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Chapter 54: Sliced into Eight Pieces

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 54: Sliced into Eight Pieces

    Just when Zhang De Qing neared his breaking point, there was a streak of golden light which broke the dark night sky. The next moment, Little Fatty brought a panicked and teary young lady in front of Zhang De Qing.

    As that lady saw Zhang De Qing, tears streamed down her face and she shouted, “Father~!” before rushing into his embrace as she cried.

    Although Little Fatty managed to save his daughter back, but his wife had already passed away and could not be brought back to life. Under such circumstances, he did not have the face to continuing staying in this place. Thus, he awkwardly said, “Landlord Zhang, I have already avenged your wife, If you run into any trouble in future, just find me at the Mystical Sky Temple!” Saying that, he did not give Zhang De Qing a chance to say anything and flew off on his sword.

    Zhang De Qing shouted twice but did not manage to stop Little Fatty. He could only helplessly let him leave. He then asked in curiosity, about why his daughter could return so quickly, “Daughter, how did the celestial elder save you?”

    “Dad, are you sure that’s a celestial elder?” Zhang De Qing’s daughter asked as she trembled in fear, “No matter how I look at it, he seems more like a butcher. He looks fierce and is even fiercer when he kills!”

    “What are you talking about? He is the celestial elder who saved you and brought you back!” Zhang De Qing then unhappily said, “Hurry up and tell me what happened exactly!”

    “Yes, Father!” Zhang De Qing’s daughter said, “I was being tied onto the governor’s battle horse. Just when their troops of over 500 people reached the door of the governor’s estate, there were two streaks of golden light which descended. Every streak was over dozens of feet long and swept throughout the troops. My goodness, a whole battalion of over 500 troops, and not a single one was left alive. They were all executed on the spot. In an instant, the streets were filled with blood. At that moment, the whole battalion was only left with both the governor and I. The governor was initially arrogant, but his face turned green in an instant. That celestial elder then flew over and threw the governor on the ground like a chicken. He then took out a golden sword and sliced the governor into pieces. Every slash he made, he asked, ‘Why did you rape a lady, kill someone else’s wife, slap me on the face!’ In short, after he finished, the governor was sliced into 8 pieces! Such a scene was just like a butcher killing a pig, it was really too scary!”

    “Ah~” Although Zhang De Qing already had a premonition, but he did not expect that his methods would be so extreme. You have to know, the governor is not a normal person. He is the regional governor who has over 10,000 troops and is a martial arts expert. It is said that he is courageous and made many merits on the battlefield, gaining the attention from the court. As a result, an overbearing character developed over time, resulting in such an incident.

    However, such a strong governor was like a helpless sheep in the hands of Little Fatty and was easily sliced into 8 pieces. The scariest part was the nonchalant attitude of Little Fatty. He killed as he wished, and in the presence of the public, in front of the governor estate! This is really not putting the court in his eyes. Were all celestial elders really so perverted?

    As Zhang De Qing was puzzling over this, his daughter suddenly asked, “Father, why did that celestial elder say that the governor slapped him? With the celestial elder’s abilities, how could the governor slap him?”

    “Oh, this is a long story. But the celestial elder was really slapped by the governor, if not he wouldn’t be so angry!” Zhang De Qing then said, “Daughter, this is not the time to talk about this. The governor was killed in front of his estate. This is a big issue, especially since it is related to you. It may be a disaster which may result in our family being annihilated. This is not a place to stay, let us hurry and run away!”

    “Ah, then where should we go?” Zhang De Qing’s daughter quickly asked.

    “We should escape out of this country, we can’t stay in the Blue Moon Nation any longer!” As Zhang De Qing said that, he hurriedly instructed his servants to pack up the luggage and leave in the night.

    It was not just Zhang De Qing who sought refuge in the night, Little Fatty too did not have a place to go when he left the Zhang estate. Afterall, he just left for a day, and did not wish to go back to see Wang Zhi Wu’s face. Thus, he found a concealed cave and studied his new lightning talisman, the Earth Divine Lightning.

    The Earth Divine Lightning is considered to be one of the more powerful lightning spell among the 5 elements. It was only weaker than the Fire Divine Lightning. A complete earth type spell would suppress water type artifact and spells. But this divine lightning belongs to a positive lightning type that, when being released, would make a large commotion which even an idiot would notice. It did not have the concealment effect of a negative lightning.

    However, it is still a treasure to be obtained. Plus, it is said that when more than 2 of these basic lightning spells is learnt, it can be combined to increase its prowess. If all of it is learnt, it can be combined into a 5 element divine lightning, which would be even more broken.

    After studying the lightning talisman carefully, he realised that the refinement method of it is slightly more complicated than the Negative Water Lightning. It required a place with a large amount of Earth spiritual Qi. One has to a special method to gather earth spiritual qi before it could be condensed to form a powerful Earth Divine Lightning.

    A place with such large amount of earth spiritual Qi was not easy to find. If based on his own strength, he may not even be able to find it in 10 years. But to Little Fatty, this is completely not a problem. There is enough earth spiritual Qi in his own dimension, almost enough to condense earth spiritual stones. Thus, he can condense any amount of divine lightning he wants.

    However, refining a divine lightning isn’t a small thing. Little Fatty still remembered the first time he refined the Water Divine Lightning, and how he was blasted so pathetically. The prowess of the Earth Divine Lightning is at least twice of the Water Divine Lightning. If it were to explode in his hands, the thought of it sent a chill down Little Fatty’s spine.

    Although Little Fatty had the experience of refining a Water Divine Lightning and would not make as many mistakes when refining the Earth Divine Lightning. But this is after all a different type of divine lightning. Plus, one was positive and the other negative, the chance of making a mistake is very high.

    Considering his safety, Little Fatty decided to temporarily leave this matter aside and refine it when he has a chance.

    As Little Fatty hid himself to study the Earth Divine Lightning, the outside world had already exploded. Especially in the Mystical Sky Temple, where it was about to become the target of all criticisms.

    In just a day, Wang Zhi Wu relied on his connections and went to the palace, government cabinet. He ran until his legs felt like breaking before finally settling the matter of the Imperial tutor. He was finally free and brewed a pot of fragrant tea, wanting to sit down enjoy his life. But just at this moment, a taoist child hurriedly ran in and hurriedly said, “Master, it’s no good! Information arrived from Four Hoof City, that their governor was sliced into 8 pieces by a fat taoist monk!”