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Chapter 17: A Great Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 17: A Great Battle

    As Wang Zhong and Zhang senior brother heard this statement, they were instantly enraged. The could not help but laugh coldly, “You do not know what it means to die, go and die now!” Saying this, the both of them activated their flying swords and flanked Little Fatty both from both sides. With their full power channeled into their sword, the sound of the sword breaking through the air gave out a crackling sound. The trees in the surrounding were all shaken up, rustling all the leaves and branches, causing some of the branches and leaves to fall off. That amount of pressure was enough to scare a timid guy to death.

    However, in the face of such a scary attack, Little Fatty was not afraid in the least. He could only be seen to calmly take out a talisman, and swiftly breaking it. The next moment, the talisman exploded with a bright yellow light, and instantly became a two-metred tall light shield, completely protecting Little Fatty.

    As Wang Zhong and Zhang attacked the light shield, their attacks were rebounded by it, It did not have any effect, and it only managed to cause small ripples on the shield.

    “Ah~” As Wang Zhong saw, he was startled and shouted “Earth type protective spell! This was a middle-grade talisman which could only be drawn by a foundational stage cultivator. A single piece would cause over a hundred spiritual stones!”

    “How did this darn fatty become so rich?” Han Ling Feng also exclaimed in shock. You have to know, 100 spiritual stones was a big sum to them. They would usually scrimp and save, and would not spend it all at once.

    But Zhang senior brother was instead still calm. Seeing Little Fatty use the talisman, not only was he not surprised, he even smiled coldly and said “The richer he is the better. We would not need to be scared that we have little returns! Isn’t it just a protective talisman? The darn fatty thinks that he is invincible just because he has this! That’s really laughable, let us all attack together. I don’t believe that we cannot break the shield!”

    “Sounds good!” Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng immediately replied. They also knew that there was no retreat now that things have developed to such an extent. So they could only gamble their lives. Luckily, the middle-grade protective talisman could still be destroyed. After all, there were 3 flying swords here. 3 magical tool, if they were to attack at full force, in just a few rounds, the opponent’s defense should be destroyed .

    After they achieved a common consensus, without hesitation, with a loud shout they sent their flying sword smashing towards Little Fatty. But the only thing which could be seen was 3 streaks of sword light attacking the shield, but very quickly being rebounded back. Following which was Wang Zhong’s jade flying blade, where the offensive power was from the poison on its surface. It did not have enough offensive power, even less than that of a flying sword, thus, the attack was easily dispelled upon contact with the shield.

    After which, was Han Ling Feng’s shadowless flying needles. This was made to break through defensive spells, which was the Achilles heel of Little Fatty’s defense spell. The only thing which could be seen was a few flashes of light, following which, 13 shadowless flying needles broke through the yellow light and fiercely lodged themselves on Little Fatty’s chest.

    As Han Ling Feng saw this, she happily shouted: “Haha, I’ve pierced him, the darn fatty is finished!”

    However, Han Ling Feng shockingly found out that Little Fatty was completely unharmed. The 13 needles only pierced this clothes but did not enter his body. The reason was because he was wearing a spider thread inner armour. It was a magical tool intricately refined by a foundational stage cultivator using the web of a demonic spider beast and was very tough. It was not effective against heavy attacks, but against sharp weapons, it was very effective. After all, it was a 3rd-grade magical tool inner armour worth over 10,000 spiritual stones. Blocking the shadowless flying needles was still a relatively easy task.

    Although Little Fatty blocked the attack, but he was also shocked. He did not expect that the opponent would have a magical tool which specialises in breaking through defensive shields. This was a rare item, but he coincidentally met with it. Thinking about his bad luck, it made Little Fatty even angrier at Han Ling Feng. He fiercely pulled out the needles and said “Bitch, you dared to poke me. Just you wait, I will definitely poke you back!”

    “You~” Han Ling Feng was flushed with rage listening to what Little Fatty had just said but did not know what to reply.

    At this moment, cultivator Zhang had completely prepared his gold brick. This gold brick had 2 ways of attacking. First was to throw it directly, becoming a 30 feet large brick to smash a person. At that time, it’s weight would be more than 10,000 catties. Any normal cultivator would be crushed by it in just a while. Second, would be to smash after reading the incarnations. The incarnation process can allow the gold brick’s body to even larger, increasing its attacking power.

    When Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng was attacking, cultivator Zhang started to recite the incarnations, turning the brick into 70 to 80 feet long. A weight of over a 100,000 catties was akin to a small mountain crushing down on someone.

    Everyone was startled by the fearful size of the gold brick. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng could not be bothered to bicker with Little Fatty. They just wanted to stare at the brick and admire the scene of Little Fatty being crushed.

    Little Fatty was also very startled by the gold brick. He did not think that the protective shield and spider thread inner armour could block it. Without any choice, he could only take out his Natal Artifact, the big copper bell!

    With just a thought, a 30-foot large giant copper bell appeared above Little Fatty’s head. This bell looked unadorned and had a great atmosphere around it. It was as though it was a mountain which could reach the skies, making everyone in the surrounding unable to breathe in its pressure. The various engravings on the copper bell of space, animals, divine beasts, clouds and etc occasionally appeared, dazzling everyone into a state of shock.

    At this time, the large gold brick fiercely slammed onto the big copper bell. The people around could only hear a ‘Peng’ sound, before seeing the gold brick being sent flying. It also regained its shape of just a few inches, and hairline cracks could be seen appearing on the brick, very apparently it was badly damaged. The large copper bell did not move a single inch and did not even give out a single sound. It was almost as though what slammed into it was not a small hill, but just a feather.

    Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng were startled by the sight. They could not believe what they just saw in front of them.

    However, although they were stunned, Little Fatty was not. As the large copper bell was smashed, his spiritual sense also received an impact. Although it was not injured, but it let Little Fatty realise something. Although the copper bell was strong, but he who was mentally connected with it was very weak. If he suffered too strong of an impact, the big copper bell may not have a single scratch, but he would have died from the collapse of his mental state.

    Little Fatty did not want that, so he made up his mind, and decided not to play with these guys any further. Thus, he quickly pulled out 3 talismans, and tore them without any hesitation and pointed at the 3 people opposite him.

    As the 3 of them saw that the talismans Little Fatty took out were as thick as copper coins, they could immediately tell that this was a middle-grade talisman. They were only at the XianTian stage and had no confidence to forcefully receive the foundational stage spell. It frightened them to the point where they quickly got into a defensive position. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng speedily laid a defensive formation and recalled their flying sword back to protect themselves at the same time. But cultivator Zhang was more unlucky. After his magical tool was smashed by the copper bell, his mental state was injured and was bleeding from all seven orifices. (T/N: The original said that he was bleeding through 7 holes) It was as though someone hammered his brain, and he felt woozy in the head, not even able to focus on the scene before him, let alone have the energy to deal with Little Fatty’s attack.

    But, very soon the three of them realised that whether or not they defended, the results would be the same. As Little Fatty snapped a finger, three streaks of 5 elemental green gas trapped them as though it was a snake.

    “Wind Binding Spell!” The three of them quickly recognised that this spell was not a high level one, but one which was very troublesome to deal with. Against another cultivator at the same level, it could only trap the other party for a short period of time. But when an expert uses it against a weaker opponent, it could even trap the other party for up to a few days. Because the talisman which Little Fatty used was refined by a foundational stage cultivator, the spell stored inside was equivalent to one being used by a foundational stage cultivator. Against the three of them who were in the Xian Tian stage, it was as frightful as a thick iron chain trapping them. Resulting in them being unable to move completely. Even if they struggled with all their might, it would take at least an hour for them to free themselves.

    But, would Little Fatty give them the chance to escape? Thinking about this, as the three of them were trapped, they were immediately scared till their faces turned deathly white. Cultivator Zhang ignored the dizziness and pain in his head and immediately shouted “Junior brother, junior brother, I was wrong. I was blinded by them, please have mercy on me, I’m willing to~”

    “Go and die!” Little Fatty did not give him a chance to say any rubbish. He took out his Lightning Wind sword and deeply pierced it into cultivator Zhang’s DanTian, and forcefully allowed lightning to penetrate into the surroundings. Resulting in the channels of his body to be completely destroyed.

    After receiving such a serious injury, cultivator Zhang was completely crippled and became a mortal. Unless he could obtain a treasure which could go against the heavens, he does not need to think about cultivating for his entire life. However, a treasure of that grade, would not be easily obtained by even a JinDan stage expert. Who would be willing to give it to him?

    After receiving such a serious injury, cultivator Zhang screamed in agony and fainted immediately. Seeing his plight, Wang Zhong was frightened till he turned green and hurriedly said “Song Zhong, Song older brother, have mercy! I know my mistake already!”

    “Even if you know your mistake you have to die!” Little Fatty could not be bothered to hear his rubbish but rushed forward like a cannon and crippled his cultivation. Only after Wang Zhong was struck by a wave of lightning and fainted, did Little Fatty look at Han Ling Feng with a lecherous grin?

    Of course, a princess was also a person and was afraid of death too! Especially a cultivator, who knew that they could have up to a few hundred or thousand years to live. Who could accept dying of shame at only the age of 20?

    Anyway, Han Ling Feng was definitely not resigned to dying. With tears in her eyes, she pitifully pleaded “Song senior brother, don’t kill me, please? I know my mistake!”

    “Babe, I’m very comforted that you know your mistake.” Little Fatty came to Han Ling Feng’s side with a smile on his face. He unrestrainedly covered her mouth and said “Open your mouth! If you do not want to die!”

    Han Ling Feng was startled, and struggled for a bit, but very quickly could not help but give in the Little Fatty’s threat. After she opened her mouth, she felt Little Fatty stuff a pill into her mouth.

    “What did you feed me?” Han Ling Feng asked in shock.

    “Don’t you have any feeling?” Little Fatty smiled lecherously while keeping his sword, and unrestrainedly put his hands on her peaks, continuously groping.