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Chapter 52: Earth Divine Lightning

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 52: Earth Divine Lightning

    The wealthy merchant first sized up Little Fatty, he then cupped his fists and said, “Zhang De Qing speaking. May I know what did my cousin ask you to find me for?”

    “Nothing much, he wants me to return to you what is originally yours!” As Little Fatty finished, he took the painting and gave it to Zhang De Qing.

    The moment Zhang De Qing saw the painting, his face changed instantly. He hurriedly received and opened it up. It was the Zhang’s family ancestral painting«Full Moon Spring River»! After investigating the painting carefully, Zhang De Qing confirmed that it was authentic and not an imitation.

    He hurriedly kept the painting and then bowed respectfully to Little Fatty and said, “Taoist elder is righteous! Zhang De Qing thanks you on behalf of the Zhang family!”

    “Don’t need for pleasantries!” Little Fatty said, “Since the painting has been sent, I will take my leave!” As he finished, he turned around and left.

    But he did not expect Zhang De Qing to shout out, “Taoist elder please wait, may I know how my cousin is right now? I only know that he was framed and entered prison. I’m still thinking of how to save him!”

    “He has already passed away!” Little Fatty helplessly said, “The court has sentenced his whole family to death! My, my condolences!”

    “Goodness!” As Zhang De Qing heard that, tears streamed down his face and said, “My cousin is innocent, but disaster still befell upon him. What kind of world do we live in!”

    “Ai!” Seeing him cry so pitifully, Little Fatty also became compassionate. But he does not have any ability to change whatever happened. He could only helplessly shake his head and say, “Things have already become like that and it’s pointless to cry. At least all those who framed him have already died!”

    “What?” Zhang De Qing hurriedly asked, “It is said that the people who framed him were the family of the imperial tutor. How did they die?”

    “So what if he’s the imperial tutor? He was still killed by me!” Little Fatty coldly said.

    “Ah, if that’s the case, Taoist elder was the one who took revenge for my cousin?” Zhang De Qing hurriedly asked.

    “That’s right, Zhang De Rong became a ghost after he died and harassed the imperial tutor. I so happened to have met this matter. I couldn’t stand it, so I killed their whole family. Zhang De Rong’s ghost asked me to pass you this item before passing on. Now that the matter has been completed, it’s time for me to leave!” Little Fatty then bid farewell.

    “Taoist elder, wait!” Zhang De Qing then knelt down on the floor, pulled Little Fatty’s sleeves and said, “You treated my family with such generosity, you should at least give me a chance to repay you. If not, my cousin will blame me if he knows down below!”

    “Ai!” Little Fatty bitterly laughed and said, “I believe you can tell that I am a cultivator and am focused on achieving Dao. The items of the secular world are really no help to me! I appreciate your kind intentions, but words regarding repaying my kindness, don’t mention it again!” As he said that, he waved his sleeves to release Zhang De Qing’s hands, he then wanted to leave.

    “Celestial elder please wait!” As Zhang De Qing heard, he shouted, “I know that celestial elder will not fancy secular items. But I have an item here, which is left behind by a cultivator. I believe you will take a fancy with it!”

    “En?” As Little Fatty heard, he stopped immediately and asked curiously, “Why would you have a cultivator’s item?”

    “It’s like this, a decade or so ago, an injured cultivator landed in our backyard. I took care of him carefully during that time but was unable to keep his life. Before he died, in order to thank me for taking care of him for the last 10 years, he left me a yellow jade. He said that it was a cultivator’s treasure. If I were to meet any trouble and want to request for the help of a cultivator, I would be able to use that as a reward. Any cultivator would definitely agree. It can be told that this item was not ordinary for sure.” Zhang De Qing then added, “Taoist elder helped my family so much, and I really have nothing to pay you back with. I am willing to present you with this gift as thanks!”

    “This~” Little Fatty hesitated for a while. Actually, with his wealth, he wasn’t lacking anything. But seeing Zhang De Qing’s appearance, it seems like he would not get up if he did not give it to him. In order to leave quickly, Little Fatty could only say, “Then let us see if first!”

    “Yes yes, celestial elder please wait!” as Zhang De Qing said that, he walked in. In a short while, he brought a 2-inch long yellow jade back.

    “This is the treasure which the cultivator left behind! Us mortals would not know how to use these things.” Zhang De Qing hurriedly handed it over to Little Fatty and stared at him with an expectant look.

    Little Fatty nonchalantly received it and used his spiritual sense to peer inside. He very quickly found out that there was a lightning formula inside. After investigating it carefully, he quickly found the name of the lightning spell, Earth Divine Lightning!

    This seemingly normal yellow jade is actually a lightning talisman which records the refinement method of the Earth Divine Lightning!

    Little Fatty was immediately elated, saying to Zhang De Qing, “I’m ashamed to say this, but this item is really useful to me!”

    Seeing that Little Fatty liked this item so much, Zhang De Qing revealed a satisfied smile and said, “Since celestial elder likes this item, then it is my honour. It is already late tonight, will celestial elder give me the face to stay here a night. Allow me to display the courtesy of a host.

    It is said ‘After receiving the benefits of others, one should give him face’. Since Zhang De Rong has already given him something worth over millions of spiritual stone, Little Fatty did not have the face to reject him.

    Helpless, he could only bitterly laugh and say, “Then I shall disturb you then!”

    “Don’t dare, don’t dare, it is my honour instead!” Zhang De Qing hurriedly replied with a smile. Seeing Little Fatty agree, he was naturally elated. He then pulled Little Fatty inside and instructed people to prepare a feast to invite the celestial elder.

    The people in the Zhang residence were really efficient and the feast was very quickly prepared. Zhang De Qing sat on the side, which Little Fatty sat on the main seat. The both of them began drinking and talking. Zhang De Qing was worthy of being in the upper echelons. His speech was interesting, and saw many things. He boot licked Little Fatty without leaving a trace, making Little Fatty feel very comfortable.

    After 3 rounds of wine and much talking, Little Fatty suddenly asked in curiosity, “Landlord Zhang, I only presented you with a painting today and you made me your honoured guest! Don’t tell me you have not doubted that I was bluffing? If I was a scammer, then what would you do?”

    “Haha, celestial elder you’re joking!” Zhang De Qing laughed and said, “This«Full Moon Spring River»is very famous, and worth over 10,000 gold. You are able to casually give it, I have never seen such a generous scammer! If every scammer is like you, I would wish that I’m scammed every day! A feast to exchange for the«Full Moon Spring River»painting, that’s really very worth it! Haha!”

    “Haha!” As Little Fatty heard, he laughed bitterly and said, “The feast is secondary. The key is that you gave me the yellow jade. That is something priceless. Even 10 «Full Moon Spring River»will is not able to exchange for that!”

    “Celestial elder, no matter what, I have spent over 10 years will a cultivator. I can tell that you are an expert!” Zhang De Qing laughed bitterly and said, “In all honesty, if you were to come specially for this item, do you have to scam me for it? Even if you snatched it from me I won’t be able to defend it!”