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Chapter 26: Countering the Plo

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 26: Countering the Plot

    After hearing what Little Fatty said, her eyes brightened up and said: “You’re really despicable, why must you always let me be the bad guy?”

    “Baby, they are the one who stirred trouble, we’re only retaliating, they can’t blame me!” Little Fatty then said with an evil grin “Besides, I will not treat you unfairly. When everything is over, it’ll be the same as last time. The two idiot’s possessions will all belong to you, I won’t take anything, okay?”

    “Hai, you’re a rich man, of course you will not fancy those poor man’s possessions!” Han Ling Feng curled her lips and added “But, since you already said so, I can only follow your instructions.”

    “Ah ah, don’t make yourself sound so pitiful!” Little Fatty laughed and said “Okay okay, at the most I will give you something else! But remember to settle this properly, understand?”

    “En!” With a burst of joy, Han Ling Feng nodded obediently.

    “That’s obedient!” Little Fatty then lunged forward towards her with a lecherous smile and said “It’s still early, let’s do it again!”

    “You’re so naughty~” Han Ling Feng screeched for a moment before having her mouth blocked up. At the same time, the hut was suffused with love and a wild atmosphere.

    Two days later in a small yard at the outer rims of the Mystical Sky Yard. The pavilion at Han Ling Feng’s residence had two guests.

    One was slightly plump, amicable looking and a moustache which slanted down. Another was a tall and skinny, cold looking and serene guy. After the both of them entered, they were greeted with Han Ling Feng’s hospitality and were enjoying tea in the pavilion.

    “Junior sister Han, regarding the matter which I mentioned earlier, what are your opinions on that matter?” Gu Long said with a smile while touching his moustache.

    “Regarding what senior brother have mentioned, en~” Han Ling Feng pretended to be in a dilemma and replied “After little sister have considered for a while, I think that this is really too troubling. Thinking about that Song Zhong, with rubbish talent and lecherous looks. Such a scum and you want me to~. My goodness, I really find it difficult to accept this!”

    Han Ling Feng displayed a very high class atmosphere which let the two of them not know whether to laugh or cry. But as they heard what Han Ling Feng said, they knew that there was room for discussion. If not, she would have rejected them directly instead of talking so much. That was obviously her taking the chance to get more benefits.

    Thus, after hearing what Han Ling Feng, not only was Gu Long not disappointed, but his eyes lit up and he hurriedly added “What junior sister said is true, that servant Song Zhong indeed does not match up to you completely. However, isn’t this just an act? You just need to pretend to seduce him, and I ensure that that country bumpkin would definitely fall for you. That would make our operations smoother!”

    “That’s right!” Xuan Yu also added “Actually, junior sister do not have to bring yourself down to his level so much, with your beauty, the moment you appear in front of him, he would definitely be enticed by you. At that moment, you do not really need to treat him very well, and the matter can be easily settled! When the operation is complete, that brat’s treasures will be split evenly among the 3 of us. Judging from the tens of thousands he spent last month, this brat’s wealth must definitely be a lot!”

    “Yeah, after this mission, we would have enough to cultivate in peace for the next 10 years and do not need to slog so hard anymore!” Gu Long persuaded “Junior sister Han, according to what we know, there are many people who has their eyes on that darn fatty now. If we delay any further, I’m afraid that it’ll be too late!”

    “This~” After Han Ling Feng heard that, she began looking down in thought.

    “Junior sister Han, this chance can’t be missed, it will not come again!” Xuan Wu hurriedly continued persuading.

    “Hai, although Song Zhong is so lecherous, but he is so unguarded against me. But to ask me to backstab him, I still can’t bear to do it!” Han Ling Feng continued putting up a show “But, since 2 senior brothers came to find me, if I do not agree, then I’ll be letting you two down. Since this is the case, I can only let that little fatty down then!”

    “Junior sister finally agreed!” Gu Long exclaimed in joy “This is the best!”

    “With junior sister’s participation, nothing will go wrong for sure!” Xuan Wu immediately laughed and said.

    “Wait!” Han Ling Feng said immediately added “Although I agreed, but the details of the operation must still be discussed. I do not want to seduce that Song Zhong, with his face, I feel like puking the moment I see it!”

    “This~” as Gu Long and Xuan Wu heard, they looked at each other for a moment then asked “Then what is Junior sister’s intention?”

    “What about this!” Han Ling Feng said “I recently received a sect mission, a senior wants some spiritual moon grass. As both of you know, such a herb is really very rare, and as far as we know, the only place that it exists is on the Blood Raven Ridge over a hundred miles away. But a place which is so far, and filled with demonic beasts has lots of risks. So, I want to find a few people to go with me!”

    After completing her sentence, she then looked at Gu Long and Xuan Wu.

    Gu Long and Xuan Wu were both people who were very sharp in their thoughts and very quickly understood what she meant. Gu Long immediately replied “Junior sister Han, you’re going to invite Song Zhong to go along with you?”

    “Not just him, the both of you as well!” Han Ling Feng smiled and said “Why? Don’t tell me senior brothers are not willing to help this little sister?”

    “Willing, of course we’re willing!” Gu Long quickly replied “However, if that Song Zhong was really so wealthy, he would definitely have a few pieces of pretty good equipment. How can we take him by surprise and finish him off?”

    “That’s easy!” Han Ling Feng laughed and said “When we meet demonic beasts, both of you will just have to pretend that you are not satisfied with him. Then initiate to take the lead in the first battle. After you’re done, I will praise you, and take the opportunity to shoot him down. If he has treasures on himself, he would definitely not be satisfied and when we meet a demonic beast next, I would provoke him to lead the fight. At that moment, when he is fighting the demonic beast at the front, the three of us from the back~”

    “Brilliant, really brilliant!” After listening, Gu Long exclaimed in praise “Junior sister Han really have a brilliant plan!”

    But Xuan Wu who was at the side was breaking out in cold sweat in secret. Thinking to himself ‘This women is really brilliant, and very heartless!”

    “Ah ah, little sister is stupid, it was just a wild thought. If two senior brother think that this wild thought of mine will work, then we shall go with this plan?” Han Ling Feng smiled humbly and said.

    At the same time. Han Ling Feng said in her heart ‘Don’t blame me for being heartless, it was that darn fatty who taught me to say this~”

    “You’re too humble, junior sister, I think that this plan is great!” Gu Long replied with a smile “We can go with this plan, but~”

    “But what? Senior brother can be direct!” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt. At the same time, she began to doubt in her heart ‘Don’t tell me this guy thinks this is fishy?’

    “It’s like this~” Gu Long said with a heavy voice “Junior sister also knows, that darn fatty is a little too popular recently. There are already many people who are eyeing on him. The funny thing is, he doesn’t know anything. Haha, he’s really stupid!”

    “Haha~” Xuan Wu and Han Ling Feng also began laughing together.

    “So, this matter should not be delayed. We must not let others snatch the opportunity!” Gu Long reminded.

    Hearing what Gu Long mentioned, she breathed a sigh of relieve in her heart and replied “Senior brother do not worry, I know what to do!”

    “That’s good, it is just that Song Zhong’s whereabouts are so mysterious, and so many people are unable to find him. Does junior sister know where to find him?” Gu Long asked again.

    “I have a way regarding this matter, that darn fatty is said to have a buddy, whose nickname is Monkey. Coincidentally, I am acquaintances with him. I believe that if I find him for help, I should be able to see that darn fatty!” Han Ling Feng replied with a smile.

    “Ah, that is great!” Gu Long immediately cupped his hands and replied “If this is the case, then we shall trouble junior sister. Xuan Wu and I will await your good news! If that’s the case, we will take our leave first~” saying that, he began to get up.

    “Let me send both of you off~” Han Ling Feng also got up and sent them off.