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Chapter 28: 4-Eyed Snake

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 28: 4-Eyed Snake

    After listening, Han Ling Feng looked down in consideration for a moment, then pretended to be helpless and replied “I also did not have a choice. The moment that Monkey heard that I wanted to get Song Zhong to help me to do something, he immediately said that he wanted to come along to help me as well. He wouldn’t budge no matter what I said. Plus the fact that I have to rely on him in order to contact that darn fatty, I could only agree to it. If not, I’m afraid that I may ruin things!”

    Although Han Ling Feng said this on the surface, but in her heart she was also cursing Little Fatty vehemently. ‘The only reason why I brought out an extra burden is because that darn fatty cared about his brother. Afraid that he will be at a disadvantage if he was too honest, he took him out to see some blood. If it was up to me, I will definitely not bring him for sure!’

    Gu Long did not know what Han Ling Feng was thinking and thought that it was really Monkey who pleaded to come. He smiled coldly and said “Hmph, he is seeking death. If that is the case, then don’t blame us for being merciless! Junior sister, take care of him together as well!”

    “En~” Han Long Feng nodded and then ended their private conversation.

    What Gu Long didn’t know is that when he was secretly talking to Han Ling Feng, Little Fatty was also giving instructions to Han Ling Feng.

    “Senior sister, when we set off tomorrow, head towards the mountain with the most Spiritual Qi. The stronger demonic beasts would mostly stay there. We must first find a strong fellow to let those idiots start with, understand?” Little Fatty instructed.

    “Don’t worry, I know! If they’re too weak, I’ll finish them of myself, and will definitely find a strong opponent for them!” Han Ling Feng replied with a smile.

    “Heh Heh, that’s good!” Little Fatty said with an evil grin.

    The whole night was silent, on the second day after everyone got up and washed up, the decided to continue the journey. There was only over 2,000 miles left, and they reached in just over an hour.

    Blood Raven Ridge, although it was called a ridge, but it actually refers to a radius of over a thousand miles. The mountains were high and forest were dense. It was dominated by a Blood Raven which was countless in numbers.

    The Blood Raven was a bird which had over a 5 feet long wingspan. Strictly speaking, they could not be considered to be demonic beasts. But anyone who dared to belittle it, was in for a very big trouble. These animals were violent in nature, and had a very territorial mindset. No matter who it was, who dared to enter their territory, would definitely be attacked by hordes.

    One or two Blood Ravens would naturally not amount to anything. A few hundred, or thousands of them were also not able to threaten cultivators. But on the Blood Raven Ridge, there were over millions of Blood Ravens on it. With so many Blood Ravens rushing over incessantly, even a foundational stage cultivator would not be able to defend against it, and could only run away! Plus, the Blood Raven has an extremely fast flying speed. Once they attacked, they would come for all directions, and even escaping may not be possible!

    Thus, when one is on the Blood Raven Ridge, he must be very careful and cannot be rash. Thankfully, a cultivator’s wisdom is limitless. They very quickly found out a method to move around undetected in the Blood Raven Ridge.

    The method was actually very simple, it was to crush a special herb which grew on the Ridge and smear it on their clothings. Blood Ravens especially loved the smell of these herbs and used these herbs to build their nest. As long as there was the smell of the herb, they wouldn’t attack.

    It is said that a cultivator was enlightened when he saw other animals smearing this herb on themselves. Since animals could use this herb to sneak past, people naturally could too. As such, such a method was discovered and slowly began to spread.

    Now, any cultivator who wanted to come here to find high grade herbs would do this. Little Fatty and gang were the same too, and they smeared the herbs on their body. Then, as they flew into the territory of the Blood Ravens, they were not attacked. It is just that the Blood Ravens flying over the top of their heads may occasionally drop a few black blobs, making them disgusted beyond belief.

    After entering into the Blood Raven Ridge, they could not fly any longer. After all, they were here to find herbs and not to view the scenery. Herbs could definitely not be found in the skies. As such, they all landed on the ground and walked into the densely vegetated forest.

    The moon grass which they wanted to find was a very rare herb which liked to grow in the faeces of the Blood Ravens. A group of people could slowly look for it, if they were lucky, they could find it very quickly. If not, it was also normal for them to find it for a few months. Plus, this job was also very dirty, and not many cultivators were not willing to come. This is also why high grade cultivators were willing to release the mission to allow lower grade cultivators to complete it.

    Of course, one must not misunderstand that the Blood Raven Ridge was very safe. Apart from the Blood Ravens, there were also many demonic beasts. The few strong ones could even beat the foundational stage cultivators into escaping. Thankfully, these strong demonic beasts are very rare. The demonic beasts which normally roamed were all weaker, and could be settled by XianTian stage cultivators.

    On the first day, everyone searched through many faeces. Apart from countless of insects, they did not find anything. On the second day, it was the same as well. Only on the third day was there a change in situation, where they found a 100 year old moon grass. A pity, there was a 4-eyed snake protecting it.

    4-eyed snake, had 4 eyes on its head, a body of a toad and was over 10 feet wide. It was really strong, and could spit out venomous poison. Cultivators classified it as a 2nd level demonic beast. It’s combat prowess was equivalent to a 7th of 8th stage, and was harder to take care off. Especially the poisonous gas which it spat out, it could cover a diameter of about 1000 feet. If a cultivator got hit by it, they would become dizzy, and if it was serious, they could die.

    After seeing the beast, everyone’s eyes lit up, and said in their hearts ‘Good, finally there was a chance!’

    After discovering the 4-eyed snake, they did not act rashly. But they retreated a distance in sync, then began discussing.

    “Guys, although this 4-eyed snake is a little difficult to deal with, but the materials from its body was not too bad. Especially its poison core, many shops are snatching for it. After killing it, we could at least get stuff worth a few thousand spiritual stones. It is just that are you guys willing to work together or~” Han Ling Feng pretended to be neutral and said.

    “Of course we will not need to work together!” Gu Long immediately stood out and said “Didn’t we agree the last time? That we wanted to compete to see who was the burden!”

    “That’s right, so this time, let us go first. We can let some novice see how an expert is like!” Xuan Wu continued with a cold laughter.

    Little Fatty immediately replied in rage “No, why isn’t it us to go first? Just a 4-eyed snake, I just need a few high grade talismans in order to take care of it! It was as easy as lifting my hand!”

    As everyone heard, they almost died of anger. High grade talismans, over a hundred spiritual stones for each piece. He could just waste it on a 4-eyed snake which he could take care off himself. Besides, high grade talismans were all made in accordance to the spells of foundational stage cultivators. With just a strike from a foundational stage cultivator, the 4-eyed snake would not even be left with a speck of dust. How would they be able to retrieve any materials to sell.

    As such, Han Ling Feng who was at the side quickly persuaded “Junior brother Song, this 4-eyed snake is really too weak, and is not worth your talismans. How about this, let two senior brothers show their abilities first. When we meet stronger beasts later, we’ll let you take it on. How about this?”

    “We can still meet even stronger beasts later?” Little Fatty ask stupidly.

    “Of course, the Blood Raven Ridge has 4th or 5th level demonic beasts. If we stay here for a few more days, we will be able to spot a 3rd level demonic beasts at least. At that time we will allow you to flaunt your might, how?” Han Ling Feng replied with an apologetic smile. While she was talking, she gave a glance to Xuan Wu and Gu Long, as though she was saying ‘See, I’m helping you to speak’.

    Gu Long and Xuan Wu immediately replied with a knowing look, and hurriedly said “Okay okay, it’s getting late already. Let us take care of the 4-eyed snake first! You guys pay close attention!” As he finished, he moved forward and took out his magical tool without waiting for a reply.