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Chapter 58: Sent to Cool Breeze

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 58: Sent to Cool Breeze

    “Cough!” Qing Feng Zi who also had an explosive temper could not hold it in when he heard what had transpired and said, “Such a b*st*rd deserves to die!”

    Hearing that, Little Fatty was overjoyed, but Wang Zhi Wu at the side was speechless! He hurriedly shouted, “Master, the royal uncle is my guest! Even if he did anything wrong, he shouldn’t be killed in the Mystical Sky Temple right?”

    “Ah yes!” Qing Feng Zi replied in agreement and continued, “Little Song, it isn’t wrong for you to take revenge, but the timing you chose is really too poor. The Mystical Sky Temple is a place of tranquility. How could you permit this kind of corrupted people here? There is still the issue of cleaning up. You really created too much trouble for your senior brother!”

    “Yes yes, that’s my mistake. In a moment of anger, I did not think through it properly. I will not kill anyone in the Mystical Sky Temple in future! I’ll wait for them to go out before killing them!” Little Fatty hurriedly said humbly.

    “Hai, that’s the way!” Qing Feng Zi then added, “No matter what, he is your senior brother’s guest. You should not place him in such a spot!”

    “Yes yes!” Little Fatty hurriedly replied.

    “Since you know your mistake, hurry up and apologise to your senior brother. This matter will then be over!” Qing Feng Zi then said.

    “Yes yes!” Little Fatty nodded then looked at Wang Zhi Wu with a smile and said, “Senior brother, junior brother was rash and have offended you. I hope that you’ll forgive me!”

    Wang Zhi Wu did not say anything. He was already completely discombobulated. Only after a moment did he come back to his senses and asked, “Master, he killed a relative of the royal family in the Mystical Sky Temple. The matter is settled just like that?”

    “Of course, it’s settled already!” Qing Feng Zi then said nonchalantly, “Cultivators of the Mystical Sky Temple act upon the way of the heaven. Don’t tell me you expect your junior brother to pay his life for those b*st*rds!”

    “I don’t expect him to pay with his life. But the problem is, he, he is really too much! In the span of a few days, the imperial tutor, regional governor, relative of the royal family have all been killed by him. The whole of the Blue Moon Nation, from the emperor to the civilian are all alerted! That is really going to shake the people with fear!” Wang Zhi Wu then said bitterly, “If you don’t provide an answer, I’m afraid that I will be unable to answer to them”

    “This~” As Qing Feng Zi heard that he hesitated. He also knew that what Wang Zhi Wu said was right. After making so many mistakes continuously, Little Fatty cannot go unpunished. But if he were to punish him, it would conform neither to propriety nor his conscience. In a moment, Qing Feng Zi was stuck in a conundrum.

    Seeing his master hesitate, Wang Zhi Wu hurriedly added, “Master, junior brother Song is someone who doesn’t practise self-restraint. He can kill the imperial tutor, regional governor and royal family’s relative today. For all you know he may dare to barge into the palace and kill the emperor tomorrow! Don’t tell me you plan to wait until then to punish him?”

    “Kill the emperor?” Qing Feng Zi turned his head and looked at Little Fatty, “I doubt you will, right?”

    “This, hehe, I will have to see the situation!” Little Fatty replied.

    “That means that you may really do that!” Hearing that, Qing Feng Zi laughed bitterly. He then helplessly shook his head and said, “Hais, it seems that I cannot keep you in the Mystical Sky Temple anymore. If you really kill the emperor some day, it will really be a big matter!”

    “Then, should I return to the mountain?” Little Fatty asked helplessly.

    “You can’t return to the mountain either. After all, you have a mission. If you returned like that, it’s considered that you failed the mission. What awaits you then will definitely be punishment by the sect’s rules!” Qing Feng Zi shook his head and said.

    “Then what should I do?” Little Fatty asked exasperatedly.

    “Haiz, forget it. Just take it that I owe you from my previous life!” Qing Feng Zi bitterly laughed and said, “Go to the Cool Breeze Temple and take over your other senior brother as the position of head of the temple!”

    “What? You’re sending him to the Cool Breeze Temple?” When Wang Zhi Wu heard, he almost exploded and shouted, “Master, how can you do that?”

    “If I say I can, I can!” Qing Feng Zi then said proudly, “Blather no further. Just follow my orders!”

    Finishing his sentence, Qing Feng Zi casually threw a jade talisman to Little Fatty and walked into the cave’s interior. At the same time, he closed the stone wall, not wanting to see the both of them.

    Seeing the way the situation became, Wang Zhi Wu knew that it cannot be changed anymore. He let out a long sigh and looked at Little Fatty and the talisman with frustration.

    Wang Zhi Wu stares made Little Fatty feel uneasy in his heart. He bitterly laughed and asked, “Senior brother, why are you staring at me like that?”

    Wang Zhi Wu did not answer Little Fatty. Instead, he asked, “Do you know what I feel like doing now?”

    “How would I know what are you thinking about?” Little Fatty shook his head and said.

    “I’m thinking if I should go to the palace to kill the emperor!” Wang Zhi Wu said seriously.

    “Senior brother, you’re teasing me again!” Little Fatty pretended to be frustrated.

    “I’m not teasing you, I’m serious!” Wang Zhi Wu then said seriously, “Back then, us martial brothers almost fought with each other just to go to the Cool Breeze Temple! Now that you created a whole lot of problem, you are instead allowed to go to the Cool Breeze temple to head the temple! Goodness, if I knew that this was going to happen, I would have gone ahead and killed the royal uncle, imperial tutor, and regional governor!”

    “Are you serious?” Little Fatty could not help but laugh bitterly and said, “Is the Cool Breeze Temple really that good?”

    “Of course!” Wang Zhi Wu then said, “Junior brother, how about this, I will go and kill the emperor today. Then I will hand over my position to you and you hand over your Cool Breeze Temple job to me, alright?”

    “Oh~” Little Fatty was not silly. He could deduce that the Cool Breeze Temple was definitely a good place. How would he agree? He thus hurriedly said, “Only senior uncle can decide such a matter. How about you try and kill the emperor first!”

    “Try your head!” Wang Zhi Wu could not help but whined, “If you killed the emperor, I think that master would only reprimand you a little. But if I were to do so, the master would most likely send me to the court. I will then be sliced into a thousand pieces to placate the hatred of the hoi polloi! Aiyah, we are all humans, but why the difference in our treatment? Master must have a limit to his biases. You created so much trouble, killed the imperial tutor, regional governor and royal uncle. Instead of being punished, you were rewarded. What is this supposed to be?”

    Little Fatty was made embarrassed by what he said and hurriedly explained, “No no, senior brother! I am obviously being chased out of the Mystical Sky Temple, how is it a reward?”

    “What do you know!” Wang Zhi Wu scolded, “When you reach the Cool Breeze Temple, you will know why is it a reward!” As he said that, Wang Zhi Wu walked away with a stomach full of frustration. No matter how many grievances he felt, he still had to settle the matter of the royal uncle and clean up after Little Fatty while he’s at it.

    Seeing him leave, Little Fatty no longer had a reason to stay any longer. He went to the main hall and found a few people who he met these few days to find out more about the Cool Breeze Temple. Only after he found out about the Cool Breeze Temple did Little Fatty know why Wang Zhi Wu was so jealous. Actually, what everyone said was right. Going to the Cool Breeze Temple is not a punishment but a reward.

    The Cool Breeze Temple was affiliated with the Mystical Sky Temple. It is over a few thousand kilometres away from the Blue Moon Nation, deep in the mountains. That is already no longer within the territory of the Blue Moon Nation.

    The Cool Breeze Temple was located deep in the mountains and there were not many mortals living there. The nearest village was over a few hundred kilometres away and it is very troublesome to live there. As such, there are only a few Taoist kids there and the conditions were undesirable.

    Even if this was the case, why was the Cool Breeze Temple such a popular place? It can be attributed to a specialty of Cool Breeze Temple.