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Chapter 32: Escape Day

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 32: Escape Day

    Facing Han Ling Feng’s questioning, Little Fatty would naturally not say the truth out. Regarding his Natal Artifact, he would not say anything about it even if he was beaten to death. Thus, he vaguely replied: “I was using a spell back then, thus it was shining gold. But now, I am not using the spell, it would naturally regain its original look.”

    “Oh, so it is like that!” Han Ling Feng replied half believing.

    Little Fatty was afraid that she would ask further, so he quickly changed the topic and said, “Okay okay, now is not the time for this. It is more important to run!”

    Saying that, he held Han Ling Feng and called out to Monkey. They ran towards the waterfall under the protection of the black iron bell. Despite the black iron bell covering their head, there were still Blood Ravens attacking the three of them from under the black iron bell. At least the Blood Ravens were reduced, thus being easier to deal with. Under the slicing and slashing of their flying swords, it did not result in any trouble.

    As the situation got better, the 3 of their moods also became more relaxed. Han Ling Feng couldn’t help but ask again, “Little Fatty since you have a magical tool with such a strong defence, why don’t we fly back directly? Why must we still hide into a cave?”

    “I puke blood!” Little Fatty replied not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Do you take me to be a deity? Able to hold this thing up and fly over 10,000 miles? Let me tell you, this black iron bell requires more Qi than flying on my sword. I can only hold it up for an hour or so maximum. With such a short time, we may not even be able to fly out of the Blood Raven Ridge.”

    “Oh, so this magical tool requires so much Qi!” Han Ling Feng replied with shock. “But the way it seems, it has a very strong defense. Enlarging to this size doesn’t seem to be its limit. How much black iron would be required to make sure a black iron bell?”

    “This is not the time to be caring about such things right?” Little Fatty laughed bitterly as he killed a Blood Raven. He then added, “All of you focus, I can hear that the sounds of the Blood Ravens becoming denser. As though they are still increasing in quantity.”

    Just as Little Fatty said that he suddenly felt the black iron bell above his head sink. There were obviously more Blood Ravens which swarmed over. Their weight added together made Little Fatty have some difficulty breathing. After all, the black iron bell is relying on his Qi to float in the air. Thus, the bigger a pressure the black iron bell is facing, the higher the amount of Qi Little Fatty is expending.

    Feeling the increased pressure, Little Fatty’s face became a little ugly. Although his negative water lightning did not come easily, but he did not dare to save it in such a moment. He quickly cast the spell and flicked a pearl out, and exploded it at the top of the bell.

    With a loud bang, the Blood Ravens which were accumulated on the top of the black iron bell were all blown away. Although the explosion also resulted in some pressure for the black iron bell, but because Little Fatty controlled the explosion radius, the black iron bell was at the periphery of the explosion. Thus, he was not affected greatly by it.

    After a large amount of death and injury of the Blood Ravens, the pressure on the black iron bell also reduced a lot. Allowing their speed to increase a notch.

    However, this was just temporary. The quantity of Blood Ravens outside was far too great. The amount which Little Fatty blew up was considered nothing. Very quickly, there were countless of Blood Ravens which continued rushing over. There was also an increasing number of Blood Ravens which was attacking them below, fiercely poking them with their sharp beaks.

    In such a situation, Little Fatty and all could only hold on like they were playing with their lives. The negative water lightning was thrown in rapid succession. In order to protect Han Ling Feng, Little Fatty and Monkey intentionally placed her in the middle. Especially Little Fatty, there were many times where he used his own arm to shield her from the Blood Raven’s attacks. Even though his skin was thick and would not be injured, but under the attack of the sharp beaks, he would still feel pain. A few times was alright, but every time the Blood Ravens attack, there would be dozens, if not hundreds of attack. Causing Little Fatty to break out in sweat because of the pain.

    Monkey’s plight was the worst and he was filled with bloody scars all over. There were many places which had a piece of meat being pecked away. His whole body was filled with blood and almost became a bloody human. Under the both of their cover, Han Ling Feng did not receive as much injury. However, she still received some attacks, and her clothes were soaked in blood as well.

    Just when the 3 of them almost couldn’t take it, the waterfall finally appeared in front of them. Their energy immediately increased greatly and started killing with valour. They then jumped into the water. As such, the Blood Ravens would not threaten them anymore. After all, they could not go underwater to attack them. The black iron bell was above them, and the water was below them, allowing the 3 of them to be safe for the moment.

    However, this safety is only temporary. This is because Little Fatty’s Qi was limited and could not maintain the black iron bell over his head for a long period of time. Thus, they did not dare to delay and hurriedly swam towards the back of the waterfall.

    The waterfall was very large, it was 70 to 80 feet tall, and 100 over feet wide. The crater which was formed under it was also very deep and was enough to drown a grown adult. The good is that the 3 of them were cultivators and could walk on water with a spell. Such a spell is something basic which all cultivators would have to learn. It was really simple and did not require too high a talent to understand it. It was just that Little Fatty and Monkey did not grasp it fully, thus when they used it, only half of their bodies would be above the water. But for a fire and water twin cultivator like Han Ling Feng, she could easily display the prowess of the spell. Thus, she was able to stand on top of the waves like a fairy. Of course, if she did not have her tattered clothes and blood stains, it would be even more perfect.

    With the black iron bell protecting them from above, the waterfall’s current did not affect the 3 of them too greatly. They passed through the waterfall easily and were elated to find out that there was a cave behind.

    “The skies does not deprive people of a road!” Little Fatty immediately helped Monkey who was filled with blood in. He then kept his black iron bell and started applying medicine for Monkey.

    Although Monkey’s external injuries were serious and was at least bitten over tens of times. He lost over 2 catties of meat, but it was after all, still an external injury. After Little Fatty applied his high-grade medicine, the naked eye could see the speed of recovery, and he was fine very quickly.

    Of course, the better the grade of the medicine, the more the price would make a person shudder. Applying the medicine on the many wounds of Monkey required a lot of medicine, and it was worth at least a few thousand spiritual stones. Only Little Fatty who was rich would dare to spend in such a manner. If it was any other disciple, they would not use such a good medicine. Actually, with just some normal medicine, he would recover in a 2 to 3 months. After all, he did not injure his tendons or bones.

    Monkey also understood this point, and seeing Little Fatty spending so much, he couldn’t help but be touched and said, “Fatty bro, you just need to apply some normal medicine, there is no need to splurge like that.”

    “How ugly would it be if a scar is left behind? You’re originally ugly already, if there are all these ugly scars, how will you find a wife in future?” Little Fatty teased.

    Although Little Fatty said that in a teasing tone, but Monkey could hear the concern in his voice. If not, he would not bear to use such an expensive medicine. Thus, after hearing, he was not frustrated but instead laughed bitterly and said, “What are some scars to a man? Besides, I’m pursuing Taoism, and do not want to find a dual cultivation partner.”

    “Hai, poor child. You’re not an eunuch but you want to lead the eunuch’s life, what do you want me to say?” Little Fatty shook his head helplessly and said.

    Monkey was made speechless by Little Fatty and could only stare at him with a set of pitiful eyes.

    Han Ling Feng at the side could not take it and scolded Little Fatty while laughing, “Little Fatty, your words are really vicious!”

    “Hehe, we’re the same!” As Little Fatty said that, he walked over to apply medicine on Han Ling Feng.

    Very quickly, Han Ling Feng’s external injuries also recovered. After settling all these, Han Ling Feng could not help but ask in curiosity, “Little Fatty, why is your body not afraid of the Blood Raven’s beak? Don’t tell me you’re a bodily cultivator? That’s not right? You used a divine lightning just now, you should be either a spell or lightning cultivator. This, what is going on?”