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Chapter 6: Sword Flying

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Being a popular ability, the incarnations of sword flying thus were heavily simplified and almost ubiquitous. Even without bribery, he was still casually tossed a copy. Yesterday night, Song Zhong had excitedly memorised the incarnations for sword flying. Today, he excitedly prepared for his maiden flight.

    Looking at the chubby figure of Little Fatty, one has to say that it really does not aid him in mastering flying. His flying sword being originally old and broken added the fact that the owner is so fat, it was small wonder that the sword was overloaded. As he stepped on the poor flying sword, the spine of it bent at an angle, and it wobbly flew in the air. It was really as dangerous as it could get, no different from traversing a thin single-log bridge.

    Fortunately, Little Fatty was well trained, the long distances that he was forced to run every day did not go to waste, because of that, he had developed a pretty good sense of balance. After struggling for 4 hours, he could finally barely control the flying sword, flying to and fro in the air. Although he resembled a sow hanging on a tree, and cannot be compared to those who can confidently control the sword, but, at least, he managed to not fall.

    To be fair, this is also thanks to the lousy flying sword. The flying sword of most disciples can fly three to four hundred li in a quarter of an hour. But, this lousy sword of Song Zhong only has half the speed of others. One has to know that the faster the speed of the flying sword, the more difficult it is to control. Thus, it is easier for Song Zhong to control the sword this way, allowing him to learn the basics of flying in such a short period of time.

    The feeling of flying in the air for the first time couldn’t be described with words, Song Zhong never had any similar experience. Out of excitement, Little Fatty flew directly to his most frequented place, the Sky Ravine.

    In less than half an hour, Little Fatty reached the Sky Ravine . He took up his flying sword and looked down at the rubbish below, emotionally saying, “In the past, every trip here took me more than an hour of sprinting, but now I only used less than a third of the time. Furthermore, this is the lousiest of all the flying swords. If I changed to a good one, how much faster would I be! Flying is indeed faster!”

    After a period of reminiscing, Little Fatty took out his flying sword again and flew towards the Sky Ravine . The reason he came here, was not just to reminisce the past, instead, he had ulterior motives in mind.

    Through these 2 days of observation, Song Zhong had a basic understanding of his Natal Artifact. First, the disassembling ability of this treasure is really frightening, be it talismans, elixirs, or magical artifacts, it can all be completely decomposed. The only thing that differed was the speed of the disassembly. The higher the grade, the slower the process. But high-grade items contain many precious materials, thus, if one were to weigh the pros and cons, it would still be more worth it to decompose a high-grade item. It would not only increase the Spiritual Qi in the dimension but also receive high-grade precious materials.

    Furthermore, the black soil in the Natal Artifact only consisted of that fixed amount, and only the items within the black soil would be decomposed. So strictly speaking, the capability of disassembling items were limited, and not many items can be decomposed in one sitting. Under such circumstances, of course, the high-grade items would have priority!

    However, Song Zhong has no high-grade items in his possession. The trash he picked up during work is all low grade. If he wants to obtain high-grade items, with his ability, he can only resort to trying his luck at the Sky Ravine .

    Even though Song Zhong never learnt how to refine weapons, but after spending so many years in the Sect listening to people, some things would definitely rub off him.

    Higher grade items are normally magical artifacts. There were also high-grade elixirs and talismans, but these things are more uncommon. 80% of what is thrown into the Sky Ravine were mostly trash which has been used, and it is not worth paying any attention to. Thus, he is now focused on finding magical tools and flying swords which were unable to be refined.

    Amongst the flying sword and magical tools, the lowest grade and most common material would be black iron, which is also the flying sword which Song Zhong has. It is only worth a meagre price of 1 low-grade spiritual stone for 100 catties. Song Zhong would not want to sell those. Thus, when he is searching for trash, anything black would be rejected, only the coloured items or magical artifacts would be kept.

    After flying around the Sky Ravine for a few hours, Little Fatty really managed to find a few coloured treasures, there are flying swords broken into 2, armours broken into pieces, and many different failed magical tool products, and there were even magical artifacts.

    One has to know that magical tools are for the junior disciples, and magical artifacts are only used by experts of the JinDan stage or above, the 2 items cannot even be compared in the same league. The materials required for magical artifacts are really rare, thus, most people cannot bear to throw away magical artifacts even if they were failed products. So for Song Zhong to find a few discarded magical artifacts, it was considered really lucky of him. The moment all these magical artifacts decomposed, how many spiritual stones could they be exchanged for? Song Zhong started drooling as he entertained this thought.

    However, the good moment did not last very long. As Little Fatty was fantasizing, he suddenly felt the Natal Artifact in his DanTian convulsed. That numb and sour feeling was really unbearable, almost as though there was an egg being shoved up his ass. This made Song Zhong’s anus tighten and his legs shake, leading him to fall off from his flying sword.

    Thankfully, Song Zhong was searching for things and was flying at a low altitude. If that was not the case, he would have surely fallen to his death. But even so, Song Zhong still had quite a heavy fall, he could only feel soreness in his whole body and could not stand properly for half a day.

    Although Little Fatty was already in such a bad state, the Natal Artifact in his DanTian did not stop jumping, it vibrated even more vigorously, as though it was rushing Little Fatty.

    “Damn it, is the Natal Artifact spoilt? Vibrating for no reason!” Song Zhong, who was bruised from the fall, couldn’t help but curse.

    The Natal Artifact could not talk, so it could only vibrate more vigorously in protest. Little Fatty was tortured to the point he could not take it, and couldn’t help but beg, “Be good, stop vibrating, if you continue vibrating, my balls will shatter! I am still counting on it to carry on my lineage!”

    The pearl completely ignored Little Fatty’s pleas and continued vibrating. Song Zhong could only helplessly climb up, bitterly laugh and say, “Okay, okay, I surrender. What do you want? Why did you suddenly start vibrating? Is there something you’re looking for?”

    The pearl paused for a moment and started to vibrate even harder, as though it was very excited. Song Zhong instantly understood that this was the way it expressed joy. Assuming that he guessed correctly, he quickly said, “Okay okay, stop vibrating. I know you want to find something, I’ll go and find it immediately, okay? If you continue vibrating like that, I cannot even get up, how do you expect me to find anything?”

    Hearing this, the bead finally quietened down and only vibrated occasionally, as though it was proving its existence.

    Seeing that it quietened down, Little Fatty heaved a sigh of relief and then started walking forward. But, the pearl immediately buzzed vigorously, making Song Zhong shiver, sitting directly on the ground.

    Little Fatty wailed at once, “My little darling, can you vibrate gently? I’m going to die because of your vibrations!”

    Only then did the pearl pipe down, but it was still vibrating. Song Zhong then quickly said, “Was it that I was going in the wrong direction?”

    The beads mercilessly shook several times immediately.

    “Okay, okay, I’ll change a direction!” Little Fatty said while turning left. After taking only a step, the pearl began to jump again.

    This frightened Song Zhong such that he quickly turned again, and finally the pearl stopped shaking and became very obedient.

    Only then did Song Zhong know the direction, and he hurriedly walked forward. But he did not dare to fly on his sword, deeply afraid that the pearl would suddenly start shaking, causing him to fall again. Thus, he could only helplessly walk. In the vast lands of trash, he walked half a day without feeling any message from the pearl. ‘Why is there no more movement? Don’t tell me I was fooled by the pearl?’ Song Zhong thought to himself.

    To prove his suspicions, he immediately tried turning back, but the moment he took the first step, the pearl, as though angered, began shaking incessantly, causing Song Zhong’s stomach to tremble. Scared, he quickly said, “Baby, baby, stop jumping, I only wanted to know how far more we have to walk.”

    The pearl was silent for a moment, then it shook for about 10 times.

    Song Zhong was depressed, bitterly laughed and said, “Baby, how am I supposed to know what you mean? Why not, I will fly on my sword and when we arrive, you can inform me. But you cannot shake too vigorously, if I were to fall again, I would die for sure!”

    The pearl then shook lightly 3 times, as though it was agreeing. Song Zhong then carefully began to fly, and with surprise he asked, “Baby, you can understand what I said?”

    This time, the pearl did not respond, and it sat quietly as though it completely did not understand Song Zhong. Little Fatty was very disappointed, but he immediately muttered, “Even if it doesn’t understand what I say, but from its display previously, it proves that it has a soul! Artifacts with soul, wouldn’t that make it a soul artifact? I’m rich, no wonder my parents treat it with such great importance. It is indeed such that wisdom comes with age. It seems that in the cave of an ancient cultivator, there is really no rubbish.”

    One has to know, Soul Artifacts are of a much higher grade compared to magical artifacts. Normally, only a super expert on the FenShen stage or higher would only have 1 or 2 of these. Furthermore, there are not many YuanYing experts in existence, and FenShen experts are all legends. Even the Sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard is only a YuanYing stage expert.

    If this pearl was really a soul artifact, then without a doubt, Little Fatty picked up a really good deal. In fact, from the perverted ability of the pearl, it would not be strange even if it was a soul artifact.

    When Little Fatty was immersed in happiness, the pearl which was originally quiet began shaking again. Song Zhong did not dare delay and quickly landed. He looked around and realised that this place was also a mountain of trash. The trash in the surroundings were all very old, and a majority of broken weapons even had spots of rust. One must know that the magical tools of cultivators are all top grade materials. Even the lowest grade of black iron will not rust without the passing of a few millennium. From this, one can tell how ancient the trash was.

    At this moment, the pearl began to jump and affect Song Zhong. Song Zhong did not dare to delay and quickly followed the instructions of the pearl and came to a spot. As he stood on that spot, regardless of which direction he walked towards, the pearl would begin shaking.

    No matter how stupid Song Zhong was, he also knew that the item was just beneath his feet. He quickly squatted down and began clearing the trash beneath him. Only, there was really too much trash here, even after he dug for the whole day til it was dark, he still could not dig to the base, and only managed to dig past 100 feet, almost burying himself inside.