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Chapter 291 - The Asura King!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 291: The Asura King!

    Asura King was also called the Nether Emperor, the Nether King, and the Nether Sovereign. He conquered the six realms and shared the same status on par with the king of the Spirit Realm. He also had the cultivation base of an immortal.

    Unfortunately, the Asura King led the Asura World to attack the Spirit Realm. When he was going to conquer it, three immortals came. The Asura King fought three on his own. It was an intense battle, and his soul was eventually crushed.

    Ye Chen only learned about all those secret information when he was made the Heavenly Emperor since the king of the Asura World had existed longer than he had.

    However, Su Yuhan was now the reincarnation of such a person. Judging by her aura, her cultivation base was higher than the current Ye Chen’s. If they really were to fight, he was definitely not her match.

    Seeming to sense his worry, she said while choking, “Don’t worry. My soul has been crushed. I’m only left with a soul remnant, so I won’t use your woman as my spiritual transfer body. In reality, I don’t have the strength to do that. I’m just something that should disappear between heaven and earth.

    “Perhaps, it’s destiny. Three thousand years ago, Luo Daoyuan founded the Ghost Rider Sect because of me. Three thousand years later, he got my reincarnation here.”

    “Since that’s the case, you should disappear right now!” Ye Chen grinned, not easing his hostility at all.

    Su Yuhan sighed and said, “Before I disappear, I’d like to make a deal with you!”

    “What deal?”

    “Your woman has a dark spiritual root in her body, as well as a pure yin body. Only people who are born with a nether body can acquire my inheritance. Therefore, I’m planning to get her to inherit it.” She paused as she spoke to this point, “I hope that she can save my people, and become the new Asura King.”

    “There’s no need for that. My woman doesn’t need to inherit anything from somebody else,” Ye Chen said while grinning.

    “Forgot it. I’ll leave my inheritance behind anyway. Your woman will choose whether she wants to inherit it or not.” Su Yuhan sighed softly.

    Subsequently, the aura on her began to fade, including the vertical eye between her brows. At the same time, the spirits around wailed.

    After the aura vanished completely, Su Yuhan directly fell on the skeleton throne.

    Ye Chen got up to hold her immediately while checking her body carefully. He was only relieved after confirming that the Asura King had vanished completely and had done nothing to her.


    Over half an hour later, Su Yuhan woke up from unconsciousness slowly. She looked blur. “Ye Chen, what happened to me?”

    “Don’t you remember?” Ye Chen stared at her.

    Su Yuhan got up and looked around. She said while rubbing her forehead, “I only remember that I was sitting there, then I lost consciousness.”

    “Don’t worry. You must be exhausted,” Ye Chen comforted while smiling. He decided to hide what happened earlier.

    However, her next words shocked him. “Oh, yeah, I feel like there is a lot of strange information in my head.”

    “Listen to me. Forget them. Don’t look, don’t think,” he held her hand tightly and said, looking very serious.

    The reason why he was unwilling to let Su Yuhan inherit the Asura King’s inheritance was that he was worried that the Asura King would take over her body when she became more powerful.

    “Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Su Yuhan nodded obediently.

    “Let’s go. Let’s go home.” Ye Chen helped her walk down from the skeleton throne.

    “Wait!” Su Yuhan suddenly stopped walking and looked at the countless spirits aside. Empathy appeared on her pretty face. “Ye Chen, can you release them? They’ve been stuck here for a thousand years. They’re such poor things.”

    “Release them?” Ye Chen frowned. He did not want to care about those things since he was ruthless.

    Su Yuhan went closer to kiss his cheek. She said gently, “Please help them.”

    “Alright then!” Ye Chen nodded and walked to the altar. He lifted his eyes to look at those spirits before him.

    There were up to 10,000 spirits before him. In addition to that, they had intense resentment within them. Chanting a few sentences of the reborn mantra would not do the trick. Even if he could, he would be exhausted by sending them away one by one.

    They seemed to have sensed something, whereby they knelt before Ye Chen in unison.

    Countless materials appeared before him as he thought to this point. He spat True Samadhi Fire before Su Yuhan before he waved and began refining magic tools.

    Soon, six black formation flags appeared before him, as well as a magical tool that was similar to a paper crane.

    Ye Chen placed the six black formation flags around the altar and the magical tool that was similar to the paper crane in the middle.

    Subsequently, he looked at the spirits kneeling before him and said calmly, “You guys have died for a thousand years. Your resentment is deep and lingering. Theoretically, you guys can’t reincarnate. However, for the sake of my woman, I’ll let you guys reincarnate today!”

    A flower that was made of spiritual energy appeared in his hand. As Ye Chen stroked it softly, the flower crushed and turned into spiritual energy that hovered to the spirits before them like scattering dandelions.

    When the spiritual energy landed on the spirits, the resentment from them vanished instantly. Their ferocious faces became extremely gentle.


    Ye Chen lifted his arms and performed hand seals at the reincarnation barrier that he had set up at the altar. The entire altar released a white gleam of light.

    “Those who want to reincarnate, go into the formation!” he shouted.

    As soon as he said that, those spirits that were kneeling on the ground stood up at the same time. They walked into the formation in sequence.

    All of the spirits looked at Su Yuhan in unison. They then glanced at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang who was carrying Mengmeng. They looked very grateful.

    In the next second, pure energy exploded out of their bodies. The energy was like rain pouring on Ye Chen and the rest.

    “What…?” Su Yuhan was stunned.

    The little Mengmeng giggled. “Daddy, this is so fun!”

    “This is the soul power that they’ve been cultivating for a thousand years. They gave us their soul power before leaving as repayment to us,” Ye Chen explained while smiling.

    He could feel that his Divine Consciousness had strengthened significantly. If he could only cover a kilometer range before, he could now cover eight kilometers.

    ‘Every bite and every sip is preordained. It’s karma.’

    “I’ve received all of your kindness, so go in peace!”

    He lifted his eyes to look at the spirits in the formation. He took a deep breath and said, “Hear ye, hear ye. Now, I’m kneeling at the altar to reincarnate these spirits. Those with heads, go forth and be reborn and send those without heads to heaven. Grant grace to all spirits. Now, I order you to be reborn instantly!”

    The altar shook intensely as soon as he spoke, and a gleam shot into the sky. Subsequently, a white crane flew out of the altar. There were spirits riding on the crane.

    “Daddy, it’s a crane!” the little girl exclaimed.

    The crane flapped its wings and flew out of the hall directly. It disappeared!

    Su Yuhan said curiously, “Ye Chen, what’s with that crane?”