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Chapter 59: Taking Over as Temple Head

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 59: Taking Over as Temple Head

    You have to know, the Mystical Sky Temple would not spend so much effort to build a temple in the deep mountains for no reason. The only reason why they did that was because of the special products residing in a cave. This cave is one where a cultivator of the Mystical Sky Temple discovered by coincidence. There was an abundance of spiritual Qi inside, and many special spiritual mushrooms which grew there. Besides that, the cave had a clear spring where a special eyeless fish lived.

    Be it the spiritual mushroom or the eyeless fish, they were all delicacies. Not only could they be eaten, but it could be added to medicine for the refinement of elixirs. Although it was not a fantastic elixir, but the supply here was large, of almost a thousand catties. Added up, this was a fantastic amount! It would be at least worth over a million spiritual stones.

    Of course, a million spiritual stones was nothing to the Mystical Sky Yard. But the key is that if it was accumulated over the years, it is still a decent amount. As such, in order to occupy this cave, the Mystical Sky Temple built a Cool Breeze Temple here, with the entrance of the cave being in the temple.

    Because this was within the mortal realm, even if the spiritual Qi here was abundant, but it could not be compared to the Mystical Sky Yard. Thus, there were no expert cultivators who were willing to come here. As such, this place was left in the charge of the Mystical Sky Temple, as long as it presents a fixed amount of spiritual mushroom and eyeless fish every year. The quantity of supply each year could also be changed. As long as the person who was stationed here moved his fingers a little, one could easily make over 10,000 spiritual stones each year. At the same time, they could constantly taste the delicate taste of the spiritual mushroom and eyeless fish. Such a low risk and high return position was naturally a position which every low-grade cultivator would want.

    After he understood the situation of the Cool Breeze Temple, Little Fatty knew that the way his senior uncle Qing Feng Zi treated him was really very well. He really took care of him as though he was taking care of his own descendants. Little Fatty was naturally very grateful for that. However, Little Fatty was introverted by nature and did not how to express his gratitude. He could only keep the thought in his heart and repay the kindness in future.

    Since the Cool Breeze Temple was so good, and Little Fatty was not really welcomed in the Mystical Sky Temple due to all the trouble he created, dragging down the others in the temple by increasing the amount of trouble they had while handling the secular affairs. Thus, Little Fatty was not willing to stay here any longer. After asking the direction for the Cool Breeze Temple, he took the jade talisman which Qing Feng Zi gave him and set off.

    Two days later, Little Fatty finally managed to find the Cool Breeze Temple in the midst of the deep mountains. This place could not be compared to the Mystical Sky Temple at all, it was like heaven and earth. There were only 3 yards and about 7 or 8 Taoist monks and odd-job workers. As for the cave, it was hidden in a room in the back courtyard.

    Little Fatty told the head of the temple the reason for his arrival and with Qing Feng Zi’s talisman, the transition was very smooth. However, the other party’s face was obviously not very nice. He was obviously frustrated that Little Fatty replaced his place. It is just that the sect rules are strict and he did not dare to go against it. Thus, no matter how angry he was, he could only take his belongings and leave helplessly. However, from the resentful eyes of the other party, this matter didn’t seem to be over.

    Little Fatty had Qing Feng Zi as his backing and he was strong as well. He completely did not put this 7th XianTian stage cultivator in his eyes at all. After he politely talked to him, he was still very cold. Thus, Little Fatty lost the patience to entertain him and brushed him off casually. Then, he began leading his life as a temple head.

    This was the first time that Little Fatty was a temple head. Everything was fresh to him and he was clueless about everything. He could only get them to prepare some wine and dishes and find 2 experienced people in the temple to drink together with. As they drank, he asked more relevant information about his job. The other party knew that Little Fatty must have a backing if he could come here. Adding to the fact that Little Fatty was polite to them and treated them to a drink, they did all they could to please Little Fatty and told him everything. Thus, Little Fatty managed to find out about the details regarding Cool Breeze Temple easily through them.

    This Cool Breeze Temple was a really relaxing place. The only thing Little Fatty had to do was to watch the cave. He just needed to prevent beasts from going in, monitor the growth of the spiritual mushroom, water it a little and that’s all. As for all these things, they were mainly done by the Taoist monks under him. As a temple head, Little Fatty really had nothing to do. On the surface, his job was to supervise, but in reality, he had nothing to do. Every half a year the Mystical Sky Temple would send someone to collect the spiritual mushroom and eyeless fish. Apart from handling them, he does not have anything else to do for the rest of the year.

    In this feast, Little Fatty also managed to taste the special products of this place, spiritual mushroom, and eyeless fish. He was their new boss after all and those Taoist monks would definitely want to get into his good books.

    Talking about that, the eyeless fish and spiritual mushrooms tasted really good. The eyeless fish was only 3 inches long and had a transparent body. It got its name from the fact that it did not have an eye. Being placed in the mouth, the meat was tender beyond belief and the aroma of the fish’s fragrance was something one could not forget. As for the spiritual mushroom, it was a fist-sized white mushroom. It was really tender and was like tofu when placed in the mouth.

    Both of these items were all spiritual items which contained spiritual Qi. If a cultivator consumed it, it would aid in their cultivation. If a mortal consumed it, it would extend their lifespan.

    It was a pity that these things are a little expensive. Due to the fact that this was the only place which produced it, and that only 400 catties of fish and 600 catties of mushroom were produced a year. Thus, it was not cheap outside. Just this meal of Little Fatty costs a few thousand spiritual stones. Although he was the temple head, but he can only eat it occasionally and not every day.

    But Little Fatty was greedy. After eating it once, it triggered all the greedy worms in him. As such, he became interested in the cave. Using an inspection as an excuse, Little Fatty entered the cave with the company of a Taoist monk.

    After exploring the temple, Little Fatty realised that the environment here wasn’t too bad. The cave was very deep, there were large and small paths with all the paths intertwining. Many places had rivers which were deep beyond measurement. The spiritual mushrooms grew on the banks of the river, while the eyeless fish swam around in the river. Apart from that, the river had a white coloured water grass, which was said to be the food for the eyeless fish.

    The eyeless fish swam freely in the river and Little Fatty almost drooled as he watched from the riverbank. He thought to himself, ‘This fish is really very nice. If only I could have it every day. But this is after all the property of the sect. When I leave in future, I will not be able to eat it anymore! Don’t tell me I can only buy it in future?’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty did not feel comfortable in his heart. Suddenly, his heart moved and thought about something. Since he could store the 5 element lotus into his Natal Artifact, why can’t he store the eyeless fish and spiritual mushrooms in? Since both of these are spiritual items, they would definitely enjoy a place with abundant spiritual Qi. If that’s the case, then his own dimension should not have any issue with storing it. If he succeeded, then he would have good food in future!