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Chapter 51: Returning the Inheritance

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 51: Returning the Inheritance

    After Wang Zhi Wu took his leave, Qing Feng Zi did not know to laugh or cry as he looked at Little Fatty and said, “Little Fatty, you’re good! The first day you came here you killed the whole family of the imperial tutor. You are really so hot tempered, so impressive!”

    Heh heh~” Little Fatty naturally could hear the displeasure in his senior uncle’s voice. He hurriedly explained, “Senior uncle, I am indeed a little rash this time. But that is also because that damn imperial tutor is really too ruthless. That’s why I killed them all in a moment of anger! If it were you, would you be able to endure?”

    “This~” As Qing Feng Zi heard, he immediately was at a loss for words. He thought to himself, ‘Why did this brat shift the topic to me? If it was me, what should I have done? This is really difficult. If I don’t kill him, it’s like I’m taking the side of the enemy, doing bad deeds with the imperial tutor. Then my reputation will really be affected. If I say that I’ll kill, then isn’t this the same as agreeing with that darn fatty’s doings?’

    “Heh!” Only then did Qing Feng Zi come to his senses and thought in his heart, ‘My feelings have all been stirred up by this brat!’

    As he realised that, he could not help but bitterly laugh and say, “You little brat, your mouth is really good! You’ve managed to make me speechless! You’re right, if it was me, I’m afraid I will not spare that rascal! Ai, but then again, I will not be like you, killing their whole family! At least shouldn’t you leave their offspring?”

    “Senior uncle, those guys all participated in that tragedy. There isn’t a single good person. Only by slaughtering them all will I be satisfied!” Little Fatty said nonchalantly.

    When Qing Feng Zi heard, he was first stunned. Further laughing, he said, “your temper is exactly the same as your father and cannot stand a single sand in your eye. If you see any injustice you must definitely bother about it. Because of that, he offended many people back then! Child, remember that ‘A reckless man dies first!”

    “Yes, your disciple understands!” Little Fatty knew that this was his senior’s concern so he politely replied.

    “En, it’s good that you understand!” Qing Feng Zi came to a sudden realisation, “Aiyah, it’s just the first day here but you already stirred up such a big trouble. In future, how can I arrange anything for you to do?”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately thought of something and hurriedly said, “Senior uncle! I promised the ghost, Zhang De Rong, that I will return this painting to his cousin. Why not you give me a few days off to settle this matter? I would also be able to complete this matter in my heart.”

    As Qing Feng Zi heard, he corrected his expression and said seriously, “Good child, you do not expect any returns. You do it to merely satisfy a dead person’s will. This is the actions of one who cultivates Dao. You have to understand, we are righteous cultivators who will meet many demons in your heart along your cultivation path. The moment you lose yourself, you will forever fall into the path of demons! Only by harbouring a magnanimous heart, can one be not afraid of falling into the temptations of the demons! If you can continue to guard your heart and have a clear mind, your achievements in future will be limitless!”

    “Your disciple understands!” Little Fatty hurriedly bowed and accepted the teachings.

    “Very good, if that’s the case, then you can do as you wish!” Qing Feng Zi smiled and said, “You can also take some shelter from trouble! This is in case your senior brother get embarrassed!”

    “Heh heh, your disciple is ashamed!” Little Fatty said in embarrassment.

    “Haha, if you’re really ashamed, then just make less trouble for me in future!” Qing Feng Zi helplessly laughed then waved his hands to dismiss Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty hurriedly bowed and took his leave.

    As he exited the cave, he looked up and saw that the sky was already dark. It seems that the sun is about to set. He wanted to find a place to rest in the Mystical Sky Temple. But as he thought about it, he just killed the whole of the imperial tutor’s family and have offended Wang Zhi Wu completely.

    Because of various reasons, Wang Zhi Wu obviously knew the imperial tutor. The both of them obviously had dealings. Thus the imperial tutor would send someone to contact Wang Zhi Wu to catch the ghost. Wang Zhi Wu recommended Little Fatty but caused his whole family to be killed. As such, Wang Zhi Wu can be considered to have let down his friend! Little wonder that he was so anxious!

    Little Fatty naturally could not be bothered with offending Wang Zhi Wu who did not have a future. Don’t judge on the fact that Wang Zhi Wu’s Qi was slightly stronger than Little Fatty, if they were to really fight, and Little Fatty were to throw a negative water lightning, he would send him to be reincarnated. However, Wang Zhi Wu is still the local tyrant here. Now that he offended him, it really made Little Fatty feel vexatious to continue to staying in his territory.

    To avoid this embarrassment, Little Fatty flew away on his sword towards Zhang De Rong’s old house.

    Zhang De Rong’s house was in Four Hoof City and was over a thousand kilometres from the Mystical Sky Temple. It was near the borders of the Blue Moon Nation. With such a far distance, with high mountains and long rivers in between, if a mortal was to walk, it would take a few months at least. But Little Fatty flew there on his sword and reached in about 2 hours. This can be seen how fast the 5th grade Golden Eagle Sword is. This was a result of Little Fatty being unable to bring out the full speed of the flying sword. If not, he would reach in less than 2 hours.

    Such a fast flying sword speed, when Little Fatty reached Four Hoof City, the sky just turned dark. Little Fatty now hesitated about whether he should find Zhang De Rong’s cousin, Zhang De Qing, first. Or should he stay a night first, and find him tomorrow instead?

    If he were to go in the night, it would appear to be a little rude. But if he stayed here a night, he’s afraid of delaying time. After thinking for a moment, Little Fatty finally decided that he would find him. He was not pleading with them, but just sending them something. He could leave after handing over the item and it will not take any time. They would not be asleep at this timing anyway!

    After deciding on his thoughts, he casually found some people on the street and asked for directions to Zhang De Qing’s place. He then rushed over.

    In just a short time, Little Fatty came to the entrance of Zhang De Qing’s house. Seeing the thick door, and the large rock lion in the door front, it can be seen that his family was also very wealthy.

    But Little Fatty could not be bothered now also. Since he was also not after anything, he boldly walked to knock on the door.

    Very quickly, a 30 years old man came to open the door. After taking a few extra glances at Little Fatty, he politely said, “Taoist elder, may I know who you’re looking for?”

    “I came to find Zhang De Qing!” Little Fatty blandly said.

    “Ah? My master?” The doorkeeper did not expect that Little Fatty would call out his master’s name so directly. If that’s the case, he must definitely have some background. The doorkeeper did not dare to delay and hurriedly ask, “But I don’t know who Taoist elder is? Do you know my master?”

    “Who I am isn’t important. You just have to tell him that I am here on behalf of his cousin Zhang De Rong!” Little Fatty calmly said.