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Chapter 57: The Reason

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 57: The Reason

    “What? The royal uncle and cousins are all dead? Ambushed by a golden streak of light? In the Mystical Sky Temple?” Wang Zhi Wu almost went crazy and shouted, “How is this possible? Who exactly did it?”

    “I think that it was Song senior uncle, I saw his silhouette fly by in the sky!” The Taoist monk hurriedly said.

    “My goodness, this brat again? Does he even know his limits?” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately enraged. He then said, “Hurry and bring me to the scene!”

    Saying so, Wang Zhi Wu quickly brought his disciples to the scene. The place where the royal uncle was assassinated was only a few kilometres away from the temple. In a panic, he practically teleported over.

    Upon arriving at the scene, my goodness, the scene was just disastrous. There were countless of bodies split into two. Blood was flowing everywhere, and organs lying all around. After spotting the royal uncle’s corpse with great difficulty, his face turned green. The guest he invited was bisected, and the expression which he had when he died made a person shudder.

    Seeing that the guest which he invited suffered such grievances, Wang Zhi Wu was angered to the point his face turned green. Without a second word, he turned and headed towards the back of the mountains to complain to Qing Feng Zi.

    CCT: Amusing how face turning green can mean so many different things XD

    The moment Wang Zhi Wu came to the cave, he immediately barged in and saw Little Fatty nonchalantly standing in front of Qing Feng Zi. He thought that Little Fatty had done the same as before and had already told Qing Feng Zi what happened. Thus, Wang Zhi Wu did not ask much and started weeping, “Master, you can’t just listen to him this time! The royal uncle and gang really died too badly this time!”

    “What royal uncle, what exactly are you talking about?” Qing Feng Zi asked in confusion.

    “What? You still don’t know about it?” Wang Zhi Wu asked in doubt.

    “Of course, you did not say anything and started bawling the moment you came in. I’m not a celestial, how would I know what you’re thinking about?” Qing Feng Zi laughed and said.

    “Ah, master~” hearing that Wang Zhi Wu hurriedly said, “You have to rein in this junior brother Song. He, he, he killed the royal uncle and 3 royal cousins! Is this not called a problem? Does he not plan to stop?”

    “En?” As he heard, Qing Feng Zi’s face changed and raged, “Didn’t I confine him to the mountain? He dared to defy me and go down the mountain?”

    “That he didn’t, the royal uncle and gang came to the Mystical Sky Temple. Junior brother killed them in the Mystical Sky Temple!” Wang Zhi Wu exclaimed, “Master, the whole entourage of the royal uncle of dozens of people were all killed. There are bodies all over and rivers of blood! Our Mystical Sky Temple is the place for celestial cultivators. But he turned this place into a slaughter house! What should we do about this?”

    “Song Zhong!” Qing Feng Zi raged. He could not stand it any longer, and shouted, “Speak, what is the meaning of this?!”

    “Senior uncle be calm~!” Seeing Qing Feng Zi angry, Little Fatty was also a little troubled. He hurriedly smiled apologetically and said, “It is true that I killed them. But I only followed the way of the heavens and am answerable to my conscience!”

    “Bullsh*t!” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately enraged as he heard that and shouted, “You have not met the royal uncle before and he ran back and forth for you this time to settle the few cases. Just when I invited him to the Mystical Sky Temple as guest, not only did you not thank him, but you killed him. How are you answerable to your conscience?”

    “Precisely!” Qing Feng Zi immediately added, “The royal uncle and you do not know each other, why did you kill him?”

    “I do not know the royal uncle. But I did not kill him without reason!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

    “Why don’t you explain why you killed him?” Qing Feng Zi pressed, “It is still acceptable if you have a reason. But if you killed him for no reason, even if I will let you off, the sect rules will not!”

    “Yes, please listen to me senior uncle!” Little Fatty said. He then took out a jug of fragrant wine, placed it on the table and said, “This is a jug of 100 year old Red Lady. A rare fragrant wine in the world!”

    Wang Zhi Wu liked tea, while Qing Feng Zi loved wine. Hearing his words, Qing Feng Zi almost started drooling. A hundred year old jug of Red Lady, even after living for a hundred over years, he has not tasted one before.

    As for Wang Zhi Wu, he doubted Little Fatty’s intentions and immediately said unhappily, “Don’t you think that a jug of fragrant wine is able to settle this matter! My master is not someone to be bribed by a jug of wine! Right, master?”

    Although he said that, but he was not confident, so he phrased it as a question.

    No matter how thick Qing Feng Zi’s skin was, he would not admit to that. Thus, he straightened his face and said, “That’s right, little Song. You look down too much on me if you think that I can be bribed with a jug of wine!” But he thought to himself in his heart, ‘It may be enough if you have 8 or 10 jugs of it!’

    Seeing the situation, Little Fatty was first stunned for words. He then laughed bitterly and said, “What are you guys talking about? Do I have to do that? This jug of wine is evidence and not a gift!”

    “Oh, evidence?” Qing Feng Zi was elated as he heard that. He flicked his sleeves and kept the jug of wine in an instant. He then said solemnly, “I have kept the evidence, say what you have to!”

    Wang Zhi Wu was stunned, and thought to himself that the kid must have bribed him by phrasing it differently. Obviously, he was too involved with the secular world and has lost the mindset of a cultivator. Wang Zhi Wu has been thoroughly influenced by the secular world.

    Little Fatty first smiled, and did not mind. After all, he was intending to give that jug of wine to Qing Feng Zi. His then said seriously, “Senior uncle, this jug is given to me by the biggest inn at the foot of the mountain. He knew that I was a cultivator and purposely sold this jug of wine to me at a low price. He wanted to get some benefits from me, but I saw through his intentions. I left in the middle of the night and did not give him the chance to do so! Although this is the case, but I still feel that I owe him a little.

    “En en, it indeed isn’t good for you to do that. If there is a chance in future, you should offer him some compensation!” Qing Feng Zi nodded his head and said.

    “There isn’t a chance to do so anymore!” Little Fatty said fiercely, “Today morning, I intended to go down the inn for a meal. At the same time to compensate the boss. But never did I expect that the inn was sealed and the boss was beaten to death!”

    “Ah? Why did that happen?” As he heard, Qing Feng Zi asked in a strange tone.

    “Only after asking around did I find out that the reason why he was killed! It was because of this jug of wine!” Little Fatty raged.

    “For this jug of wine? How do you explain that?” Qing Feng Zi asked doubtfully.

    “Yesterday night, the royal uncle and his 3 sons went to stay in that inn. Some loud mouth fool told them that the boss of the inn had a 100 year old Red Lady! After that family of b*st*rd heard that, he immediately wanted the boss to take that jug out for them to drink. But the problem is, the wine had already been given to me. Where would the boss get one from? The boss could only tell the truth and say that he was no longer in possession of the wine.”

    “But the royal uncle unexpectedly thought that he was bluffing and did not show him face. He immediately ordered his servants to start beating him. The poor boss was already so old, could not catch his breath and passed away like that! The royal uncle did not stop there and went on to seal his shop! How is their family of over a hundred going to survive in future?” Little Fatty said frustratedly, “Senior uncle, I did not kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of me! The favour I owe them of a jug of wine, I did not repay it when he was alive. Now that he passed away, do you think I should take revenge for him?”