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Chapter 55: The Guilty Party Files the Sui

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 55: The Guilty Party Files the Suit

    As Wang Zhi Wu heard, he immediately asked impatiently, “Isn’t it just a dead governor? What’s so troubling about that? The imperial tutor’s family was already killed by that junior brother of mine! Why do you have to report such a small thing to me! Besides, I am not a court official, what’s the point of telling me?”

    As he said that, Wang Zhi Wu drank a mouth of fragrant tea and enjoyed it for a moment. He suddenly realised that something wrong and hurriedly asked, “Wait, you said that the person who killed the governor was a fat Taoist monk? A Taoist monk who can kill the governor must have some abilities. Although there are many cultivators like that in the world, but not many of them are fat. According to what I know, there are barely a few. Wait, don’t tell me this is the doing of that chubby junior brother of mine?” As he said that, his gaze landed squarely on the Taoist child who brought the news.

    The Taoist child was frightened by the by the gaze and he did not dare to delay. He hurriedly pulled out a piece of paper and handed it over, “This is a portrait of the murderer which the court gave to us. They said that this was from Four Hoof City from 3 days ago. They asked us to help to see if we recognise him!”

    Without a word, Wang Zhi Wu snatched the portrait over and looked at it. Wow, it was the infuriating face of Little Fatty. You have to know, the place where Little Fatty killed the governor was in front of the governor’s estate. Little Fatty only killed the governor and his troops, because they were all involved in killing Zhang De Qing’s wife. As for the people who passed by, Little Fatty did not kill them. He was, after all, not a killing maniac. Under such circumstances, the sight of Little Fatty bravely killing everyone was seen by those people.

    After Little Fatty killed them, he walked off carefree as a lark but left a huge pile of mess for others to clear. The mayor of the Four Hoof’s City naturally gave it his all to catch the mastermind. Thus, the picture of Little Fatty was painted, and sent to the capital immediately!

    “I, that bastard!” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately enraged. He then scolded, “Does this bastard know his limits? I just helped him to wipe his ass and he gives me this nonsense again?”

    After cursing for a while, Wang Zhi Wu suddenly thought about something and hurriedly asked, “Wait, you said that this happened 3 days ago?”

    “Yes, it happened 3 days ago in the night. The mayor of Four Hoof City did not dare to delay and hurriedly sent the painting over!” The Taoist child hurriedly explained.

    “3 days ago? Isn’t that the day when Little Fatty just exterminated the imperial tutor’s family? My goodness, this brat exterminated the imperial tutor in the day. In the night, he ran over a thousand kilometers and sliced the regional governor into 8 pieces?” Wang Zhi Wu could not help but sigh, “Goodness, is this brat here to help me or play me?”

    “This can’t do, I have to seek justice with the master!” As he finished, he brought the painting and a stomach full of resentment to the back of the mountain.

    In the end, when Wang Zhi Wu came to the cave, he realised that Little Fatty was also there. Seeing his calm and easygoing face, as though nothing happened, it made Wang Zhi Wu even more enraged.

    “Master, I can’t stand it already!” Wang Zhi Wu shouted, “Do you know what this junior nephew of yours did?”

    “Zhi Wu, you must be calm. We are all cultivators who talk about cultivating our spirits. It is said, ‘We must be unfazed even if a mountain collapse in front of us. We must not bat an eyelid if an elk suddenly appeared beside us!’ Look at how you are acting now, you do not have the stability of a cultivator!” Qing Feng Zi pretended to be unhappy and reprimanded.

    “Yes, your disciple knows his mistake!” Wang Zhi Wu also knew that he was too agitated and hurriedly apologised. He then pacified his feelings and said, “But master, he~”

    “What?” Qing Feng Zi curled his lips and said, “Didn’t he just exterminate a governor who dares to humiliate our Mystical Sky Temple?”

    Wang Zhi Wu was first stunned, then asked, “Ah? You know about it already?” He did not expect that Little Fatty dared to mention it to Qing Feng Zi after causing such a big trouble. Thus, Wang Zhi Wu assumed that Qing Feng Zi did not know! He did not expect that Little Fatty already came here 2 days ago. Little Fatty thought that it wasn’t good to be too passive, so he quickly filed the suit and push all the blame to the dead governor.

    Although Little Fatty’s reason was not strong enough for him to slice the governor into 8 pieces in front of the governor’s estate. But under the biased love of Qing Feng Zi, he still managed to wiggle his way through. Thus, when Wang Zhi Wu came to complain, Qing Feng Zi already did not care about it much and said, “That governor snatched a civilian girl in public and killed the madam of the family. Your junior brother was a guest at their house. He is loyal in nature, and seeing such an outrageous thing, of course, he was enraged! As such, he sliced that bastard into 8 pieces. Although it is a little too much, but you can’t completely blame him! Don’t you think so?”

    “This?” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately speechless. He thought in his heart, ‘Even you as my master already said so. How can I, as a disciple say no?’

    Although he was very unhappy in his heart, but out of respect for his master, he could only bite his lips and say, “Master, you are right!”

    “En, it’s best that you can think like this!” Qing Feng Zi nodded in satisfaction.

    “But master, it doesn’t matter what I think. The key is what the Blue Moon Nation think. They just lost their imperial tutor, and now they’ve lost a regional governor. That governor is a fierce general on the borders and been through many great battles to protect the nation. Now, he has been killed by junior brother on the streets without even a word. This, how can we answer to them? The court has already sent people to ask!” Wang Zhi Wu asked in frustration.

    “That’s your problem.” Qing Feng Zi said nonchalantly, “Isn’t it your job to manage the ties with the court?”

    Wang Zhi Wu immediately panicked as he heard and said, “Master, you’re pushing the matter to me again? Because of the imperial tutor’s incident, I have already thrown all my face away. I even ran back and forth until my legs are about to break! You still want me to do it again?”

    “That can’t be helped, the capable has more responsibilities!” Qing Feng Zi smiled slightly.

    “Master, you can’t be so biased. Why is it that he is always in charge of making trouble where I have to clean up after him?” Wang Zhi Wu said with grievance.

    “Haha!” Qing Feng Zi laughed and said, “Okay okay, master knows that it’s hard for you. How about this, I will specially refine a pot of elixir which can extend your lifespan. What about that?”

    “Ah, how can I trouble master like that?” The moment Wang Zhi Wu heard that his eyes lit up. Although he said that, but his eyes was full of expectancy. You have to know, Qing Feng Zi is a foundational stage cultivator who specialises in refining elixirs. The elixirs he refines are of high quality, and this pot of elixir would be enough for him to live for a few more decades.