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Chapter 30: The Disaster

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 30: The Disaster

    “Bullshit, you are obviously the one who ambushed us this time!” Gu Long enraged.

    “But if you didn’t intend to harm others, how would you have fallen into my trap so easily? Everything can only be blamed on your ruthlessness, not others!” Little Fatty then shook his head and said, “Forget it, I have nothing much to say to two dead people. Monkey~”

    “Fatty bro, yes?” Little Monkey immediately answered.

    “Go and take care of the remains of the 4-eyed snake. You can also take the inheritance of those two idiots. You can have half a share of the 4-eyed snake’s materials, but the other things must be given to senior sister Han. This is what I promised her!” Little Fatty instructed.

    “Oh, understood!” As Monkey heard, he immediately answered excitedly and ran over to take care of the 4-eyed snake’s corpse. This time, he only accompanied them to travel here and did not do anything. But he gained half the resources of a 4-eyed snake just like that. This was worth a few hundred spiritual stones, so how would he not be elated?

    Regarding Little Fatty making the decision, Han Ling Feng was not unhappy in the slightest. This round, she only threw a handful of shadowless needles, and she managed to obtain the belongings of two experts. You have to know, Gu Long and Xuan Wu had cultivated for dozens of years and were really wealthy. Adding their magical tool, equipment, and other items, they each had a wealth of about 200,000 spiritual stones. Comparatively speaking, the meagre resources of the 4-eyed snake, in her eyes, it was not worth much. Thus, she generously said, “I only need Gu Long and Xuan Wu’s items, as for the 4-eyed snake materials, you can give it all to Monkey!”

    “Ah ah, you’re really generous!” Little Fatty smiled slightly and said, “Hurry and thank senior sister Han!”

    “Hehe, thank you, senior sister!” Monkey excitedly said and then started skinning the 4-eyed snake. Such dirty work was really not suited for a female cultivator.

    However, at this moment, Gu Long and Xuan Wu who were seen by Little Fatty as dead people were not willing to give up. They looked at each other for a moment before laughing maniacally. Gu Long then shouted: “Darn fatty, bitch Han, do you guys think that you have won? Haha, you’re really naive, even if we die, we will pull you along together with us!”

    “That’s right, all of you can accompany me to hell!” Xuan Wu also shouted.

    As the both of them were talking, they each took out a fist sized bottle and threw it towards the direction of the three of them.

    However, because they had completely lost their Qi, they had the strength of ordinary people only. Thus, the bottle which they threw out was not very fast. Little Fatty reacted in time and shot out his flying sword. He first destroyed the bottle, then beheaded the two of them.

    However, Monkey’s side was a little more troublesome. Because he was in the midst of settling the 4-eyed snake, thus he was facing away from Gu Long and Xuan Wu. He was not alert and thus got hit by the bottle.

    A crack sound could be heard, and the bottle was smashed opened. A white sticky liquid flew out and splattered all over Monkey. At the same time, a fishy stench emanated as well.

    (Editor: White sticky liquid... fishy... is that what I think it is O_o)

    “Monkey, how are you?” Little Fatty saw it and was shocked. He immediately rushed over to Monkey’s side and asked out of concern. It was obvious that Little Fatty thought that it was a deadly poison.

    Monkey looked at Little Fatty blankly then frowned and said, “Fatty bro, I’m alright. This, this doesn’t look like poison.” As he was talking, he wiped a portion of the liquid, inspected it with his Qi and said: “It indeed isn’t poisonous!”

    “En? Strange, why would they throw this if there wasn’t any poison? Don’t tell me they threw the wrong thing?” Little Fatty asked in doubt.

    “I’m afraid that they did not throw the wrong thing, but you’re thinking in the wrong direction~” Han Ling Feng said in fear. “Not only poison can kill a person!”

    “What?” Little Fatty was immediately puzzled.

    “Look at the surroundings~” Han Ling Feng pointed to the surroundings.

    Little Fatty immediately raised his head and saw that the originally quiet Blood Ravens suddenly stirred a commotion. All the Blood Ravens were staring daggers at Monkey and had a killing intent in their eyes.

    “This, what is happening? The Blood Ravens don’t seem normal.” Little Fatty said in shock.

    “They really aren’t normal!” Han Ling Feng said in fright. “Before, I think I heard a method created to harm someone on the Blood Raven Ridge. That was to spill the essence of the Blood Raven Egg on someone. No matter how much herb juice a person smears on himself, it will be useless. The Blood Raven would think that you’re the murderer of their children and chase you to oblivion!”

    “Crap! Don’t tell me the liquid on Monkey’s body is the essence of the Blood Raven egg?” Little Fatty immediately shouted.

    “I’m afraid so!” Han Ling Feng said helplessly.

    “Is there any way to deal with it?” Little Fatty hurriedly asked.

    “Nope, the Blood Ravens have already marked Monkey. We do not have any egg essence on us, we don’t need to be worried!” Han Ling Feng said softly. Obviously, although she did not say it, she was hinting to Little Fatty for him to distant himself from Monkey.

    As Monkey heard that, his face was immediately reddened, and shouted: “Fatty bro, don’t be dragged down by a trash like me!”

    “Bullshit!” Little Fatty immediately raged. “One lifetime, two brothers, how can I abandon you and run away on my own?” Saying this, he resolutely tore off Monkey’s yolk stained clothes. He did not care if his hand was also filled with the yoke. He halved the clothes and threw it on the corpse of Gu Long and Xuan Wu.

    “Darn bastards, the both of you don’t need to think about having a complete corpse!” As Little Fatty said, he turned to Han Ling Feng and said: “Hurry up take their things and leave. I need to protect Monkey!” Saying this, he patted Han Ling Feng’s back once and returned her spirit thread which was in Little Fatty’s possession. From now on, Han Ling Feng regained her freedom.

    Han Ling Feng was first stunned, she then stared dumbly at the guy who was lecherous, a little plump, but was able to give a person a sense of security during such a crucial time.

    “Hai, silly Fatty, since you’re not leaving, how could I leave?” As Han Ling Feng finished, she walked over to keep the all of Gu Long and Xuan Wu’s belongings. She then intentionally smeared some of the yolks on herself. Then, she walked calmly to Little Fatty and said: “Stupid Fatty, I’m afraid we must share the same fate as a couple!”

    As Little Fatty saw Han Ling Feng’s action, he was touched and his eyes reddened. He wiped his eyes, then said with heroism, “Hehe, we can’t say for certain also. This is just a bunch of stupid ravens, what can they do to us? Today, your grandfather I will bring all of you to kill our way out of Blood Raven Ridge!”

    “Fatty bro, senior sister, you two shouldn’t stay because of me!” Monkey said with tears streaming down his face.

    “Silly brother, what nonsense are you saying? If not for you taking care of me, I would have already starved to death back then. How would I have even become a fatty? Now that you’re in trouble, how can I just think about myself only? If that’s the case, how am I different from a beast?” Little Fatty the laughed and said. “Okay, let’s not talk about this, let’s give up on the 4-eyed snake. Hurry up and leave!” Saying this, he took out his flying sword and intended to escape by flying away.