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Chapter 782 - Reduced to a Pulp

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     782 Reduced to a Pulp"Boom!"

    Zhang Ruoxu rose to the sky like a dragon, as his body was set aflame by layers of dark halos, transforming him into a dark wyrm. He darted out a few dozen meters in a blink and charged at Chen Fan.

    His display of power justified his spot at the third place of the Divine Roll.

    Everyone's faces changed when they saw the development.

    No one under the level of Earth Level Deity could have defeated Zhang Ruoxu, not even Ye Qincang. The dark energy and wyrm scales that appeared on his skin were telltale signs of his mighty power.


    The main hall of the Yinfeng Tower was over a few hundred meters wide. However, Zhang Ruoxu had coverd that distance with just one step.

    A white light appeared in the air, and then a deafening blare.


    He had moved at two times the speed of sound. So powerful was Zhang Ruoxu's body that he was capable of something that only Heavenly Beings could have achieved. Thanks to the Naga Bloodline, his body was as tough as a dinosaur's.

    "That dude from the North Qiong Sect is dead!"

    Those who could make it into the Yinfeng Tower were all experienced cultivators.

    Many of them were Martial Artists and Spell Casters; they had noticed Zhang Ruoxu's belligerent brutality in his attack. In their opinion, not even a peak level Immortal State Warrior could ward off this attack.

    Many people in the audience who were watching the live feed felt their hearts in their throats.

    Nobody thought Chen Fan could make it alive.


    Chen Fan slapped Zhang Ruoxu's face and made him smash into the ground with such ease that it was as if Zhang Ruoxu were a basketball.


    A man-shaped hole appeared on the granite floor.

    Zhang Ruoxu fell through the hole, and went through seven more floors, banging on the hard cement floor of the basement.


    Everyone was speechless.

    Their eyes were wide open in surprise, wondering if their eyes had cheated them. Did Chen Fan send the number three warrior on the Divine Roll flying with one slap? Worse, Chen Fan's movement was easy and flippant, as if he had just squashed a fly.

    Cao Qiudin, Amou Umi and many other Immortal State Warriors were stunned by such reversal.

    They were the only ones that could gauge Chen Fan's immense power from his attack alone.

    "Who is he? I've never heard of such a powerful warrior in the North Qiong Sect. Is he a hermit?" The Immortal State Warriors looked at Chen Fan in shock.

    Chen Fan's appearance had changed a lot over the last three years. His grey hair had given him a wizened look. The over-sized sunglasses also masked most of his face. Therefore, no one had recognized him.

    "Humph! Karma!" Hands on hip, Ning Xin shouted.

    Everyone cracked a smile after seeing Nin Xin's reaction; all of them gave Chen Fan a thumbs up in their minds for restoring mankind's dignity. The Zhang family of Chang Bai were of the Naga Bloodline, therefore, most humans were on Chen Fan's side.

    "Xiao Xuan, is it just me or that guy looks like the one who was missing."

    Han Juntu stood behind the crowd and narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

    Xian Xuan pulled a taut face as he fixed his eyes on Chen Fan. The more he looked at him, the more he was reminded of Chen Fan.

    Xiao Xuan clenched his fists and said firmly, "No, it's impossible. He was killed in Kunxu."


    Suddenly, a spurt of energy came up from deep underground, just like a volcanic eruption.

    A large hole appeared on the road outside the Yinfeng Tower and from its depths emerged a dark and twisting glow. It flew up to the top of the Yinfeng Tower and revealed Zhang Ruoxu within it.

    Zhang Ruoxu was surrounded by flaming dark energy.

    By then, his Naga Bloodline had been fully awakened. His skin had turned into a layer of thick black scales while his eyes were two dark slits in golden pupils. His gaze was cold as a python's.

    "Come fight me!" Zhang Ruoxu shouted with fury.

    One carefless slip up had nearly cost him his life. He would have been killed by Chen Fan, if not for his Naga Bloodline and the Earth Level Deity Body.

    Zhang Ruoxu's survival had taken Chen Fan by surprise; he didn't expect the young man to survive the attack.

    "Courting death!"

    Chen Fan shook his head after hearing Zhang Ruoxu barking at him. He had only used one percent of his power. If he went all in, he would raze Zhong Hai to the ground.

    "Master, allow me to take care of him for you."

    A'Xiu was eager to try.

    She had been eager to test the Thunder Drum ever since she got it. The secret Dharma Treasure of the Leiyin Mountain was so powerful that it could enable an ordinary man to kill a Connate Cultivator.


    Chen Fan stepped forward and exited the Yinfeng Tower, appearing right before Zhang Ruoxu.

    The two of them stood face to face on either side of the Yinfeng Tower.

    One of them glowed a dark energy, and looked like a Fiend celestial, while the other was in a white outfit with flowy hair, looking like a sage.

    "It's on! it's on! It's not only a showdown between the North Qiong Sect and the Zhang family, but also the ultimate fight among warriors of the Divine Roll!"

    All the people present at the Yinfeng Tower looked up to watch the fight.

    Many citizens took out their cell phones and started recording. Viewers on the Internet also surged to over ten million.

    At that moment, tens of millions of people were watching the fight.

    Major television channels stopped their usual programming to broadcast the live feed of the fight. They marketed this fight as the fight to determine who was the most powerful Immortal State warrior.

    "Bro, you need to win! You are mankind's last hope!"

    "Cheers North Qiong! Kick that traitor's a**! They're not human, they are freaks!"

    Many people voiced their support for Chen Fan on the internet.

    The Zhang family of Chang Bai were of alien blood, therefore not a lot of people supported them. Meanwhile, many people who knew of Chen Fan in the past felt that the man on the screen looked very familiar. However, the camera was too far from the man's face so they couldn't quite place him.

    "Ancestral Master, who do you think will win?" Gao Baisheng bowed to a man and asked. Powerful energy roiled inside of him like dragons. It was apparent that he had become a grandmaster.

    Standing beside him was a middle-aged man who had linked his hands behind his back, looking up into the sky. He furrowed his eyebrows and said, "They are both extremely powerful, only a half-step away from reaching the Earth Level Deity realm, so it's difficult to say. That being said, Zhang Ruoxu has the advantage of his bloodline, therefore, I think he is the most likely to come out on top."

    No one questioned the middle-aged man's evaluation.

    He was a hermit Immortal State Warrior from the Ba Ji Sect, ranking number eleven on the Divine Roll. He wielded nearly as much authority as Ye Qincang in China.

    "The warrior from North Qiong will be defeated if he can't reach the Earth Level Deity level."

    The Xin Yi Sect, the Tai Chi Sect, the Wu family and the Tantric Buddhism Sects also agreed.

    Over the last three years, they had seen every facet of the Zhang family's ruthless might. Members of the family were half human and half naga. Their unique trait had given them an astonishing recovery speed and endurance. They were tough nuts to crack even for Earth Level Deities.

    The Immortal State Warriors' estimate of the outcome disheartened the people around them.

    Cao Qiudin and Amou Umi scoffed and said, "The Naga Bloodline one the purest. None of you mortals can even comprehend its power. If he enters the Earth Level Deity realm, not even Ye Qincang would be able to hold out against him."

    No one dared to speak out against him.

    They knew that he was right. Ye Qincang had faced the Zhang family lord and nearly lost the battle. Meanwhile, Zhang Ruoxu was considered powerful even by the Zhang family's standards.

    People felt more and more concerned for Chen Fan. Compared to Zhang Ruoxu, they knew practically nothing about Chen Fan.

    Meanwhile, a few hundred meters above the ground…

    Zhang Ruoxu licked his lip with his bloody tongue like a bloodthirsty demon. "You messed with the wrong person. I will tear you apart and eat you alive!"

    A burst of furious energy came down on Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and was barely looking at Zhang Ruoxu. Instead, he gazed toward the distant northern horizon, noticing a few powerful presences that were approaching fast. Their energy was similar to that of Zhang Ruoxu. They had to be from the Zhang family.

    "A***ole! How dare you ignore me?"

    Zhang Ruoxu could no longer hold back his anger.

    He punched out, tearing the air open and reaching three times the speed of sound. A white ring-cloud appeared around his fist as he stormed across the space.


    A blaring din emerged.

    Nagas had renowned physique refinement abilities; Zhang Ruoxu's fierce attack could annihilate any Overlord. A smudge of confidence appeared in his eyes as he imagined Chen Fan's defeat in his mind.

    The audience held their collective breath as they watched the screen in suspense.

    "It's suicide."

    Chen Fan lifted a hand and slapped at his foe again.

    This time, he used ten percent of his strength.


    To say that Chen Fan's attack could have toppled a mountain was an understatement, and would not do justice to its unimaginable power. Everyone watched as a golden energy palm that was ten meters in size bore down on Zhang Ruoxu, slapping him away and making him plunge into the river that flowed through the city.

    The energy palm severed the flow of water as it pressed Zhang Ruoxu into the river bed, reducing him into a pulp.

    Chen Fan had killed Zhang Ruoxu with one slap.

    A deadly silence fell over the city. Everyone was stunned by the development. Cao Qiudin and Amou Umi peeled their eyes in shock.

    Zhang Ruoxu, the heir of the Zhang family was killed? The outcome was more unexpected than the biggest plot twist on HBO.

    After a while, a senior Immortal State Warrior mumbled, "A Heavenly Being?"

    Everyone looked up at the man in white outfit and all of them realized who he really was.

    He was an Earth Level Deity!