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Chapter 31: Black Iron Bell

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 31: Black Iron Bell

    Just when Little Fatty wanted to fly away on his flying sword, Han Ling Feng pulled him back and said: “Don’t fly in the sky. When the Blood Ravens start to attack, they would cover the whole sky. Facing an assault from all directions in the sky is very disadvantageous. If we walk on the ground, we can still seek cover from the forest.”

    “You’re right!” Little Fatty was also enlightened. He hurriedly pulled Han Ling Feng and ran towards the exit of the Blood Raven Ridge.

    At this moment, the place they were at could already be considered deep in the Blood Raven Ridge. If they flew, they would naturally be able to exit very quickly. If they ran, they would have to spend a very long time before going out. But this was also something which could not be helped because the Blood Ravens had already begun their assault.

    Blood Ravens from all over filled the skies and began swarming over from all directions. Their cries filled the air as they used their sharp talons and beaks to attack the three of them. Were the trio still in the sky, they would have been surrounded and shredded into pieces in an instant by the countless Blood Ravens. However, even grounded and having the cover of the forest, they were still having a hard time managing.

    Monkey and Han Ling Feng’s flying sword were flying around, killing the Blood Ravens one by one. As for Little Fatty, his flying sword danced around like a windmill, but he was still unable to defend against these Blood Ravens who were unafraid of death. Without any choice, Little Fatty could not longer hide any longer, and could only use his killing techniques.

    With a flick of a finger, a transparent water pearl flew into the place with the most Blood Ravens. After which, a loud boom could be heard. Following which, a patch could be seen in the countless Blood Ravens, with bloody meat and feathers falling from the sky, creating a miserable atmosphere. With just a single blow, there were over a hundred Blood Ravens which were killed on the spot. Plus, there were much more Blood Ravens which were heavily injured and were wailing pitifully.

    The large explosion scared the Blood Ravens, and it seemed as though time paused for a moment as the ravens halted briefly. This allowed Little Fatty and all to rush forward and cover a certain distance. However, they were soon surrounded again. Helplessly, Little Fatty could only continuously throw out his negative water lightning, hoping that he would be able to blow a path out.

    Despite being so busy, Han Ling Feng could not contain her curiosity and asked: “This is a lightning spell? Darn Fatty, when did you learn a lightning spell? Isn’t this a spell which at least required one to be a foundational, or even a JinDan stage expert to learn?”

    “Cheh, this is nothing. Your man knows much more!” Little Fatty replied in delight.

    “If that’s the case, can you kill all these Blood Ravens?” Han Ling Feng immediately asked.

    “This~” Little Fatty’s face immediately turned bitter. He helplessly replied, “It is quite difficult. These Blood Ravens are really too damn many! I only made over a thousand negative water lightning, even if I used them all, it wouldn’t be enough.”

    “Then what can we do?” Han Ling Feng said. “The Blood Ravens are enraged already. They will not stop chasing us just because we leave our territory. Seeing such a situation, I’m afraid they’ll chase us all the way to the Mystical Sky Yard.”

    “If only we could escape to the Mystical Sky Yard. Those perverted experts in the sect would definitely come and save us. They’re not afraid of these little Blood Ravens!” Little Fatty then frustratedly added: “But the problem is, over 10,000 miles, would take us a day to fly. But if we ran, how many months would it take us?”

    “Then what should we do?” Han Ling Feng shouted while swinging her flying sword around, “Didn’t you say that you are a gentleman which can shock the whole galaxy? Think of an idea!”

    “Idea, this idea~” Little Fatty was being squeezed nervous by Han Ling Feng. But at this moment, he was suddenly stunned for a moment and then shouted suddenly: “Did you guys hear? Water sound, a large water sound. There seems to be a waterfall.”

    “Waterfall?” Han Ling Feng was stunned for a moment. But after she listened carefully, she said, “There seems to be the sound of water. But even if there is a waterfall, how can it save us?”

    “Stupid, there is usually a cave behind a waterfall. As long as we enter the cave, we do not have to be afraid of these damn birds!” Little Fatty shouted and ran towards the direction where the sound is coming from.

    Under the help of the negative water lightning, Little Fatty managed to quickly pave a blood path out. Han Ling Feng and Monkey then quickly followed him. But on the way there, the vegetation became more and more sparse. Without the obstruction of the vegetation, the Blood Raven’s attacks became more intense. There were many times where they were unable to defend against the Blood Raven’s attack. Han Ling Feng and Monkey both received a few attacks, resulting in their clothes to be in tatters, and skin all scratched. Little Fatty also took a few hits, but the Primal Chaos Formula made his skin and meat to be very thick and durable, Although his clothes were in tatters, but he was not injured. But he was reduced to a pathetic state.

    However, if the situation were to persist as such before they reach the waterfall, they may already be seriously injured. Helpless, Little Fatty could hide no longer. He raised his hand and said: “Appear! Block!”

    As Little Fatty shouted, a black iron bell appeared above the 3 of them. The bell, which was over 30 feet high and 10 feet wide easily blocked the attacks from the sky.

    Facing the black iron bell which suddenly appeared, dozens of Blood Ravens diving down to attack could not stop it time and crashed onto the bell. Obviously, the body made of flesh and meat could not compare to the perfect black iron bell. This resulted in many a raven’s head to be smashed, wings broken and dying on the spot. Although the ravens behind it did not die from the impact, but it still could not avoid being injured.

    The intellect of the Blood Raven was obviously not high, as after seeing the black iron bell dripping with the blood of its kind, they thought that the bell was the culprit. Thus, they started to bite and scratch the bell, which reduced the stress of Little Fatty and all.

    “Black iron bell?” After the situation was a little better, she curiously asked: “Stupid Fatty, I remember the Magical Artifact which you used previously was a golden bell. Why did it change in appearance?”

    The reason why the large copper bell became the black iron bell was because Little Fatty was afraid that the copper bell was too outstanding. Thus, he used the black iron in his dimension to create a covering.

    It was also very simple. Using the method to refine weapons, he used his Primal Chaos Flame to refine the black iron. He then plastered it over the copper bell. Little Fatty was initially only experimenting with it but did not expect it to be successful.

    It was just that the amount of resources needed was very frightening. When the copper bell increased to a size of over a hundred feet, a few hundred catties of black iron was only the thickness of a dog skin plaster. Even with the vast amount of black iron which Little Fatty accumulated over these 3 years, it was only enough to cover the interior and exterior of the bell with a single layer of about a few inches thick.

    This was not a completed job yet since Little Fatty intends to plaster all the black iron he produces in future. It was also useless for him to keep it, and rather than throwing it away, he might as well use it on the copper bell. The thicker it is now, in future when someone manages to shatter the covering, the less chance for someone to find out what was hidden inside.

    The reason why Little Fatty was so careful was also out of helplessness. Who asked the copper bell to be so eye-catching? If it was abandoned and not used, it is such a waste. But in times of a life-threatening situation, he had no choice but to use it. For example, the time where he was ambushed by Han Ling Feng, Wang Zhong, and cultivator Zhang. Little Fatty had to reveal this treasure. Thus, Han Ling Feng asked such a question.