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Chapter 56: Killing The Royal Uncle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 56: Killing The Royal Uncle

    Refining such an elixir would usually expend a lot of energy. As such, Qing Feng Zi normally does not refine it. But today, in order to compensate Wang Zhi Wu’s hard work, he could only use it as a reward. This was also especially for Little Fatty. If it was any other disciple, Qing Feng Zi wouldn’t be bothered to do so!

    “Okay okay, don’t need to reject me. I actually owe you a lot throughout these years. Only because you have been handling the daily affairs of the Mystical Sky Temple can I easily pass these few decades. Let this pot of elixir be considered your reward for all these years of hard work!” Qing Feng Zi persuaded.

    Hearing that his master remembered his hard work, Wang Zhi Wu was moved and hurriedly said, “Sharing the burdens of my master is my job as a disciple. I wouldn’t dare desire any reward!”

    “Ai, this is nonsense, your reward must still be taken!” Qing Feng Zi then added, “Besides, although what your junior brother did is morally right, but he still created a lot of trouble!”

    “Yes yes, it is really a lot of trouble!” The moment Wang Zhi Wu heard this, he said frustratedly, “The court officials are all frightened by junior brother and some of them are even unsatisfied with the Mystical Sky Temple. If this continues, the various jobs of the Mystical Sky Temple wouldn’t be able to continue! Master, junior brother is really too much this time. Even if you dote on him, you cannot overlook what he did. You have to at least allow me to give an explanation to the Blue Moon Nation.”

    Wang Zhi Wu’s intention was simple. It was simply giving Little Fatty a light punishment so as to give the Blue Moon Nation some face, which would make his life easier.

    Qing Feng Zi considered for a moment then said, “Alright, what you said makes sense. How about this, your junior brother was rash in the way he handled matters which proves a lack of his character’s cultivation. I shall punish him to cultivate his character on the mountain and that he cannot leave the mountain without my permission! Would this do?”

    As Wang Zhi Wu heard, he almost died from anger and thought to himself, ‘Even the lightest form of confinement as a punishment should at least be restricted to a place. Can’t leave the mountain? My goodness, the few hundred kilometres around the Mystical Sky Temple are all mountains. Can such a large area even be considered a confinement? Besides, junior brother Song was originally here to help us handle the daily affairs of the temple. Now, he can openly cultivate on the mountain in the name of a confinement. Plus, he still has an expert to help guide him. Goodness, what kind of punishment is this? This is more like a reward! It’s as though we did not invite a helper from the sect, but a Buddha! This biasness is really going overboard!’

    Although Wang Zhi Wu was very dissatisfied in his heart, but since Qing Feng Zi already gave him a pot of elixir, he could only bear with it no matter how unhappy he is. After gritting his teeth and promising Qing Feng Zi, he hurriedly left. First was that he had to rush back to settle this matter. Second was that a moment more he spends seeing Little Fatty would enrage him further. He’s afraid that he can’t help but punch him if he stays any longer.

    The moment Wang Zhi Wu left, Qing Feng Zi’s face began to droop. He frowned and looked at Little Fatty, “I say, Song junior nephew! Can you take it easy in future? Don’t always go around killing all those court officials. Can you at least show some mercy to the Mystical Sky Temple?” His last few words were almost shouted out, which was apparent that he was really mad at Little Fatty.

    Seeing his senior uncle really angry, Little Fatty hurriedly said, “Yes yes, don’t worry senior uncle. I will stay on the mountain and cultivate, and will not go out to create trouble!”

    Seeing that Little Fatty knew his mistake, Qing Feng Zi did not want to reprimand him too much. He is after all the only heir of his old friend. Thus Qing Feng Zi could only bitterly laugh and say, “I hope you mean what you say! Alright, you may go and rest now, I need to refine the elixir for your senior brother! Ai yah, I must have owed you in my previous life!”

    As he said that, Qing Feng Zi sighed and walked away.

    Although Little Fatty felt guilty towards Qing Feng Zi, but he did not feel that he did anything wrong. If he were to meet such a matter again in future, he will not show any mercy. The Dao which Little Fatty is pursuing is to kill resolutely, do what he likes, and answer only to the heavens and himself. As for the others, he does not give a rat’s fart!

    In other words, ‘I only care about those who kills me, those unhappy about it can all go and die!’

    It is said that time passes in a blink of an eye, 7 days passed in a flash. Although Little Fatty exterminating the regional governor and the imperial tutor caused a large commotion, but through the hard work of Wang Zhi Wu, this matter was still appeased. Of course, the only reason why the Blue Moon Nation would stop pursuing the matter is because of the might of the Mystical Sky Temple. It was not an existence which they could trifle with. They could only protest a little on the surface. Since the Mystical Sky Yard responded to them by confining Little Fatty, it was considered showing them face. Plus the fact that Wang Zhi Wu gave them some low-grade elixirs, finally smoothing over the matter.

    Of course, the whole process took a lot of effort and many parties compromising. This was also because Wang Zhi Wu had a good political ability. If it was any other person, they may not necessarily settle this matter so easily.

    However, even if this was the case, it also exhausted Wang Zhi Wu completely. He did not sleep for many nights, negotiating with those court officials through the night. All in all, for Qing Feng Zi’s pot of elixir, Wang Zhi Wu can be said to have pulled out all his cards.

    Today, Wang Zhi Wu got up early and instructed his subordinates to clean the yard, prepare the incense and cutlery. This is because there would be an important guest coming today. This important guest was the royal uncle. In the case of the extermination of the imperial tutor and regional governor, he made a large contribution. Although Wang Zhi Wu already had ties with him, but it was not good to let him work in vain. Thus, he invited him to the Mystical Sky Temple to burn some incense.

    Of course, burning incense is only on the surface and the purpose is to play host. At the same time, he can use his Qi to circulate his tendons, which can help a mortal to build immunity. The only thing which the royal uncle would be interested in would probably be the latter.

    News from yesterday said that the royal uncle and his 3 sons, which would be the royal cousins, have already arrived in the city at the foot of the mountain. Due to the fact that it was late already, they stayed at the foot of the mountain and only came up early in the morning.

    Although the Mystical Sky Temple is of a high status, but the other party was still the royal uncle after all. The father-in-law of the emperor, and father of the empress. Thus, Wang Zhi Wu would not be too casual as well, and had already instructed people to start preparing since a few days ago. In order to host these 4 guests, the whole manpower of Mystical Sky Temple was activated.

    Looking at the time, it was about right for them to reach the peak. Wang Zhi Wu tidied his clothes and was about to look at the exact time when they would arrive. But just at this moment, his disciple, a middle-aged Taoist monk, rushed over in a panic.

    Seeing his face, Wang Zhi Wu’s heart trembled for a moment and thought to himself. ‘Didn’t he go and receive the guest? Why did he return with such an appearance? Don’t tell me that something bad happened?

    Thinking about this, Wang Zhi Wu hurriedly asked, “Where are they? Why are you back alone?”

    “Senior, big trouble! Just when I was bringing the royal uncle and the 3 royal cousins up the mountain, there was a streak of golden light which ambushed us! The royal uncle and cousins were all sliced into pieces! All of their followers were all killed on the spot. At least 40 people were dead just like that!” The Taoist monk said in horror, “Luckily I was far away, if not I would be dead also!”