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Chapter 290 - Su Yuhan’s Shocking Transformation!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 290: Su Yuhan’s Shocking Transformation!

    In the Ghost Rider Sect hall, Ye Chen could not look away from the person in the mural on the wall.

    The red-clad lady who was sitting on the skeleton throne looked too similar to Su Yuhan. With her eyes, her brows, and her beautiful body, she looked as if she was molded after the latter.

    The only difference between them was their charisma. Su Yuhan was a cold goddess with a mature charisma. However, the young lady in the mural exuded a cold and sophisticated charisma.

    At that moment, Mengmeng, who was in Ye Wushuang’s embrace, said while pointing at the young lady in the mural, “Daddy, there’s another Mommy on the wall.”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned grim as he could not help but look at Su Yuhan who was next to him. She was staring blankly at the young lady in the mural, full of focus. Her pretty face looked confused as if she was struggling and trying to recall something.

    Sweat dripped down her forehead. Her beautiful body was shaking lightly, and she seemed a little wobbly.

    Ye Chen extended his arm to hold onto her. He secretly released spiritual energy into her body while he said with his deep voice, “Are you alright?”

    “I-I’m alright!” Su Yuhan stood straight and said after taking a deep breath, “Ye Chen, I fell into an illusion earlier.”

    “What illusion?” he asked solemnly.

    “I think I entered the mural on the wall. I entered the barren land, then the loft, and even the palace.” Su Yuhan held Ye Chen’s hand tightly, her palms drenched in sweat. “I’ve seen many scary things. I-I killed many people. I didn’t want to do it, b-but I couldn’t control myself.”

    “Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. You have me,” Ye Chen held her shoulder and comforted her, “Forget it. Stop looking at it. Let’s leave now.”

    A chill filled his face.

    How could a cult that existed in the Shang Dynasty have such strange murals on the walls? Why did the young lady in the veil resemble Su Yuhan so much?

    The chill within Ye Chen was growing as he connected her series of odd behaviors since coming in. He was sure that it was not a coincidence!

    His first thought was that someone was plotting against him and Su Yuhan and had set this up on purpose. However, he eliminated this thought directly.

    Since their entrance, they had not been attacked or harmed at all. Instead, it had been as easy as walking through a garden. However, that made him feel even more insecure.

    Could that be reincarnation…?

    He would have thought that he was invincible on Earth though not as powerful as he could see through reincarnation and tracing history.

    “No!” However, Su Yuhan shook her head and looked away, “Ye Chen, I’ve got a feeling that there’s something very important to me here!”

    She took a step forward before waiting for him to react after saying that. She walked slowly to the altar.

    Meanwhile, the spirits before her were retreating in silence.

    Just when Ye Chen wanted to go after her, the spirits that were initially silent glared angrily at him. They were snarling at him as if they were warning him.

    ‘Hmph, you’re trying to stop me although you’re just spirits?’ Ye Chen scoffed and released lightning casually. The lightning was zapping in his hand.

    Although the spirits showed fear on their faces, they remained coming at him.

    “Don’t move!” Su Yuhan spoke suddenly.

    The spirits stopped moving instantly.

    “Ye Chen, don’t worry about me. I’m alright.” Su Yuhan turned her head and smiled at him. Subsequently, she walked to the altar slowly. She stopped to look, and eventually, her eyes stopped on the skeleton throne behind the altar.

    The throne was approximately six meters high with a black crystal ball at the handle.

    Su Yuhan paused and lifted her foot to walk to the throne. Eventually, she sat on the throne. She then stretched her hand out and placed it on the black crystal ball.

    In the next second, the aura around her changed. There was endless coldness and sophistication in her. At that moment, she looked as if she had transformed into the young woman with a veil in the mural that studied the world in a condescending manner.

    Bang, bang, bang!

    At that moment, the spirits that remained still knelt to her. Their elusive, ferocious features became extremely kind at that moment.


    Wails came again. It sounded like sad sobs!

    “Y-Your Majesty…” Deep voices came from their mouths.

    “Yuhan, come back!” Ye Chen’s expression changed drastically as he ran toward the throne.


    As soon as he moved, the spirits that were kneeling on the ground charged at him. Their features became distorted and ferocious again.

    “Scram!” He released a dragon roar in his rage. It was the Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Tones.

    A couple of dragon-shaped energy balls swept around, destroying the spirits charging in front!

    However, more spirits charged at him fearlessly. They seemed to want to stop Ye Chen.


    At that moment, Su Yuhan, who was sitting on the throne, suddenly spoke. Her voice was clear, cold, and intimidating.

    All of the spirits stopped as soon as she spoke.

    Ye Chen only looked at her then. There was a black, vertical eye that contained endless evil energy between her brows.

    Most importantly, the aura on her changed, so she became rather unfamiliar.

    Ye Chen sensed an extremely terrifying force coming from her. This force was nothing lower than him when he had been in the immortal world.

    A spiritual transfer?

    Such a thought popped into Ye Chen’s head. He shouted angrily at Su Yuhan immediately, “Which demon are you? How dare you touch my woman? Get out of her body now!”

    Ye Wushuang’s expression changed slightly. He carried Mengmeng and stood next to Ye Chen while there were bolts of lightning coming out of the Great Thunder Sword in his hand.

    Su Yuhan lifted her eyes to look at Ye Chen. There were complication and warmth in her eyes while she said, parting her red lips softly, “Heavenly Emperor Ye, your woman is fine. There’s no need to worry.”

    “Who exactly are you?” Ye Chen looked extremely somber, but fear was growing in him.

    Su Yuhan lifted her eyes to look at the entire Ghost Rider Sect hall. She said slowly, “Three thousand years ago, the founding sect leader of the Ghost Rider Sect, Luo Daoyuan, went somewhere into his dream. The place was dark while the men were ugly. However, all of the women were beautiful.

    “As Luo Daoyuan wandered in that world, he unintentionally saw a lady sitting in a loft with a zither. A glance was all it took for Luo Daoyuan to fall in love with that lady. He wanted to talk to her, but the lady’s music woke him up.

    “Since then, Luo Daoyuan went into the dream over and over again in the attempt to enter that world. However, he failed to find it no matter what. He could only establish the Ghost Rider Sect, as well as carve everything that he saw that day in the hall.”

    Ye Chen glanced deeply at her hearing her story. “Is the world that Luo Daoyuan went to the Asura World?”

    He finally understood it now. It was no wonder that there were such scenes in the murals as they only happened in the six realms in the Asura World.

    “That’s right.” Su Yuhan nodded slightly while her lashes fluttered softly. “It’s the Asura World. Meanwhile, I’m the remnant of the Asura King’s soul, and your woman is my reincarnation.”

    Ye Chen was stunned. “What did you say?”