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Chapter 11: Firmament City

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 11: Firmament City

    “Nonsense!” Little Fatty was not foolish, he immediately said “Monkey, don’t think that just because you capitulate, those bastards would let you off. Let me tell you, if we go out today, it would be considered a good thing if we could die a quick death! Don’t forget, I destroyed Gan Xing’s little brother! Unless Wang Zhong can find a heavenly elixir, Gan Xing can only be a eunuch in this lifetime of his!”

    “Goodness, Fatty bro, you were really merciless.” Little Monkey exclaimed in shock.

    “Nonsense, if I wasn’t merciless, he would have crippled you!” Little Fatty said with frustration. “If not for the fact that I was afraid of Enforcement Hall finding trouble, I would have wanted to kill him!”

    “Fatty bro, if I’m crippled, I’m just crippled. Now that I’ve pulled you in, how can I bear to~” Little Monkey cried worriedly.

    “Bullshit, what sort of relationship do with have? If not for the fact that you have been looking out for me in the canteen, I would have long starved to death. Just to save some food, you have been beaten by the steward of the canteen so many times!” Little Fatty said solemnly “Now that I have entered the outer court and if you were to be crippled without me seeking vengeance, would I still be considered human?”

    “Fatty bro~” Little Monkey was moved to tears

    “Let’s not talk about this now!” Little Fatty impatiently waved his hands and said “Your bones are fractured badly. Only with the help of elixirs can it be fixed, if not you’ll be crippled!”

    “Elixir?” After hearing it, Little Monkey laughed bitterly and said “That is refined by practitioners, it is said that every pill costs at least a few spiritual stones. Where would our money come from? It seems that my arm is crippled for sure!”

    “Don’t be discouraged, I have a way!” Little Fatty comforted “I’ll go out to find some medicine tomorrow. I may be back only in a few days. You stay here yourself, but you must not go out. If you are caught by them, we’re doomed for sure!”

    “Fatty Bro, you cannot go out! That bastard Wang Zhong must be searching for you all over!” Little Fatty worriedly said “Since my arm is already like that, just ignore it!”

    “Hmph! Wang Zhong my ass! This time I go out, it is to take his life!” Little Fatty growled angrily.

    “Ah? Fatty Bro, you~” Little Monkey exclaimed.

    “Alright, don’t bother about this anymore!” as Little Fatty finished, he took out a large amount of food from his dimensional storage item, and began cooking.

    In just a while, the dishes which Little Fatty prepared was ready. Little Monkey did not have much of an appetite, adding the fact that he was seriously injured, he only ate a bit. Instead, Little Fatty blithely ate 10 days’ worth of food in a breath. Little Monkey was stunned and he couldn’t help but ask “Fatty Bro, isn’t it said that when a practitioner cultivates to the later stages, he would eat less? Why does it seem that you’re eating more than in the past?”

    “I don’t know, but since I’m hungry, I’ll just eat more!” Little Fatty did not dare to say the truth and so he found a random excuse, and said “Okay, you should begin meditating! I’ll leave at daybreak tomorrow!”

    “Okay!” Little Monkey stopped talking, and closed his eyes to cultivate with Little Fatty.

    The next day, Little Fatty woke up early in the morning, and made some breakfast for Little Monkey. After leaving all the food behind, he began to leave on his flying sword.

    Just as Little Fatty flew out of the Sky Ravine, he noticed that something abnormal. Despite the fact that it was still dark, but there were a few torches of light flashing around. It was obviously people searching for someone with a lit torch.

    With just a look, Little Fatty understood what was going on. He hurriedly landed his flying sword, because the flying sword was too big a target, and was easily spotted. Instead, it he would be more indiscernible running on the ground. Regarding speed, now was not the time to contemplate about this.

    Luckily, it was at the break of dawn, which is also when it was the darkest. Thus, as Little Fatty walked stealthily within the vegetation, it really wasn’t easy to spot him. Added to the fact that the mountains were very huge, he was not afraid of being spotted at the moment.

    Little Fatty’s destination was the interior of the Mystical Sky Yard, where it was very near to the inner courts. The name of the place was called Shifting Towers (T/N: The original name of the place referred to a tower which is used for transportation). From there, he can be transported out. Shifting Towers was not just a building, but it was a plot of majestic infrastructure. When he was younger, Little Fatty frequently went there to play. But after his parents passed on, he stopped going.

    Little Fatty did not lose his memory, and was very familiar with the routes to the place. There were many routes towards that place, he did not dare to take the main road, and could only choose the most concealed path, nearest to the mountain path.

    Despite the fact that the route he took was concealed, Little Fatty could still occasionally see people with lit torches searching for him. He could even hear people shouting “Song Zhong, come out, I can see you!”

    “Fatty, Wang Zhong senior said, as long as you come out and apologize, this matter is over! But if you were to continue hiding, in a fit of rage he would take care of you! Brother, I can’t bear to see you in trouble, that’s why I came to inform you. If you can hear me, hurry up and come forth!”

    After hearing this, Little Fatty almost laughed to his death. ‘They even dare to use such a low level trick? Gan Xing, who had all his limbs broken, such humiliation can be settled with just an apology? Who are you trying to kid?”

    After adroitly circumventing past all the ignorant idiots, Little Fatty continued his stealth mission. Although Little Fatty tried his best to move as fast as possible, he still did not manage to arrive at the Shifting Towers before the sky was bright. The distance was too far, he could not fly but rely on his 2 legs, and he even had to avoid all the people searching for him.

    According to calculations, if he flew on his sword, he would have reached when they began their operations. Even if he arrived early, he could only wait if they were not opened.

    But, it appears that the plan had been changed quickly. The people who Wang Zhong hired, unknowingly delayed Little Fatty. This resulted in him being found by someone when it was bright. At this moment, he was only a few dozen miles away from the Shifting Towers.

    The person who found Little Fatty was a skinny and tanned servant, who he did not know was from which yard. From afar, he could see Little Fatty’s plump body bouncing around in the mountains, akin to an agile leopard. If not for the fact that he saw it personally, he would not have believed that this chubby Little Fatty possessed such agile movements.

    Of course, how Little Fatty skill was, was not a concern to him. He could only be bothered about the reward. So, after he found Little Fatty, he immediately shouted “Fatty, I found him, I found the fatty!” As he was shouting, he began walking towards Little Fatty to block his path.

    It didn’t matter if he was just shouting, but his shout garnered the attention of everyone in the surrounding. His voice was so loud, that in a breath, he garnered the attention of more than 10 people. When they saw that it was really Little Fatty, they were overjoyed, and began running over one after another. Luckily these guys were all just servants, and have not reached the XianTian stage. They could not fly and could only run over. If not, Little Fatty would really be in trouble.

    Seeing the people who happily obstructed him, Little Fatty was enraged! He was angered to the point his head emitted steam. He was also too lazy to say anything, but rushed over and gave the servant a kick. The poor child, who was blinded by the reward, forgot the ability gap between him and Little Fatty. By the time he remembered, he was already sent flying by a kick.

    This kick of Little Fatty, contained all his frustrations and augmented by the momentum which was generated while rushing over, was full of force. The force exceeded Little Fatty’s expectations, and with a kick, he sent this 20 plus year old teen flying. When he landed, there were also loud snapping sounds, evidently many bones were broken. As he flew through the sky, he spat a mouthful of blood, and landed in a grass patch 100 feet away. His life and death simply could not be determined.

    An angered Little Fatty did not have the mood to think about this. He only had one thought, and that was to run for his life! After he sent the guy who was in his way flying, Little Fatty, as though he was a stray dog, began to run towards the Shifting Towers with all his life.

    The servants in the surrounding were all intimidated by Little Fatty’s kick. They only shouted, but did not dare to approach him. But, there were a few who did not want to give up, they successively shouted and ran over, and wanted to use their numbers to slow Little Fatty down.

    They know that Little Fatty had just entered the XianTian stage, and did not have the time to cultivate any spells. Thus, even though his battle prowess was stronger than theirs, it was still limited. If Little Fatty had learned even the lowest of grade of attack spell, these people would not have dared to come and court their death.

    Even though their battle prowess could not be compared to Little Fatty, 7 or 8 people pouncing towards him at once was still a troublesome affair. Whether or not he could beat them down was a question. Even if he could, he would still have to spend quite some time. At that time, if an expert of the XianTian stage who knew how to fly on swords and cast spells came, Little Fatty would be finished.

    With this in mind, Little Fatty became anxious. He immediately took out his flying sword and wanted to hack someone first! In the end, as they saw something lethal in Little Fatty’s hands, they were immediately scared and scattered in all directions.

    Little Fatty was stunned for a moment, after which he slapped his forehead and said “Why did I bother with them, it would have been settled if I just flew away. I was angered by these bastards to the point I was not thinking clearly!”

    After saying this, Little Fatty quickly began flying on the sword, and flew above the heads of the servants. The servants were all stunned by this sight. The person they were chasing could fly. Even if you beat them to death they could not catch up.

    Although Little Fatty was plump and his flying posture was as ugly as a duck, he was flying 100 feet high. He did not need to bother with the servants once he was in the sky. Just when he thought that he escaped and wanted to catch his breath. There was a woman who shouted at him from behind “The little fatty ahead, stop now. If not don’t blame me if I don’t show mercy!”

    As Little Fatty tuned back to look, he was immediately startled. Out of nowhere, a lady who knew how to fly swords started to chase him. Although this young lady was very beautiful and memorizing, but in Little Fatty’s eyes, she was scarier than a venomous snake! This was because, Little Fatty not only recognized her, but had suffered in her hands before!

    This lady was called Han Ling Feng, she was a dual (fire and ice) elemental cultivator. 7 or 8 years ago, she was already a XianTian expert. She liked to play pranks on people normally, whenever Little Fatty met her while throwing rubbish, he would definitely be played by her. If she was feeling good, she would use a water ball, drenching Little Fatty. If she was feeling mean, she would use a fireball to burn him. Last time, Little Fatty clothes was all burnt away by her, forcing him to run around naked, becoming the biggest joke amongst the servants. This resulted in a shadow in his heart. He once swore, if he had the chance, he would definitely ravage her. He also imagined letting this aloof practitioner being under his crotch, dominating her. But, Little Fatty did not expect that before his abilities could develop, he would be under her mercy again.