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Chapter 23: Water Lightning Prowess

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 23: Water Lightning Prowess

    The transparent lightning pearl sliced through the air in an arc and landed accurately on the rocks. After which, a loud bang could be heard. While the dust was being kicked up, countless rocks were blasted to over a hundred feet away. Only after the dust settled, did Little Fatty realise with disbelief that the whole stone mountain of a hundred feet was blown apart. Only the base of it was left. With such prowess, it was definitely comparable to the attack of a foundational stage cultivator. At least within the XianTian stage, there was no one who could take such an attack.

    Seeing the prowess of a negative water lightning which was not known for its prowess, Little Fatty was elated in his heart. You have to know, this was only a single water lightning. If a dozen was thrown at once, wouldn’t it blow the whole mountain into smithereens? No wonder the Lightning cultivators are considered the scariest cultivators. This divine lightning was really sick.

    Although lightning cultivators were strong, the conditions are too many and strict. If not for Little Fatty’s fortuitous encounter, he would not have been able to learn such a strong lightning spell.

    First, was that this spell was rare, which meant that it could not be easily collected. Next, was the danger when cultivating it. If not for Little Fatty’s strong body, he would have been blown to smithereens already and being unsuccessful with it.

    Normally, cultivators need to be at the Foundational or even the JinDan stage before they could cultivate lightning spells. Only at that stage would they be confident of defending themselves against the unexpected situations while cultivating. If a XianTian stage cultivator wanted to cultivate it, he would require an expert to protect him by the side. Of course, only one with a strong background could do that, and ordinary cultivators do not even need to think about it. But, Little Fatty, with his heaven-defying luck, managed to learn such a spell unknowingly. From now on, Little Fatty can be said to ‘Dominate the world with lightning in hand’!

    Motivated by the negative water lightning, Little Fatty was spurred. He ran back excitedly to continue producing his divine lightning. The biggest advantage of this was not just it’s prowess, but the key was that it could be produced beforehand and be kept for a long time. Whenever it needs to be used, it just needed to be thrown out and was very convenient. The only pity is that when the lightning spell was being produced, there would be a spiritual imprint of the owner. Thus, apart from the owner, no one else could use it. As a result, after Little Fatty made the divine lightning, he could only use it himself, and could not give it to Little Monkey for self-defense.

    After Spring came Autumn, and 3 years passed in a flash. Little Fatty and Little Monkey also lived in seclusion in the cave for 3 years. 2 years ago, Little Monkey also entered into the XianTian stage and officially became a cultivator. He officially became an outer court disciple of the Mystical Sky Yard and got rid of his servant status.

    After taking his identity jade, Monkey was ecstatic beyond words. In the end, thousand of words describing his plethora of gratitude were summarised into a single sentence: “Fatty Bro, this life of mine is yours in the future!” From that day on, Little Fatty had the most loyal partner.

    Apart from that, Han Ling Feng and Little Fatty established a long and stable relationship. Every month, she would go to Little Fatty’s hut for a date. She would go there deep in the night, and both their cultivation would have a definite growth. Little Fatty’s primal Qi would grow stronger and Han Ling Feng’s Qi would be purer. This was also another form of dual cultivation.

    Every time, with Little Fatty helping her with all he had, Han Ling Feng’s cultivation increased very quickly and had reached the 7th level of the XianTian stage. In other words, she advanced 3 levels in these 3 years. This is definitely considered to be a very perverted speed. One only needs to know that in the past 7 to 8 years that Han Ling Feng entered the XianTian stage, she only advanced to the 4th level of the XianTian stage. She only advanced a level in about 2 years. Originally the difficulty would exponentially increase as she advances to the later stages. But, after the dual cultivation with Little Fatty, she achieved a cultivation speed of advancing a level every year. This speed not only filled Han Ling Feng with elation, but even her other sect mates were shocked. People would constantly ask why her cultivation speed was so fast.

    Han Ling Feng would naturally not want to mention the fact of her dual cultivation with Little Fatty. Thus, she could only use other things to avoid the topic. In fact, Little Fatty was also unwilling to publicly announce his relationship with Han Ling Feng. This was because Han Ling Feng was famous amongst the outer court disciples. She was of a noble birth, with an elegant charisma and talent which wasn’t too bad, it made her the focus of many people. Under such circumstances, she would naturally have many suitors. There were at least dozens of them, and some even from the inner courts.

    Under such circumstances, Little Fatty did not want people to notice him because he successfully managed to hug the beauty back. What he wanted was to keep a low profile. Thus, on the surface, they did not have any interactions at all and were like strangers. Even if the rare times where they met, they would not even say hi, and seemed very cold. Han Ling Feng even displayed that she looked down on a cultivator like Little Fatty who did not have any charisma of a cultivator.

    Thus, in the eyes of others, the both of them were like the extremes of heaven and earth. Nobody would expect that whenever the moon was full, in a hut in the mountains, a high-class princess would be under the waist of a darn fatty, enjoying the pleasures of life.

    As for Little Fatty, he had the biggest change in these 3 years. Although on the surface he was still that sloppy, lecherous darn fatty, but under closer inspection, would one realise that this darn fatty unknowingly became an expert in the 5th level of the XianTian stage.

    The reason why Little Fatty’s cultivation increased so quickly, apart from Han Ling Feng’s help, it was also due to the extremely beguiling cultivation conditions.

    You have to know, to determine the speed of one’s cultivation, it was mostly affected by external conditions. These external conditions could increase the speed of cultivation by tens, if not hundreds of times. It is just that the requirements were too many, and the expenditure was too high. Any normal person was unable to do that.

    Take Little Fatty, for example, every time he cultivated, he ate dozens of elixirs. Apart from the 5 elements spiritual pill which increased the speed of cultivation of the 5 elements, he also consumed pills which increased his spiritual sense, channels, body, speed of absorbing the 5 elements, and etc. These pills were all very expensive. Little Fatty would cultivate 8 hours a day, and ate them every time he cultivated. The sum of all the pills he ate each time, was worth over a few hundred low-grade spiritual stone.

    He finished all these in a single day. Given another person, how much would these pills last? Even the big families could only provide such treatment to a few talented individuals, and other descendants could not enjoy such a treatment.

    Apart from the expenditure of the pills, the environment was also a big factor which required a lot of money. You have to know, even with such a dense Qi within the Mystical Sky Yard, it was not enough to satisfy the needs of a cultivator. Thus, large sects built the 5 elemental halls. For instance, the Mystical Sky Yard had the Fire Divine Hall, Water Divine Hall and the Earth Divine Hall. Every divine hall had a few hundred miles radius of Qi condensing formation. The centre of it was the divine hall built with top grade materials. The 5 elemental spiritual Qi was dozens of times denser in the divine halls then outside. The benefits of cultivating in the centre could be known by just thinking about it.

    However, such an infrastructure requires a horrifying amount of over a few million spiritual stones. It also requires many materials which could not be bought with spiritual stones. Even after it was built, it would also require tens of thousands of spiritual stones to function. Thus, even with the wealth of the Mystical Sky Yard, it could only build and maintain 3 of these divine halls. Every divine hall could allow a hundred people to cultivate at any one time. Facing the thousands of disciples in the inner courts, it was not enough.

    Such a place would increase the cultivation speed a few times. But the criteria to enter it was too stringent. Only the disciples of the core members were allowed to enter. Those who did not have the connections within the inner court could only spend large amounts of spiritual stones to exchange for a chance to enter.

    Little Fatty was blessed by the heavens, and could cultivate in his own dimension. The density within his own dimension was even denser than that of the divine halls. It could even condense the 5 elements spiritual stones. Thus, cultivating in such an environment, Little Fatty could achieve a result far greater than others.