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Chapter 45: Catching Ghosts

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 45: Catching Ghosts

    “Nonsense!” Qing Feng Zi scolded ruthlessly. “If you’re talking about talent, this nephew of mine is then the worst. A completely average affinity for all elements. But look at him, already at the 4th/5th XianTian stage. He is only 20 over years old! You have cultivated for over a hundred years, but you are only barely that standard.”

    “This~” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately stunned and said, “Master, this, how is this possible? With such a poor talent, how can he cultivate at such an amazing speed?”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted and bitterly laughed, “Senior brother, what is this speed even considered? The real geniuses enter the XianTian stage in just a few years, and the foundational stage in 20+ years old!”

    “Wo, don’t tell me the spiritual Qi of the Vast Mountains is really so wonderful?” Wang Zhi Wu said in doubt, “Master, is this the reason why your disciple is unable to have any accomplishments?”

    “Sigh, of course, the spiritual Qi is a factor. But you are also lazy, if not there would still be hope for the foundational stage!” Qing Feng Zi said with helplessness.

    “Oh, then what if I work hard from now on? Wang Zhi Wu suddenly asked.

    “It’s too late already!” Qing Feng Zi declared, “You have already wasted too many years. Not just your cultivation, but the main point is your Taoist heart. You already do not have a heart which looks towards Dao. No matter how hard you work, it would be useless!”

    “Cheh, so no matter what, it is still the same! In any case, I do not have any hope to achieve Dao. Why not I enjoy more!” Wang Zhi Wu couldn’t help but complain.

    “Sigh!” Qing Feng Zi was rendered completely speechless about this disciple. He could only shake his head and say to Little Fatty, “Little Zhong, you have to abstain from him, You must definitely not follow in his footsteps!”

    “Yes, your disciple understands!” Little Fatty hurriedly said politely.

    “En, good that you understand!” Qing Feng Zi then said, “If I were to talk about this Mystical Sky Temple, although it is not as dense in spiritual Qi as the Vast Mountains, it is also very tranquil. There aren’t that many distractions, so you can cultivate here in peace!”

    “Yes!” Little Fatty agreed then asked curiously, “Senior uncle, then don’t we have anything to do here?”

    “Ah ah, it is also not entirely that there isn’t anything. However, those are only minor things, you can just let your senior brothers take care of it!” Qing Feng Zi said.

    “Aiiii, master, you can’t do this!” Wang Zhi Wu was immediately displeased and hurriedly voiced out, “We have plenty of things to do here. We have to search for cultivation talents all over and have to keep track of the loose cultivator’s whereabouts. We still have to take care of the large affairs of the Blue Moon Nation. With so many things, just a few of us isn’t enough! That’s why we requested to headquarters for assistance! Now that the person is here, you ask him to do nothing. Don’t tell me you want to make us die from fatigue?”

    “Cough cough!” After hearing this, Qing Feng Zi was immediately embarrassed. Although Wang Zhi Wu was a little rude, but he also knows that he is right. There are too many things to do here, if not they would not request for help from headquarters. But Qing Feng Zi also felt bad for his friend’s son. He was not willing to let the secular affairs affect his cultivation. He suddenly entered into a dilemma.

    Good thing Little Fatty was still quite sensible, Seeing Qing Feng Zi in a dilemma, he stood up and said, “Senior uncle, since I am here for business, of course, I won’t remain free while my senior brothers are so busy. As long as I can help, I hope Senior Uncle Qing won’t stand on ceremony!”

    “Ai!” Qing Feng Zi sighed helplessly then said, “If that’s the case, then I shall let you perform your duties for a while! However, Wang Zhi Wu, your junior brother is still inexperienced. You have to assign him to some things that are quite easy, and cannot interfere with his cultivation, understand?”

    “Yes, rest easy master, I will definitely take good care of junior brother!” After Wang Zhi Wu thought for a moment, he replied, “What about this, since junior brother is new here, I shall not let him do anything complicated. We are familiar with the things in our hands, and we will not be at ease if we hand it over to you. Why not, help us settle some of the miscellaneous things in the Blue Moon Nation!”

    “The miscellaneous things of the Blue Moon Nation?” Little Fatty asked doubtfully, “Let me ask the senior brother, what do the miscellaneous things of the Blue Moon Nation have to do with the Mystical Sky Temple?”

    “Ah ah, you can’t say this. The Blue Moon Nation is after all a pillar of the Mystical Sky Yard. It has also given us plenty of help. Thus, when they have some issues, it also isn’t right for us to ignore them right?” Wang Zhi Wu laughed.

    “Oh, this is also morally right. However, regarding the prosaic activities of the mortals, why should us cultivators interfere?” Little Fatty questioned.

    “Haha, that is because there are some things which mortals cannot solve. Naturally, they will have to rely on us, cultivators!” Wang Zhi Wu laughed and said, “For example, the imperial tutor’s house is haunted. Being an important official in the court, it isn’t appropriate for such a thing spread. It would make the hearts of the people to waver, and isn’t good for the stability of the country. Thus at this time, us cultivators need to help. But we all have something on currently and do not have the time. Since junior brother is here, why not you represent the Mystical Sky Temple to settle that matter?”

    “Catching ghost? This is fresh, I haven’t done that before.” Little Fatty then asked, “Can I do it?”

    “Haha, of course it isn’t a problem!” Wang Zhi Wu laughed. “Actually, the so-called ghost is only a remnant soul lingering. That thing is able to scare mortals, but is nothing in the eyes of a cultivator. Unless it is a ghost cultivator, then it would be a threat. An ordinary ghost, would be easily settled by a cultivator!”

    “Ah ah, not bad!” Qing Feng Zi said, “Just a wild ghost, even a HouTian mortal would be able to deal with it. Much less a XianTian cultivator like you. Since you have such a chance, it would be good for you to experience it!”

    “Yes!” Little Fatty immediately relaxed as he heard that and said, “I will obey senior uncle’s orders!”

    “En!” Qing Feng Zi nodded his head then said to Wang Zhi Wu, “Since this is the case, guide your junior brother there!”

    “Yes, master!” Wang Zhi Wu agreed and they both bade farewell.

    After leaving the cave, Wang Zhi Wu walked and explained to Little Fatty some of the cultures here. Being a person who frequently interacts with the outside, his language and the many things he saw totally captivated Little Fatty.

    After a small lecture by Wang Zhi Wu, Little Fatty also had a better understanding of the situation. After the both of them returned, Wang Zhi Wu said to Little Fatty, “Junior brother, since it’s your first time here, I should actually have a proper invitation for you. But the imperial teacher’s house is being harassed by the ghost quite badly. They came to find us, and this is the third time already. If we don’t go, it really isn’t good. So can I trouble you to make the trip, since it wouldn’t take much time?”

    “Ah ah, no problem, I too wanted to go quickly, and see how the ghost looks like.” Little Fatty said with an unconcerned smile.

    “I shall trouble junior brother if that’s the case!” Wang Zhi Wu laughed and said, “Please wait while I instruct the helpers to ready the sedan!”