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Chapter 785 - Stun The World With Divine Migh

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     785 Stun The World With Divine Migh

    How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

    No one, except for himself knew the answer to that question. Even though Chen Huaian knew that he had killed over a hundred sages, he had no idea that Chen Fan had done that even before the three secluded cultivations three years before.

    The ground shook under his feet as if there was an Earthquake.

    The vibration was not a hallucination, and neither was Chen Fan's power. It made the air feel heavy, pausing the flow of Essence Qi, preventing anyone from taking it. The cultivators around Chen Fan felt that they had suddenly lost their strength.

    Although the effect lasted only a fraction of a second, it startled everyone.

    "Go to hell!"

    God of Hades charged forward.

    A coursing yellow river appeared around the God of Hades. Its waters seemed to have come out of nowhere and were going nowhere, yet they were everywhere. It was half an illusion, half reality. The higher the level of attainment the God of Hades gained, the more real the river would appear.

    Although he had yet to reach the final stage of his cultivation, the river of Hades was extremely deadly. It had been made up of the most corruptive energy such as Death qi and could easily nibble away a mortal's soul. If its power were fully unleashed, it could easily turn the entire population of Zhong Hai into zombies.

    "Kiddo! You killed my servant, I will make you pay for it!"

    The God of Hades let out a peal of laughter.

    The yellow river turned into a yellow water dragon and swooped down on Chen Fan. This was the God of Hades's killing blow. Due to the River of Hades's illusory nature, normal defenses would be useless against it. Worse, it would not only harm its target's body, but also its soul.

    Many people found the scene hard to watch.

    Chen Fan extended one finger.

    The finger was skinny and long, and his skin pale. Suddenly, a flicker of golden glow came up at the tip of his finger and then Chen Fan sliced the air open with it.


    A blaring din rose as if a Heavenly Sword had plunged into earth, hacking reality into two.

    Under the God of Hades's shocked eyes, a jet of golden light chopped the River of Hades and then streamed toward him.

    "Impossible!" the God of Hades shouted.

    Waves upon waves of energy emerged from behind him and flooded a massive swath of land. This deadly deluge was made out of Death Qi and Grudge Qi and was detrimental to Divine Souls. This was the God of Hades' life-saving art, called the Realm of Hades. It was similar to the Energy Realm and would corrupt the soul and body of whoever was within its domain.

    Meanwhile, the ray of golden energy also gained more brilliance, looking like a Heavenly Sword.

    The sword hacked open the Realm of Hades and hewed the God of Hades into two. Everyone watched in shock as the forehead of the God of Hades was cracked open.

    The crack quickly extended to his belly.

    The tumultuous River of Hades suddenly subsided, revealing a shriveled corpse. The body of the God of Hades had been split open from the middle. The crimson glow in his eyes dimmed.

    Did Chen Fan just kill the mighty God of Hades with one finger?

    Before everyone could figure out what had happened, he lashed out at his foes again.


    Chen Fan stepped forward again.

    The ground shook and the sky seemed to be falling. A shock wave burst out from under his feet.

    The Gu God came in contact with the shock wave first and his body, including the golden Gu worm shivered into fragments. A pink cloud lingered in the air around the place where his body had been.

    The second Deity had fallen.

    But this was only the beginning.

    "How dare you mess with China?"

    Chen Fan took a step forward and flicked a finger.

    A golden blade aura over ten meters long flew out and landed on the Blood Python God's head. The Blood Python God was a giant red python of over a hundred meters long.

    He was revered as a deity in Indonesia and people had even built temples in its name.

    The Blood Python God's body was tough enough to withstand a direct blow from a missle, but it was as brittle as paper in front of the golden blade aura. Everyone watched as the behemoth was hacked into two. It's head was detached from its body and was sent flying, showering the people below with blood.

    By the end, the Blood Python God's body fell from the sky and sunk in the river.

    "How dare you mess with my family?"

    Chen Fan kept going forward. He closed his fingers into a fist and hurled it out.

    The deities who had surrounded Chen Huaian hurried to get out of harm's way. However, the family lord of the Zhang family reacted slightly too late and was dealt a blow by a giant golden energy fist. He lost consciousness instantly as Chen Fan's fist smashed him into a flat meat cake.

    Three more deities shared the Zhang Family Lord's fate and were reduced to pulp.

    "How dare you invade the East!"

    Chen Fan snarled, his voice was louder than thunder, reverberating across the sky above Zhong Hai. The sound wave shattered the tempered glass of skyscrapers and forced the residents of the city to cover their ears.

    As the sound wave rippled across the turbulent Yellow Dragon River, it quelled the turbulence and gave a moment of stillness to the surface of the river.

    Looking from above, the water surface had been pressed down and the edge of the depression formed a giant palm. Water within the outline of the palm was perfectly still despite the wild gale blowing above it.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's deadly sound wave attack had made quick work of another seven deities.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    One after another, the deities exploded from the inside, turning into a shower of bloody bits.

    So powerful was Chen Fan that he had killed those deities without even using Divine Power. He had simply drawn on his True Essence.

    If Chen Fan didn't hold back his strength, he could have razed the city with a roar. Once he became a Grand Cultivator, his roar could even shatter the moon. His power would be beyond the comprehension of mortals.

    "This is?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    The billions of people witnessing this on TV had their eyes peeled in surprise.

    Gao Baisheng gaped in disbelief. He fixed his gaze on the man in the sky as if he was a fiend celestial.

    Chen Fan had killed twelve deities of the alien races in the blink of an eye. Those deities were as threatening as ants before Chen Fan.

    "Is he a mortal? Not even the leader of the Christian Church could have pulled that off. He must be a divine immortal!" an Immortal State Warriors mumbled.

    Everyone else was shocked speechless.

    Chen Fan's strength had far exceeded their imagination. Even Chen Huaian was stunned.

    "I had no idea that he was this strong."

    Ning Xin looked up.

    Meanwhile, Xu Rongfei jumped up in excitement, waving her fists in the air.

    Chen Fan had pinned the entire world under his boots. The battle had quickly turned into Chen Fan's solo performance. The league of deadly deities had been reduced to only three Overlords, including King Kaneha.

    King Kaneha was shaken to the core. He regarded Chen Fan with fear.

    "Who… who are you?"

    Even though he ranked among the top five on the Deity Roll, he was horrified and couldn't find any confidence to face the monster before him.

    "Who am I? Why don't you ask your maker?"

    Chen Fan stepped forward and grasped something in the air.

    Everyone watched as two invisible hands seized the Heavenly Snake King and ripped it into two. Chen Fan had killed an Overlord on the Deity Roll as if the task was child's play.


    Another grand fey from Dragon Lake could no longer hold back his fear, he turned into a wash of glow and bolted.


    Chen Fan put his left hand behind his back and punched with his right hand.

    His fist landed on the Blood Tiger King. He ranked number seventeen on the Deity Roll, but he couldn't hold out against Chen Fan's blow; his body exploded like an apple under a hammer.

    Even though he was considered an overlord on the Deity Roll, he was extremely fragile.

    People watching the development were speechless, even the show host was turned into a frozen statue.


    King Kaneha was the fastest being on earth, but Chen Fan caught up with him in a blink. King Kaneha's teeth rattled as a pang of fear seized him.

    "Exalted Immortal… please… spare me…" King Kaneha pleaded.

    Even the power of the Fey Ancestor of Chang Bai fell short compared to Chen Fan. Chen Fan was infinitely more threatening than any of the overlords he had met.

    "You have invaded earth, tried to take over China and bullied my sect. Did you think of the cost of such folly?"

    King Kaneha's eyes popped out as if he had remembered something. Then he shouted out, "Are you Chen Bei—"

    However, his realization had come too late. His body was engulfed by the golden flame shot from Chen Fan's eyes, becoming a pile of ash in less than a second.

    The divine flame also burned away Chen Fan's sunglasses, revealing his face. Suddenly, in everyone's minds' eye, the image of Chen Fan and that of the fiend celestial who had burnt the Capitol Hill three years back aligned with each other perfectly.

    Three years had passed; Chen Fan's hair had grown white, but his face remained the same.

    Everyone finally recognized Chen Fan.

    "It's you, Chen Beixuan!"

    A broad smile broke over Gao Baisheng's face.

    Meanwhile, Xian Xuan, Han Juntu and Mitsui Yuto were shaken to the core.

    April 15th, 2016…

    Chen Beixuan had resurfaced after three years of absence. He had proclaimed his return with the death of fifteen alien deities.

    The world was shocked!