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Chapter 293 - I, Ye Chen, Am Here. Get Out to Accept Your Death Now!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 293: I, Ye Chen, Am Here. Get Out to Accept Your Death Now!

    Ye Chen had no idea what Murong Xue thought of him. Even if he did, he would not care at all. No matter what he did, he did it sincerely. He had never cared what people thought of him and how people looked at him.

    Ye Chen was not moving that quickly, but he was not very slow either. Anyone else who was on his level would walk as if the wind was carrying him despite not even moving while activating his power.

    Over 20 minutes later, Ye Chen arrived less than a kilometer away from the Murong residence. It was a quiet street in front of him that was a little similar to the cobblestone walk in a typical garden.

    Meanwhile, there were neat rows of maple trees on both sides of the street.

    What surprised Ye Chen was that there were people dressed in various attire on the street. Most of them had the cultivation base of ancient martial artists with the highest being Illuminating Pulse.

    “Are these people here to watch the battle?” Ye Chen secretly guessed. After all, Murong He had announced the letter of challenge against him earlier, so it made sense for people to be there to watch.

    At that moment, an impatient voice came from aside, “Dad, how long more do we have to walk for? I’m so tired. I’m tired and thirsty.”

    Ye Chen lifted his head to see a man and a lady under a maple tree 50 steps away to his right. The man was approximately 40 years old. He had high temples and exuded a powerful aura.

    Meanwhile, the pretty lady next to him was approximately 24 or 25 years old. She was dressed in black martial arts attire, and her features were similar to the middle-aged man’s.

    However, the lady looked impatient at the moment. She held a pair of shoes with low heels while fanning herself as she spoke

    Ye Chen looked at the middle-aged man a few times because he found out that the man had a cultivation base of Illuminating Pulse. Besides that, he had rather big knuckles on his fingers. He was clearly an expert at boxing.

    Seeming to sense Ye Chen’s stare, the pretty lady glared fiercely at him. “What are you looking at? Have you not seen people before?”

    “Sisi, don’t be rude!” the middle-aged man condemned and turned his head to look at Ye Chen. He smiled in an apologetic manner. “I’m sorry, little brother. I’ve spoiled my daughter. She has a bad temper.”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and subsequently left.

    However, the lady was upset. “Hey, you, did I say that you can leave? Stay right there!”

    Ye Chen then turned his head and looked coldly at her.

    “You look like you’re here to participate in the Medicinal Pill Exchange at the Murong residence, so you should be powerful. I’m upset now. Do you want to spar with me?” The lady shifted her limbs, shooting him an overbearing gaze.

    The middle-aged man’s face turned grim. “Sisi, if you continue behaving like this, I won’t bring you along with me next time!”

    The lady pouted instantly. “Dad, I’m upset. The ride was long and we had to walk. My legs are killing me!”

    “Who asked you to come with me ?” The middle-aged man glared at her and turned his head to look at Ye Chen. He smiled lightly. “Little brother, don’t take it to heart. Oh, yeah, are you here for the Medicinal Pill Exchange at the Murong residence?”

    “No, I’m here to kill someone.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    The lady laughed out loud upon hearing that. “You’re going to the Murong residence to kill someone? Did I hear you wrong or are you boasting?”

    Even the middle-aged man looked stunned.

    Ye Chen frowned. “Is there anything wrong for me to kill someone?”

    “Of course!” The lady snickered and looked at him as if she was looking at an idiot. “Do you know who the Murong clan is? They’re the boss of Ganzhou with many experts, especially the Old Master, Murong He. He’s the No. 1 in Ganzhou. And now you’re boasting that you’re going to the Murong clan to kill someone?”

    She took a long, disdainful look at Ye Chen as she spoke, “Moreover, you don’t look like an expert at all. You might not be able to fight me, so how dare you say that you want to kill someone?”

    The middle-aged man looked awkward and stopped her immediately. He said to Ye Chen, “Please be careful with your words, little brother. I’ll forget what you said. If someone else were to hear it, you’ll get into trouble.”

    Then, he sighed lightly and walked over with the lady. He took the lead to introduce himself, “I’m Huo Yushan of Longnan’s Huo Clan Dojo. This is my daughter, Huo Sisi. I wonder what’s your name, little brother?”

    “My family name is Ye!” Ye Chen replied calmly.

    “Since we’re going to the same place, let’s go together. We can be considered to have each other’s back,” Huo Yushan said while smiling.

    “Dad, you’re the descendant of the Huo clan’s Tantric Fist after all. Isn’t it embarrassing to be walking with this guy?” Huo Sisi scoffed.

    “Alright, stop talking!” Huo Yushan could not do anything about his daughter’s poor attitude. She had been spoiled since she was young. Given that she had learned martial arts from him whereby she was invincible in many dojos, it encouraged her arrogance even more.

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently. He lifted his foot and stepped forward.

    “Dad, look at him. I can’t believe that he rejected your kindness,” Huo Sisi said angrily.

    Huo Yushan could only catch up to him together with her quickly. He was more willing to face Ye Chen’s coldness than his daughter’s complaints.

    Noticing that Ye Chen said nothing along the way, Huo Yushan could not help but ask, “I wonder which sect you come from, little brother.”

    In the Martial Dao World, the circle and sect one was in were important. To ease the atmosphere, he could only find common ground with Ye Chen by asking such a question.

    “I belong to none of the sects!” Ye Chen said calmly.

    None of the sects?

    Huo Yushan smiled and paused as he thought that Ye Chen was unwilling to spill more information.

    On the other hand, Huo Sisi scoffed, “I thought you came from a powerful sect since you have such a bad temper. I can’t believe that you don’t belong to any sect.”

    Ye Chen ignored her and proceeded to walk. His attitude gave Huo Sisi the feeling as if she was throwing a punch at cotton. She was pissed off as she trailed behind.

    Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the Murong residence. The guards were different now. They were two Internal Energy ancient martial artists.

    Huo Yushan handed a bronze name card and said while smiling, “Your humble one is Huo Yushan. I come from the Huo Clan Dojo in Longnan. This is my daughter. We’re here for the Medicinal Pill Exchange.”

    The two hunks nodded expressionlessly. “So, you’re Master Huo of Longnan. I suppose you know the Medicinal Pill Exchange’s rules. Don’t create trouble, and don’t fight as you wish.”

    “I understand.” Huo Yushan nodded immediately.

    The two hunks then looked at Ye Chen.

    “Brother Ye, show them your name card. Otherwise, you won’t be granted entry,” Huo Yushan reminded out of kindness.

    However, Ye Chen shook his head. “Neither do I have a name card, nor do I need one.”

    Huo Yushan and his daughter were stunned.

    “Since you don’t have a name card, why are you here for the Medicinal Pill Exchange?” One of the hunks smirked.

    It was their first time guarding the entrance. Although they had heard about Ye Chen killing Murong Yang, they had never seen him before. Therefore, they had no idea how he looked like.

    “Ye, you can’t go in if you don’t have a name card,” Huo Sisi shook her head and said while smirking.

    In the next second, Ye Chen took a step forward and shouted, “Murong He, I, Ye Chen, am here. Get out here to accept your death now!”

    His voice was as loud as a bell as it rumbled like Heavenly Thunder. It was deafening as it spread all over the place.

    Huo Yushan and his daughter were dumbstruck.