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Chapter 40: Bidding Farewell

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 40: Bidding Farewell

    In the trip to Firmament City, Little Fatty spent over 200,000 spiritual stones. He was left so impecunious that he had to resort to selling rare materials to compensate. However, after this purchase, he would not need to buy any cultivation elixirs in the next 3 years.

    It was already afternoon when he returned from Firmament City. Little Fatty avoided the nosy eyes of the crowd and furtively went into the Sky Ravine. He began collecting large amounts of various discarded magical tools. He collected till his Natal Artifact was completely full, as though there was a small mountain. There were not many discarded artifacts in the secular realm, and the decomposition in his dimension could not be allowed to stop. As such, Little Fatty could only fill his dimensional space up first. He believed that with so many discarded artifacts, it would suffice for a few years of decomposition.

    Storing items in his Natal Artifact was a really fast process and he could store a large amount of artifacts with a single thought. However, due to the large amount, much of his time was still wasted. Only when the moon was high in the sky did he finish this job.

    As he raised his head in admiration of the full moon, he suddenly remembered that he has a date with Han Ling Feng. A demonic fire ignited his heart, and he impatiently rode the 5th-grade flying sword which the sect rewarded him with, the Golden Eagle Sword. He transformed into a streak of golden light and flew away.

    After 2 hours, the little hut was filled with a romantic air. Little Fatty’s and Han Ling Feng’s bodies were tangled together.

    “Stupid Fatty, why do you have to go out?” Han Ling Feng hugged Little Fatty’s neck and reluctantly said, “Actually with just a word from me, I can make this compulsory mission of yours, non-mandatory!”

    “Eh? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t I become a gigolo who only relies on girls?” Little Fatty pretended to be surprised and said.

    “Cheh, you’re a gigolo? You’re just a fat pig who is crushing me to death!” Han Ling Feng could not help but laughingly scold him.

    “Haha, I just want to crush you!” Little Fatty then said delightfully.

    “Annoying!” Han Ling Feng whined and laughingly scolded, “I’m being serious!”

    “I’m also being serious!” Little Fatty then said, “I think that it’s best not to reveal our relationship. If you speak for me, then it’ll be difficult for me to explain myself!”

    “Strange, why can’t we be together in the open?” Han Ling Feng said in indignance, “I am an inner court disciple who has a JinDan stage expert as my master. What’s there to be afraid of?”

    “Heh heh, I’m not afraid of anything, but I just like the feeling of being sneaky!” Little Fatty grinned.

    “You’re really a perverted person!” Han Ling Feng laughed irascibly.

    “Haha!” Little Fatty laughed delightfully.

    “Oi!” Han Ling Feng suddenly exclaimed, “I say, don’t tell me you want to flirt around?”

    “What did you say?” Little Fatty looked at her in a perverse manner.

    “Heh, it must be the case. All these stupid men, not a single one of you are good!” Han Ling Feng said angrily.

    “Ahah~” Facing Han Ling Feng’s jealously, Little Fatty laughed without saying anything.

    Seeing that Little Fatty had no reaction, Han Ling Feng hammered him in anger and frustration, “Darn Fatty, why don’t you say something?”

    “What’s there to say?” Little Fatty laughed bitterly and said, “I am only out to just relieve some stress. I was born in the vast mountains and have only heard about the outside world from people. For example, Monkey said it to be hideous. You say that the mortal world is a very warm place, whereas other senior brothers say that it is a very callous place. It is as though every one of you has a different answer. What I want to do now, is to go and see the world.”

    “Really just to go and see?” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt.

    “Of course, don’t tell me I’m going out to flirt?” Little Fatty laughed bitterly and said, “With my current body physique, as hard as steel, only a cultivator like you will be able to stand it. If I were to crush any mortal lady, I’m afraid she would be dead! Do you think I like to rape a corpse?”

    “Haha, that’s true!” Only then did Han Ling Feng relax and say, “If that’s the case, then just go. 3 years is not a long time anyway, I’ll wait for you!”

    “En!” Little Fatty nodded his head and stared at Han Ling Feng and said, “I know that there is a whole street worth of people going after you. There are many gigolos included. You better stay firm for me, if you dare be unfaithful towards me, heh heh, I will not let you go!”

    “Stupid Fatty, look at what you’re saying! Do I look like such a person?” Han Ling Feng pinched Little Fatty.

    “Heh heh, it’s best if you’re not!” Little Fatty said in satisfaction, “3 years is not a long time. Just bear with it and wait for me to come back, and let me ravage you properly!”

    “Go and die you stupid Fatty!” As Han Ling Feng heard what Little Fatty said, she was instantly embarrassed and angry. She could not help but scold, “I will not die without you!”

    “Heh heh, who knows!” Little Fatty said mischievously.

    Han Ling Feng face became completely red, and she almost wanted to blow up. Seeing that, Little Fatty quickly changed the topic, “Okay okay, let’s not talk about this! Right, let me ask you for a favor!”

    After hearing his serious tone, she thought that it was something serious, “Just say, no matter what it is, I will help you for sure!”

    “You’re so good to me, Baby!” Hearing that Han Ling Feng was so considerate, he was very touched. He could not help but kiss her and laugh, “Actually it isn’t anything big. It is that when I leave, please help me take care of Monkey and not let anyone bully him!”

    “Don’t worry, I will take care of your brother!” Han Ling Feng promised seriously.

    “En, I have the utmost confidence in you!” Little Fatty nodded his head.

    After an intense night, the next day morning, Little Fatty got up slowly and slowly left Han Ling Feng who was in a deep sleep. He silently left the hut and flew away on his sword, however just when he left the house, what he did not know was that Han Ling Feng was already awake. Her eyes were filled with tears, as she silently said in his heart, “Darn Fatty, you must take care of yourself outside, I will await your return!”

    Little Fatty did not notice that Han Ling Feng was already awake, and proceeded on with his original plan. He first went to find the elder in charge of missions, then took the elder’s token to the Shifting Towers.