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Chapter 783 - Do You Have a Problem with That?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
783 Do You Have a Problem with That?Nobody—not even the Immortal State Warriors of the Ba Ji Sect and the Xin Yi Sect—had ever thought that Chen Fan would be an Earth Level Deity.

    After all, Earth Level Deities were too rare. Even though there were a lot of Deities and Saints on Earth, they were all from the secret lands. Most of them barely appeared in the mortal world.

    Very few of the Earth Level Deities would show up in front of people and fewer were born on Earth like Chen Fan.

    "When did the North Qiong Sect get another Earth Level Deity?"

    Many wondered.

    "He might not be from the North Qiong Sect. I've never seen this white-haired senior before. He's probably a reclusive Heavenly Being who finally came out after hearing about the ambition of the Dragon Lake," Gao Baisheng said excitedly.

    China could only rely on Ye Qincang for support. If there weren't three more Earth Level Deities in the North Qiong Sect, the Gu God and the Lord of Beimang would have already messed with the country. So, it was uplifting to see another Earth Level Deity at this critical moment.

    A lot of people were thrilled.

    "Wow, the white-haired Heavenly Being is impressive. I'm completely in awe! I really want to take off his sunglasses and see what he looks like. He must be extremely handsome."

    On Weibo, WeChat and other social media platforms.

    Countless people were in awe of Chen Fan killing Zhang Ruoxu with one hand and had instantly become his fans.

    Some of them even formed a "White-haired Heavenly Being Fan Club" and other kinds of fan pages.

    But the Immortal State Warriors of the large sects shook their heads and said seriously, "The white-haired senior alone is not strong enough. Which of the secret lands doesn't have at least seven Earth Level Deities? The Christian Church even has countless Saints and angels. Unless this senior is as powerful as the old dragon or the Pope of the Christian Church, he's way too weak."

    Then, what happened next seemed to be proving that.

    Chen Fan didn't frighten the Earth Level Deities by killing Zhang Ruoxu. The Immortal State Warriors, including Cao Qiudin, Amou Umi and several from the Zhang family, shot to the sky and glared at Chen Fan.

    "You're nuts. How dare you kill Master Xu? Aren't you afraid of the Zhang family?"

    The Immortal State Warriors from the Zhang family looked at Chen Fan viciously.

    Cao Qiudin even sneered.

    "Don't you think you can do whatever you want just because you're an Earth Level Deity. Many Deities and Entities are coming here. Brother Ruoxu was the most adored junior of the monsters. You're no match to the ancestors. If you piss the Dragon Lake and the Zhang family off, they'll kill you no matter how strong you are."

    The old dragon of Chang Bai had lived a thousand years and was the oldest monster in the world. It was known as the ancestor of all monsters.

    Many people then turned pale.

    "Yeah, the old dragon is a being that can't be killed, not even with nuclear bombs. The white-haired senior is definitely no match to it. It's on its way now. He should run as fast as he can."

    "Ah, this would never happen if China also had an Overlord."

    Some of them asked Chen Fan to leave and some sighed.

    But Chen Fan ignored them. Those Immortal State Warriors were like ants in his eyes.

    He then flicked his fingers.


    A white energy was shot across the sky like a sword and hit Cao Qiudin. He then exploded into a blood mist without being able to say a word.

    But this was only the beginning.

    Then, Chen Fan flicked his fingers continuously.

    Each flick made one Immortal State Warrior explode in the air. Soon, five of the Immortal State Warriors were killed, leaving Amou Umi alone.


    Amou Umi was grinding his teeth.

    Then, he realized Chen Fan was a Heavenly Being! Whether Chen Fan was powerful enough to fight with the old dragon or not, it was easy for him to kill Immortal State Warriors like them.

    "A Heavenly Being cannot be offended!"

    This came to many people's minds.

    "I'm the servant of the God of Hades. My Lord ranks twenty third on the Deity Roll. If you kill me, you'll become an enemy of the entire Divine Dao Community in Japan, the Amou Family and the God of Hades…"

    Amou Umi yelled as a pair of black wings appeared on his back to make a quick escape.

    He flew a few thousand meters in a heartbeat. The Amou Family was known as the servants of God and Divine Arts had been granted to them by the God of Hades. They could grow Death Wings like fallen angels.

    A thunderous sound came from afar.


    But Chen Fan had already flicked his fingers.


    A sound akin to gunfire was heard and a white burst of energy was shot, traveling several thousand meters in a blink. The energy wasn't True Essence or Divine Powers. It was the energy of Chen Fan's body, which was like an air cannon. His power was too strong, not even Immortal State Warriors could see his attack.

    "He's a God…"

    Amou Umi cracked a smile.

    In the next second, he shattered into pieces and even his Divine Soul was crushed. He ended up exploding into splashes of blood in the air.

    In a blink, Chen Fan killed eight Immortal State Warriors and showed how invincible an Earth Level Deity was.


    Someone flashed from afar and stopped in mid air. An evil energy immediately enveloped the entire Yinfeng Tower and fell on everyone within several kilometers.

    Another Earth Level Deity?

    Everyone looked over.

    There was an endless yellow river around the man, which seemed to be the dirtiest Qi in the world, and countless souls floated in the river. Many people felt dizzy after looking at it, as if their souls had been ripped out. Nobody could see what the man looked like, except his scarlet eyes.

    "How dare you kill my men in front of me?"

    That man spoke loudly with an unique accent. He seemed to have come from Hades.

    "The God of Hades!" the Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect said.

    Gao Baisheng and the others turned pale. Even ordinary people knew who that was in the sky.

    The God of Hades was an ancient Japanese God and a peerless Overlord on the Deity Roll. According to the legends, the God of Hades was an Entity that controlled death in Japan. It was extremely powerful. When it was born, it stirred Hades and flooded Tokyo. The Divine Souls of millions of people were taken away, causing the greatest tragedy in the world.

    Who wouldn't be scared when such a fierce being appeared?

    "The Heavenly Being is screwed. He's definitely no match for the God of Hades. It's the most vicious God in the world."

    "Run! Live to fight another day."

    Countless people commented on the Internet and the live broadcasts. The server of the websites was almost overrun.

    Everyone was worried about Chen Fan.

    But this was only the beginning.

    Then, beams of light arrived at the Yinfeng Tower. It was the Lord of Beimang who was surrounded by Ghost Qi and was wearing an emperor's gown, the pale Gu God who was sitting on a giant worm, the leader of the Zhang family who was half-human and half-dragon…

    The most powerful among them was a man enveloped in a golden aura, who had golden hair, eyebrows and was wearing a golden outfit. His energy was even stronger than that of the God of Hades.

    "One, two, three… fourteen Earth Level Deities?"

    Ningxin counted.

    Her face turned as pale as a white piece of paper.

    Xu Rongfei looked worried and the rest of the audience was speechless. Everyone in front of the screen felt like there was a stone on their chests and they couldn't say a word.

    Fourteen Earth Level Deities!

    How many was that?

    There hadn't been that many Earth Level Deities in the world three years before. In recent days, a secret land was powerful enough to defeat a superpower.

    "The Gu God, the Lord of Beimang, the Blood Python God from Indonesia, the leader of the Zhang family… Together with the God of Hades, there are fifteen Entities here, including five who are listed in the Deity Roll."

    There was a hint of despair on Gao Baisheng's face.

    "The Earth Level Deities of the East are all here, and they seem to have planned this. The so-called cocktail party of the League of Deities was a trap to make the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun yield," the Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect said.

    The other Immortal State Warriors could only give a wry smile. Who could resist such a grand lineup? Not even Ye Qincang and the others would be powerful enough to stand against them, let alone the old dragon yet to arrive.

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said calmly, "I just killed an ant. Do you have a problem with that?"

    The God of Hades grunted and said as he glanced over the sky, "Is there anyone else in China? Only this new Earth Level Deity is here to stop us? Isn't Ye Qincang the top Overlord of the country? Isn't the North Qiong Sect invincible? Why are they afraid of us now?"

    The world was in silence.

    Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian had yet to show up.

    They were the greatest heroes in the hearts of the people in China and the backbone of the country, but they were hiding at the moment, seemingly frightened as the God of Hades said!

    "Are they scared?"

    Many people were disappointed.

    Even though they might not win, everyone hoped that they would fight till the end, not giving away control of the East without trying. They would be seen as a bunch of cowards if they didn't show up.

    "Who said we weren't coming?"

    A voice was heard.

    Then, a beam of white light came from afar and a brawny man appeared. It was the guardian of China and the backbone of Kunlun, Ye Qincang!

    Once Ye Qincang was there, Chen Huaian, Xie Yan and Hua Yunfeng also arrived.

    The four Earth Level Deities stood side by side with Chen Fan, facing the fifteen Entities in front of them.

    Five against fifteen!

    Humans of the East against the Gods of monsters.

    The meeting of the League of Deities had officially started! Countless TV stations around the world were broadcasting the meeting and the satellite cameras were facing that point. Over hundreds of millions of people sat in front of TVs and computers, watching this scene anxiously.

    The moment that determined the destiny of the East finally arrived!