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Chapter 36: Preparing to Return

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 36: Preparing to Return

    “I don’t know!” Little Fatty could not help but reply in exasperation, “I was slightly plump in the past. I could not be considered weak, but I was also was not fit to this extent. But after cultivating my current method, I felt that my body size kept increasing. In just 3 years, not only did I grow about half a foot taller, my waist also increased 2 inches, and my body is always inundated with energy.”

    As he finished, he raised his fist and smashed it on the floor. A one-foot deep crater appeared on the floor. One has to know that this was the bedrock of a mountain! Being able to create such an effect with such a simple punch, one could see how strong and hard Little Fatty’s fist was.

    “Wow, your cultivation method is really top-notch. You are able to cultivate lightning spells and have such a strong body. This is tantamount to going against the heavens.” Han Ling Feng said in shock.

    “I’m afraid that only the cultivation methods in the Mystical Sky Records Hall are about this strong?” Monkey said in envy.

    (Editor: Sounds weird here I’m not sure as to which context he is referring to. Basically, the original was <<“只怕本门《玄天密典》里记载的仙家功法,也不过就如此这般了吧?”猴子也羡慕的道>> which does not really make sense either)

    “Maybe, but it caused my body to enlarge to this size, that I look like a large fatty the moment I put on my Taoist robes. It really fills me with anger!” Little Fatty replied with some grievance.

    “Don’t act so nice after you received these advantages!” Han Ling Feng rolled her eyes at Little Fatty and said, “Isn’t it just that you look a little fat? This is nothing.”

    “Yeah, there are so many people out there who wants it but are unable to get it!” Monkey also said.

    “Okay okay, let’s not talk about this!” Little Fatty couldn’t stand both of their fervent looks and quickly changed the topic, “Look at this, 5 elements pure essence. A treasure which can quickly replenish spiritual Qi. With this, we would be able to go out easily!”

    “Since that’s the case, then do we leave first, or search around here to see if there are any treasures we missed?” Han Ling Feng asked.

    “Let’s search more, we aren’t in a hurry anyway. Besides, it isn’t easy to come here. Perhaps we will not have a chance in the future!” Little Fatty said.

    “Alright!” The two others nodded their heads. The 3 of them then began exploring again. At this moment, Han Ling Feng suddenly felt that something was wrong, as though she missed something. She then remembered that she was actually asking why Little Fatty suddenly disappeared from the start. She forgot about it when Little Fatty interjected into the conversation. Obviously, Little Fatty did that on purpose, and she got fooled by him.

    Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng did not know to laugh or cry. She always thought that Little Fatty had a good luck, and was actually very stupid. But the way it seems, he was able to unknowingly make a fool out of her, causing a nebulous understanding of him. How could he be a fool? As such, the foolish air which Little Fatty normally gave out was deceit. This fellow was obviously acting as a pig to eat the tigers!

    Although Han Ling Feng remembered, but from Little Fatty’s actions, it seems that he does not want to reveal too many of his own secrets. Thus, it was also not good for Han Ling Feng to inquire further, in order to avoid an awkward situation. This was also very normal, every cultivator had his own secrets. These secrets may be related to his cultivation or maybe treasures. These secrets were privy to only oneself, not even his dual cultivation partner. This is something which every cultivator knew. Han Ling Feng also had her own trump cards which Little Fatty did not know. Thus, she understood Little Fatty’s feelings and will not have a misunderstanding with him because of this.

    Seven days later, the three of them explored the whole cave. Apart from a large spiritual rock mine, they did not find a treasure like the 5-element lotus. However, this was considered normal. If treasures were so easily obtained, wouldn’t it fill the streets? It would no longer be worth for the cultivators to spend so much effort to collect them. After exploring in vain, they returned to the entrance of the cave and was planning on returning to the sect.

    But before they left, Little Fatty suddenly called out to the both of them and said, “What do you think we should do with the 5 element mine?”

    “Do you still need to ask? Of course, we’ll keep it to ourselves! When we have no more spiritual stones, we can come and dig out more of it!” Monkey immediately replied.

    “En, that’s right. I also think that we should keep the mine a secret and leave it for ourselves!” Han Ling Feng replied in agreement.

    “Both of you have this opinion?” Little Fatty rubbed his head, laughed bitterly and said, “The both of you, we just offended the Blood Ravens on the Blood Raven Ridge. It is fortuitous that we can escape this round, yet you still want to come back to dig for spiritual stones? I say, do you guys think that the Blood Ravens do not bear a grudge?”

    “Ah~” After hearing what Little Fatty said, both Han Ling Feng and Monkey both cried out in enlightenment. They then remembered that the place they were at was like a forbidden area to them.

    However, Han Ling Feng immediately said, “Since you can send us out, can’t you send us back as well?”

    “Right, right, as long as Fatty bro help us, it would be fine!” Monkey hurriedly said.

    “The both of you, in order to bring the both of you out, I would need to exhaust a large amount of 5 elements pure essence. Do you guys know how much the 5 elements pure essence is worth? This is an important ingredient to refine high-grade elixirs. The 5 element pure essence is rare in nature and is definitely insufficient for use. Normally, large sects would use enormous amounts of spiritual stone and use precious artifacts to refine 5 elements pure essence. However, such a 5 element pure essence is not of a high grade, but it very expensive. Every drop is worth thousands of spiritual stones. When we escape, this time, I will at least have to drink about half a catty worth. That is worth over a few hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Little Fatty then laughed bitterly and said, “Spending so much money just for all of you to dig tens of thousand of spiritual stone? To make such a loss, how stupid must the both of you be in order to think of something like this?”

    “This~” Han Ling Feng and Monkey were rendered speechless.

    “I would say that this spiritual rock mine is not much use to us!” Little Fatty then added, “That pond of 5 elements pure essence belongs to the 3 of us. The both of you have also stored quite a bit. If you go out and sell that, it would definitely be enough for you to spend for the next few decades. Why would the both of you need to come here and dig for it on your own? Don’t tell me the both of you really love digging the mine so much?”

    “Who likes to dig in a mine?” Han Ling Feng hurriedly said, “But if we don’t dig it, then are we going to throw it away? Such a big mining area, if we dig it all out, it would be worth tens of millions of spiritual stone or even more!”

    “Yeah, such a large fortune, we can’t possibly throw it away right?” Monkey also said indignantly.

    “Of course, it isn’t good to throw it away. But it is also not practical for us to dig it out. After all, it is a public place in the vast mountains. There will occasionally be people who will pass by here. If it is found out, will we be able to keep this place? Besides, to dig a mine is such a large project. With just the 3 of us without an organisation for support, we will not be able to finish digging it even if we die from fatigue.” Little Fatty said.

    “Then what do you think we should do?” Han Ling Feng said.

    “If I were to say, let us give this mine to the sect!” Little Fatty said happily, “Although the lower class disciples in the Mystical Sky Yard is corrupted, but the upper echelons still care about their reputation. It is, after all, a righteous sect! With such a large contribution, you would definitely be admitted into the inner court. As for the both of us, we would definitely receive some attention. As long as we are able to enter the sights of the upper echelons, we do not need to be afraid of people who wants to harm us!”