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Chapter 292 - Yu Shasha’s Despair!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 292: Yu Shasha’s Despair!

    “That’s right, Daddy. Where did the big crane take those uncles and aunties?” Mengmeng was curious too.

    Ye Chen chuckled at their reaction. “Haven’t you guys heard of the crane flying to the west? The crane took them to the six realms of rebirth. They’ll be reborn according to their fates.”

    In this world, humans would turn into ghosts after death, and they would be treated either way. Humans were separated by their status while ghosts were separated by kindness and evil.

    Regular ghosts would have their souls collected by the hell envoy. The hell envoy had a bad temper toward ordinary souls. They would usually use locks and a wand to bring them to hell by force.

    There was another type of ghost for which the hell envoy would bring along hell soldiers as well as guards to pick the ghosts up while playing the drums.

    In history, Bao Gong was made King Yama after being taken to hell by the hell troop. That was how the saying ‘the most loyal and filial one would be made the king of hell after death’ came about.

    Apart from those two ways, Ye Chen, who was the Heavenly Emperor of the generation, could chant mantras for the spirits. In turn, the procedure of the spirits going to hell would be skipped and they would go straight to the six realms of rebirth.

    To put it simply, the crane that took the spirits away was the equivalent of a shortcut.

    “Stay here to rest. I’ll check this place out,” Ye Chen said and he began wandering around the Ghost Rider Sect. Since he was there, he would not leave empty-handed.


    The next morning, Ye Chen took Su Yuhan and Mengmeng away from the mountain after resting in the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate for a night.

    They were going to the Longxi bus station. He was planning to take the bus from the station to Ganzhou’s provincial city to take a plane to Beijing. From there, they would return to Tiannan.

    He did that mainly because Su Yuhan was not used to flying on a sword. Perhaps, it was hard to change a modern person’s mentality within such a short period of time.

    When it was close to noon, they were surprised to find many police officers at the entrance of the bus station when they got there.

    “Why are there so many police officers? Did something happen here?” Su Yuhan asked in confusion.

    Ye Chen scanned the area with his Divine Consciousness. Just when he was going to speak, he realized that there was a man wearing a baseball cap standing at the newsstand less than 500 meters away.

    The person looked surprised and was even over the moon when he saw him. Subsequently, he suddenly ran into an alley quietly.

    “Wait for me here!” Ye Chen left after saying that. He went after that man immediately. When he arrived at the alley, he saw the man in a baseball cap taking his phone out to call someone.

    The man was shocked when he noticed Ye Chen. His phone dropped onto the ground, appearing very panicked. “H-how did you catch up to me?”

    “Are you calling the Murong clan?” Ye Chen said wryly.

    The man retreated a few steps back in the attempt to run suddenly. However, he instantly felt that he could no longer move.

    Ye Chen walked over and pressed his palm on his head realizing that he was unwilling to tell. He performed Soul Searching Tactic on him forcefully.

    Subsequently, he found out that the Murong clan had captured Yu Shasha due to Murong Yang’s death, and Murong He had invited him to a battle.

    “Murong He, you’re seeking death!” Ye Chen chuckled. He disappeared from where he was without even looking at that young man in the baseball cap who had turned dumb.

    Su Yuhan asked as soon as she saw him again, “Where did you go?”

    “Do you still remember Yu Shasha? She’s been captured, so I’m going to save her,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    He was not someone who would stick his nose into somebody else’s business. He was doing that mainly because he dragged Yu Shasha into this trouble. Moreover, she was a nice person. Therefore, he was planning to save her.

    Su Yuhan was shocked. “What? Who has captured her?”

    “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to her. Let’s go. We’ll settle down first,” Ye Chen comforted her and brought the mother and daughter duo to check into a hotel nearby.

    After ordering Ye Wushuang to protect them, he left the hotel and rushed toward the Murong residence.


    At the same time in the backyard of the Murong residence, there were two tall and muscular hunks guarding at the entrance of a tiny warehouse.

    When Murong Xue walked over with a lunch box in hand, the hunks stopped her immediately.

    “I’m bringing food to my friend.” Murong Xue forced a smile on her face. Subsequently, two thick stacks of cash appeared in her hand. She passed them to the two hunks in a subtle manner while saying, “Please let me in.”

    A smile appeared on their faces after accepting the cash. “Get in. You only have ten minutes.”

    Nobody would reject money, including both of them.

    Murong Xue thanked them and walked in with the lunch box. She saw that Yu Shasha’s hands and legs were tied onto the stool that she was sitting on. There was a ball of fabric in her mouth.

    Yu Shasha began sobbing when she saw Murong Xue, and anticipation filled her little face.

    After Murong Xue removed the fabric, she said immediately, “Sister Xue, how did it go? Are they willing to release me?”

    Murong Xue bit her lip when she saw her nervous face. She said while feeling helpless, “I don’t think so, Shasha. I’ve done my best.”

    She got her father, Murong Cheng, to beg Murong He earlier, wanting to urge them to release Yu Shasha, but they were chased out before they could speak to anyone.

    She was merely from the Murong clan’s branch family, so she had no right to see Murong He at all, more so when it was Murong He’s favorite grandson Murong Yang who was killed this time.

    Yu Shasha covered her mouth and cried upon hearing that. Her tears were dripping like beads dropping from a broken thread.

    She was just a university student who had yet to graduate. However, the Murong clan had captured her just because she knew Ye Chen, and her life was now even at risk. Nobody would be able to take it.

    “Shasha, I brought your favorite chive buns. Have some,” Murong Xue said while forcing a smile.

    However, Yu Shasha could not stop crying.

    Murong Xue was in pain and rage to see her in agony. “Ye is the one to blame. If not for him, how would you have been dragged into this?”

    She looked guilty as she spoke to this point, “If we had known this earlier, we shouldn’t have spoken to him on the bus earlier.”

    “Sister Xue, did Ye Chen really kill Murong Yang?” Yu Shasha wiped her tears and suddenly lifted her head to look at her.

    Murong Xue fell into silence for a few seconds. She shook her head and said, “I’m not sure, but the news should be true.”

    She was in disbelief at first when she heard that Ye Chen had killed Murong Yang. After all, to her, Ye Chen came from a wealthy family at most. How would he possess such great ability and courage to kill Murong Yang?

    One must know that not only Murong Yang was Murong clan’s eldest young master, but he was also a cultivator, a Spell Master on mastery-stage Dao Entry.

    However, the truth was right before her, so she had to believe it no matter what. Her only reaction was that she was shocked by Ye Chen having such an ability. If she was not from the Murong clan’s branch family and despised Ye Chen during that critical time, she might have been captured together with Yu Shasha.

    At that moment, Yu Shasha said weakly while biting her lip, “Sister Xue, d-do you think Ye Chen will…save me?”

    “Hah!” Murong Xue scoffed, “What do you think? You silly girl, you might not know how powerful Murong He is. He’s an Illuminating God Spell Master. He’s like a god. Even if Ye Chen has some ability, he definitely isn’t his match.

    “He knows that this is a trap. Given that you’ve nothing to do with him, why would he come unless there’s something wrong with his head? He might be hiding now.”

    Yu Shasha’s pretty face turned pale upon hearing that. She began crying again as she felt utter despair.