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Chapter 44: Past Stories

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 44: Past Stories

    After meeting senior uncle Qing Feng Zi, Little Fatty immediately felt the care and concern of a senior. Qing Feng Zi cared about his wellbeing and began to ask him about his detailed childhood growing up experience. Little Fatty said everything he went through, from how he was being bullied, even how the sect took his magical tool and gave him a broken sword instead. As for his Natal Artifact and all the bad stuff he did with Han Ling Feng, he naturally did not mention a single word about it.

    After hearing Little Fatty’s complains, Qing Feng Zi was immediately enraged. He exasperatedly said, “Your dad and mum fought for their possessions themselves. What right of virtue does the sect have to take it away? What kind of a rule is this? There is definitely someone who wants to bully you! Little Fatty, rest assured when I return I will definitely report this to the sect leader. Let him take care of all these greedy b*st*rds!”

    “Senior uncle~” Little Fatty could not help but laugh bitterly and say, “Such trivial matter, it’s best not to alert the sect leader?”

    In Little Fatty’s heart, the sect leader of the Mystical Sky Yard, a YuanYin stage expert, is a lofty and unreachable existence. How would he dare to alert? Even if he has any grievances, he would not dare to alert someone like the sect leader. It is analogous to how peasants would not complain to the emperor when bullied by the feudal lords of the state. This is because the difference in status is really just too big.

    Unexpectedly when Qing Feng Zi heard this, he disapproved and said, “Little Zhong, this is what you do not know. Considering your parent’s relationship with the sect leader, it is also right for him to take care of you. If he knew that he did not take good care of you, he would be guilty instead!”

    “What?” As Little Fatty heard, he was immediately said with surprise, “My parents are acquainted with the sect leader?”

    “That is of course! Your name was even chosen by the sect leader!” Qing Feng Zi nodded his head and said.

    “I~” As Little Fatty heard this, he almost started cursing. ‘Song Zhong, Song Zhong, is this even something a human would come up with? Because of this name, I have been looked down upon since young. Up until now, everyone who hears my name will immediately frown. It really is a very inauspicious name!’ Thinking about this, he could not help but say with much grievance, “Senior uncle, does the sect leader have enmity with my father?” (T/N: Song Zhong(宋钟), has the same pronunciation as this other Chinese term (送終), which literally means sending one off to the afterlife.)

    “No, he really thinks highly of your dad. Your dad has good talent and is very hardworking too. The most important is that he has a really good and casual character. He is loyal to the sect and is brimming with justice. He was really to the sect leader’s liking. He even intended to accept your dad as his disciple when your dad enters into the JinDan stage. Why would there be any enmity?” Qing Feng Zi asked strangely, “Why would you think that way?”

    “Hear my name, Song Zhong,, ~” Little Fatty frustratedly said, “Who would give someone you care for such a name? This is too inauspicious, everyone thinks that I jinx my parents to their deaths because of my name! They all say that I am a born jinx!”

    “This~” Qing Feng Zi did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Don’t listen to their rubbish. It is nothing like that. As for your name, it is also the sect leader’s error. When you were born, he was also there. Seeing that you were white and chubby and was really likeable, he could not help but say ‘Your body is like a clock and you will definitely accomplish great things in future. You can be named as such!’ Only after he finished, did he realise that your dad’s surname was Song, if you were named ‘Zhong’, your name would become Song Zhong! It was really not very auspicious!”

    “When the sect leader realised about this problem, he felt extremely awkward and wanted to change it. But your father was really stubborn! In order to preserve the sect leader’s image, he stubbornly said that he agreed with this name. As such, you became Song Zhong! Haha!” Qing Feng Zi could not help but burst out laughing.

    “Senior uncle, you’re still making fun of me!” Little Fatty suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    “Haha, okay okay, I’ll stop laughing!” Although Qing Feng Zi said that, but the laughter on his face was not any much less.

    Little Fatty was also helpless, and he could only change the topic, “Senior Uncle, since my dad had such a relationship with the sect leader, why is it that after being tortured by people like that, he did not care at all? Is it because my talent is too horrible, plus the fact that my father passed on, he does not bother to care anymore?”

    “No no, the sect leader is also considered righteous. He also has quite a good reputation in the sect. He really cares for your dad, if he knew about your situation, he would definitely not watch you get bullied!” Qing Feng Zi then explained, “The only reason why he did not realise about your situation is because he cannot find the time!”

    “Don’t tell me the sect leader has always been in closed door training? He has been in seclusion for over 10 years?” Little Fatty asked curiously, “Even if he was in closed door training, don’t tell me the sect leader’s wife is also in closed door training?”

    “*Cough* *cough*!” Qing Feng Zi coughed twice and said with a mysterious smile, “You are right, both of them are in closed door training, and have not come out!”

    Little Fatty could clearly sense that Qing Feng Zi’s expression was a little weird. It was obvious that both of their closed door training is not so simple. He could not understand what is happening, and so he could not be bothered to ask. He asked instead, “Right, senior uncle. I am very puzzled about something, how did my parents die? Why does the sect refuse to give me any accurate news? They only told me that they met dangers outside but did not tell me anything else!”

    “Aiyah, this you asked the wrong person!” Qing Feng Zi laughed bitterly and said, “Because I did something against the sect rules, I have been punished to stand guard here for 20 years. When I came here, your parents were both still fine. When I heard about their news, that was already many years later! With regards to what happened to them, I am also clueless. But, we cultivators frequently run around outside. Facing danger is also something common. Even if it was a foundational stage cultivator, there is no lack of example of their demise. Do you suspect that there is something wrong?”

    “Oh, I only wanted to know what happened!” Little Fatty said with melancholy, “Being a son, I don’t even know how my parents passed on. It really isn’t very good!”

    “En, it is also good that you are so filial. After a few years when I go back to the mountain, I will help you find out!” Qing Feng Zi nodded his head and said.

    “Thank you senior uncle!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

    “Don’t stand on ceremony, it is what I should do!” Qing Feng Zi then said, “Right, Little Fatty. Since you are with me in future, I will help teach you in place of your parents. We are all cultivators and are all pursuing the heaven’s way. You have to cultivate hard in future, and must not be distracted by all the beautiful things in the secular world. Do you understand?”

    “I understand~” as Little Fatty finished, he glanced at the ‘majestic’ Taoist monk beside him innocently.”

    Qing Feng Zi would naturally see what Little Fatty did. He face was instantly reddened, and could not help but scold, “Don’t learn from this trash, he has already completely fallen! Look at him, a body of gold and jade. He does not talk about meditation or cultivation at all and only thinks about how to refine an immortal elixir. In what way does he look like a cultivator? He is just like a celestial fake!”

    Wang Zhi Wu who was long used to being scolded by Qing Feng Zi only smiled briefly and calmly said, “Teacher, your disciple’s talent isn’t enough. No matter how much I train it is useless. Why not I make use of all the time I have left to enjoy myself!”

    “Hmph, abandoning yourself!” Qing Feng Zi coldly scolded, “You don’t have any future at all!”

    “Your disciple also don’t want to be this way. But the problem is, not everything can be changed by just hard work!” Wang Zhi Wu bitterly laughed.