards. Only when the boat came nearer did he realise that they were puppets who were holding large crossbows. It is just that it was so life like which made it difficult to tell them apart.

    The boat was initially only a black dot in the sky. But in just a few breaths, it flew to the top of the Cool Breeze Temple and stopped there. Seeing their actions, Little Fatty knew that their destination is the Cool Breeze Temple. He could not help but think to himself, ‘Goodness, don’t tell me we’ve met with robbery?’