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Chapter 784 - A Dead End?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 784 A Dead End?

    "This is BBC Channel and I'm your host, Catalina. I'm here to deliver the latest news about the meeting of the League of Deities…"

    Not only the media in the East, many foreign TV stations were also broadcasting the event. After all, this would determine the future of one third of the population on Earth. Ever since the world changed, the East had been at a disadvantage. If they were united by the Dragon Lake, they might be able to fight against the Christian Church.

    On the underground forum of the CIA.

    "The League of Deities can't be established. The Entities of the East are all evil Gods and monsters. Even if Ye Qincang and the others have to die, they won't agree to let the dragon be the leader of the league."

    The leader of the Dragon Blood Family shook his head.

    "But what else can they do? China could have been the most powerful country when the world changed. The Realm of Kunxu used to be the leader of the secret lands and is said to have a hundred Deities, but Chen Beixuan shut the door of Kunxu, letting the Ancestral Dragon, the Gu God and the others run wild."

    The leader of a mercenary group snickered.

    Many people in the world saw the weaknesses of the East.

    Even though Dragon Lake was powerful, all their members were monsters and the old dragon was regarded as their Ancestral Dragon. Even though Ye Qincang and the others were supported by the people, they were a bit weaker.

    If both parties refused to step back, they could only fight.

    "Haha, at least the people in the East are willing to come forward to fight with these evil Gods. What about Europe? Everyone just knelt and begged the Saints for mercy. Five hundred years of civilization, free will and the concept of human rights were destroyed just like that. Those Presidents and Prime Ministers seem to be superior but their power was already in the hands of the Christian Church. Other than the superpowers, there's no real country in this world anymore," someone said.

    Everyone else went silent.

    This person said something the others knew but dared not to say out loud. The secret lands were so powerful in recent days that not even nuclear weapons were enough to resist so many Connate Overlords.

    "Let's see how this battle ends. If we lose, humans will have to yield to the secret lands," the Observer said.

    The Observer had not showed up as frequently after Chen Fan disappeared three years back. This time, he was also astonished.

    In the meantime, the world was focusing on Zhong Hai.

    At the Yellow Dragon River.

    Twenty Connate Overlords had been divided into two groups. One included the fierce Gods, while the other only had five people. Everyone seemed to know the outcome of the battle without watching it.

    "Ye Qincang, Chen Huaian, you finally came? I thought you'd only stay in your Jin and Yan Jin cities like cowards," the God of Hades sneered and said with a hoarse voice.

    "You can't scare us," Ye Qincang said with arrogance.

    After a few years, this head of Kunlun seemed to have gone through the mill. Apparently, he was too stressed and even his sideburns were turning white, but he was still able to stand upright.

    The Gu God smiled and said, "Haha, don't even think about relying on the chinese nuclear weapons this time. If you refuse to join the League of Deities and obey the order of the Ancestral Dragon, don't blame me for killing people in the East."

    The Gu God was a skinny, expressionless middle-aged man. He didn't seem to be threatening, but he was riding a giant, golden Gu Worm which showed his identity.

    "Cut the crap! If the old dragon wants to be the Lord of the East, why doesn't it come here?" Hua Yunfeng yelled.

    A blonde man in a golden outfit surrounded by the Gods stepped forward and said, "I'm powerful enough to defeat all of you. There's no need for the Ancestral Master to come." His body was entirely golden in color, even his eyebrows. His energy was much more powerful than that of the God of Hades and his hair was like swords, as if he were a peerless weapon.

    "King Kaneha?"

    Ye Qincang and the others became serious.

    King Kaneha.

    He ranked fifth on the Deity Roll and was the most powerful monster after the old dragon of Dragon Lake. His original form was a golden eagle. He was said to have lived eight centuries and was extremely vicious. He could even fly at ten times the speed of sound.

    "King Kaneha is only a servant to the old dragon. How can you call yourself a king?" Hua Yunfeng said with disdain in his eyes.


    "How dare you!"

    "Shut up!"

    The Entities shouted furiously at the same time.

    King Kaneha shot out two beams of golden light from his eyes like two Divine Swords.

    King Kaneha said after a while, "Hua Yunfeng, I heard that you're the toughest among the Earth Level Deities in China. You were besieged by three monsters of the Merman and battled with them for three days. You didn't run away, but killed two of them and injured one. Unfortunately, I'm not as weak as the Merman. I only need three attacks to kill you!"

    His voice was piercing like a steel knife slashing on an iron plate.

    "Come on."

    Hua Yunfeng wasn't afraid at all.

    Although he had entered the early stage of the Connate Level after cultivating the cultivation art Chen Fan gave him and using the resources the North Qiong Sect had, he wasn't certain if he could handle King Kaneha. After all, King Kaneha was a mid-stage Connate Overlord and his Divine Powers could kill Connate Beings easily.

    "Do you agree with him?"

    King Kaneha glanced over to include everyone else.

    "The East belongs to us humans. We can't let you run wild here," Ye Qincang said.

    Seeing how determined they were, King Kaneha snickered and appeared to feel sorry for them. "Unfortunately, the Yellow Dragon River will be flooded with the blood of Earth Level Deities today."

    Everyone froze after hearing what he said.

    Ten miles of the area were filled with the energy of fifteen Earth Level Deities. People inside the Yinfeng Tower, on the street and in the houses in the area felt like they were carrying a giant rock on their backs and they immediately knelt down.

    Even Ye Qincang was hit hard and stepped backwards. Only Chen Fan was still standing in his original position.

    At this moment.

    Everyone knew the negotiations had broken down. Next would be war.

    "Boom, boom!"

    A dozen flashes of light were shot towards Ye Qincang and the others. One of them was the God of Hades. He stared at Chen Fan and shouted, "Leave that white-haired human with me. I must take out his soul and burn it in Hell for a thousand years!"

    People looked at the screen anxiously.

    Everyone knew the battle would determine if the East could remain independent and if China had to yield to these monsters. Even though almost all of them knew the result, they still hoped that a miracle would happen.

    But miracles were miracles after all.


    Someone on the human side had been injured.

    King Kaneha attacked first. He turned into a flash of golden light like a Divine Sword and the Sword Qi was shot towards Hua Yunfeng. Hua Yunfeng initiated his Burning Cloud Qi Energy and used the "Twelve Divine Flame Art" Chen Fan had taught him.

    The sky turned into a sea of fire.

    But it was useless in front of King Kaneha.

    A gap of several hundred meters appeared from the west to the east of the Yellow Dragon River and the sea of fire was split. At that moment, Hua Yunfeng threw seventeen punches which carried a powerful Qi Energy, but King Kaneha blocked them and made two long scratches on his body.

    "Human, you're too weak."

    A pair of golden wings appeared on the back of King Kaneha and it instantly flew back several hundred meters, avoiding Hua Yunfeng's attack. Its eyes were full of disdain. Hua Yunfeng was speechless.


    The others also joined the fight.

    Ye Qincang's opponent was a monster from Dragon Lake which ranked high in the Deity Roll. It was called the Heavenly Snake King, a black, hundred-meter snake. It was said to be related to the old dragon and was its descendant.

    The Heavenly Snake King turned into an evil man. When it attacked, the sky was covered with a giant snake shadow which seemed to be swallowing Ye Qincang.

    Ye Qincang broke free after casting all his spells and pushing his Mixed-essence Energy to the maximum.

    Chen Huaian and Xie Yan were also fighting hard. Each of them had been besieged by six Entities. Although they were really powerful, they still couldn't deal with so many enemies at once.

    Countless people were terrified.

    Even though they still had a hint of hope before, they had to admit that there was a huge difference in power between the humans and the Entities after seeing what happened.

    "If you give us ten more years, we'll have another ten Earth Level Deities."

    The Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect clenched his fists.

    "It's too late. They're not idiots. They won't wait for us to grow."

    Another old Immortal State Warrior shook his head and smiled wryly.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Four Earth Level Deities on the human side had been injured in just a few seconds. Other than Ye Qincang, the other three of them fell back and Hua Yunfeng was even drenched in blood.

    Meanwhile, in front of the television sets.

    Countless Chinese citizens were crying and a lot of Asians couldn't even watch.

    The terrifying energy of the twenty Connate Cultivators was swept across all of Zhong Hai.

    The wind was howling, thunderclouds gathered and claps of thunder came above Zhong Hai. There were even countless cyclones on the Yellow Dragon River. Some energy crushed the streets on the sides of the river and buildings collapsed. This terrifying storm was swept further away and people started to evacuate the Yinfeng Tower.

    "We can only hope that the white-haired senior can turn the tide."

    Many people looked at Chen Fan.

    But they felt hopeless when they saw the fierce God of Hades. The power of the God of Hades was right after King Kaneha and it was known for his viciousness. Chen Fan was only a nameless Earth Level Deity, how could he fight back?

    "Is this the end of China?"

    Countless people were devastated.

    Even the Immortal State Warriors and the leaders of the major families closed their eyes.

    Chen Fan suddenly looked up, then smiled and said, "Do you really think you can defeat the East?

    "Don't you know that Earth is my territory?"

    Then, Chen Fan stepped forward.

    The world went silent and the air seemed to have frozen.