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Chapter 289 - 10,000 Spirits Worshipping, Strange Murals on the Walls!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 289: 10,000 Spirits Worshipping, Strange Murals on the Walls!

    Ye Chen frowned slightly while facing the many spirits that were coming at him like an ocean wave. He sensed intense resentment from those spirits. Moreover, the temperature in the room had changed. Even Ye Chen could not help but feel surprised.

    However, he was merely surprised. It was impossible for them to harm him!

    A black flag appeared in his hand as he thought about it. When he was going to capture those spirits, Su Yuhan suddenly spoke from behind him, “Ye Chen, no!”

    He could not help but turn his head to see Su Yuhan looking at him while biting her lip in a begging manner. Subsequently, she walked in front after shaking his hand off her.

    “Yuhan, you…” Ye Chen’s lips parted slightly.

    In the next second, the spirits that were charging suddenly stopped as if they had received some order.

    At that moment, they stopped shrieking, and they no longer growled. The resentment and rage from them even declined now. However, they were flying above Su Yuhan while observing her.

    What was happening?

    Ye Chen’s expression looked serious as he watched whatever that was happening before him in astonishment.

    In the next second, those spirits landed on the ground and knelt before Su Yuhan in unison. As if they were meeting their king, they wailed together. To be exact, they were sobbing.

    10,000 spirits worshipping and sobbing!

    Such a scene was just too strange!

    No matter how stable Ye Chen was, he could not help but be stunned by the turn of events.

    Ye Wushuang walked to Su Yuhan by instinct.

    “Wushuang, no need for that!” Su Yuhan shook her head while her eyes looked rather blank. “They won’t hurt me.”

    Although that was the case, Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang dared not let their guards down.

    Subsequently, she lifted her head to look at the dark spirits that were kneeling before her. She said in a deep voice, “I don’t know why, but I feel like crying when I hear your sobbing.”


    Cold gusts of wind that echoed like sobbing were getting stronger now. The spirits buried their heads to the ground and wailed, lending the cold stone room an extra sense of grief.

    “Get up and stop crying,” Su Yuhan said with her red eyes.

    The spirits stood up one after another after hearing that. They retreated aside and remained still, creating a path.

    There was a skeleton throne erected behind the altar as they looked toward the path. It was entirely made of human bones.

    Su Yuhan’s face turned pale abruptly.

    “There are murals on the walls!” Ye Wushuang suddenly said.

    Ye Chen looked at the wall before him by instinct. Under the bright illuminating pearls, strange murals came into their field of vision.

    The murals were alive!

    The first one seemed to be an eerie barren land. The sky above the barren land was black. There was no sun, stars, or moon. There were piles of skeletons all around with green gleams coming out of their hollowed eyes. It seemed to be a ghostly light.

    Meanwhile, there were all sorts of strange plants growing on the barren land.

    There was a plant that was similar to a cactus that was the height of a man. There were many tentacles on it while there were faint ghost faces of resentment on the tentacles.

    There was also a giant skeleton that was similar to an ape that was 30 meters tall. It dragged itself onto a mountain with one hand as it roamed the barren land.

    “Is that an undead?” Ye Chen looked extremely serious.

    In reality, the undead was something that was different from ghosts. People knew that human souls would turn into ghosts after death. Meanwhile, a corpse with a rotten body would turn into a zombie.

    However, people had no idea that even if one’s body was rotten and only a skeleton remained, it could still retain its consciousness and life.

    Ye Chen had never expected to see such a scene on Earth. Furthermore, he saw it in the so-called Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate. He had a faint fear for the Ghost Rider Sect now as he thought about it.

    Next, he had his eyes on the second mural. Compared to the previous one, this was not as strange.

    It was a picture of a beautiful mountain and a river, and there were beautiful lofts around. Meanwhile, there was a young lady in ancient attire approximately 16 or 17 years of age playing a zither in a quaint loft.

    It looked like heaven on earth.

    The young lady had a veil covering her face, and she had her hair draping down her back. She tied a portion of it into a bun while the rest of her hair was long like a waterfall. She placed her skinny fingers that were as fair as jade on the zither.

    She exuded a cold charisma while her eyes were profound. When one looked at her, she looked like an enchantress of the generation. When one took a second glance again, she was like an empress who conquered the world.

    Ye Chen could not help but stare at Su Yuhan next to him by instinct as he checked out the mural. He felt like the young lady’s features in the mural resembled Su Yuhan!

    Was that a coincidence?

    Ye Chen clenched his fists hard as a chill grew within him. The fear he had of the Ghost Rider Sect grew a little. It was just too strange!

    The 10,000 spirits worshipped her, and now, there was the young lady in the mural!

    He suppressed the stirring emotions in him forcefully and looked at the third mural.

    It was the same young lady with the zither from before. However, she was now in a dark palace, sitting on a skeleton throne. Ghost lights hovered around her.

    Meanwhile, shadows were kneeling before her. There was no end to the shadows. Some of them had a height similar to humans. However, they had fangs. Some of them were over 300 meters tall like giants.

    Ye Chen squinted. “Is this the Demon Tribe, the Devil Tribe, or the Ghost Tribe?”


    At the same time, the entire Ganzhou was stirred.

    Murong Yang was dead!

    No, he had been killed!

    A shocking wave was stirred in Ganzhou when someone spread the news. It was no different than an earthquake.

    One must know that the Murong clan was the boss of Ganzhou while Murong Yang was the clan’s young master whom the clan’s pillar, Murong He, favored.

    Now that someone had dared to kill Murong Yang, was that not a declaration of war to the Murong clan and a war declaration to Murong He, the Illuminating God almighty in the spell world?

    “Trash, you guys are a bunch of trash!”

    In the Murong clan’s ancestral residence located in Longxi, the old Murong He’s expression was extremely grim as he looked at the Murong clan’s high management kneeling before him.

    “Everyone in the clan went searching, but nobody caught that brat. What are you guys even good for?”

    Upon hearing that, one of the high management, Murong Yuan, said weakly, “As you ordered, we’ve locked down all of the transportation hubs in Longxi. We even got the county government to work with the police force, but we didn’t find Ye.”

    “Oh, yeah, we heard that Ye Chen is close to a lady named Yu Shasha and a gangster named Ma Qiang. We’ve captured them, but we got nothing after interrogating them for two hours,” another high management from the Murong clan, Murong Nan, said in fear.

    Murong He slammed a mug across at them and injured one of their heads. He said while grinning, “So, Yang’er died in vain?”

    He was heartbroken when he recalled how his favorite Murong Yang had died before him.

    “Old Master, since this man killed Young Master Yang who was on Dao Entry, I believe his ability is at least on peak-stage Dao Entry. He might e-even…” Murong Yuan hesitated to continue.

    Murong He smiled despite his rage. “He might even what? He might even be like me, an expert on Illuminating God?”

    Murong Yuan said nothing.

    “I don’t care whether that man is on Illuminating God or not. No matter what, he must die since he has killed Yang’er!” Murong He stated.

    Murong Nan thought about it and suddenly said, “Old Master, I’m guessing Ye is definitely still in Longxi because we found out that he brought his wife and daughter along. They must have taken some kind of transportation if they’ve left. It’s impossible that they’d walk!”

    He paused as he spoke to this point and suggested, “I heard that brat is close to Yu Shasha. Let’s use her to blackmail Ye Chen to see if he’ll show up!”

    “That’ll do!” Murong He’s face relaxed as brutality flashed through his eyes. “At the same time, use my name to write him a letter of challenge. In three days, I, Murong He, will fight this man on the Longxi River!

    “If he daren’t come, I’ll kill this little girl named Yu to release my rage. If he comes, I’ll kill him before everyone in Ganzhou so that they’ll learn that nobody shall dare to challenge my family as long as I’m still alive!”


    Murong He had invited Ye Chen to a battle which was scheduled for three days later!

    As the Murong clan’s letter of challenge was broadcasted, Ganzhou was stirred. Everyone looked astounded.

    Apart from being shocked, they began asking about the grudge between them.

    When they learned that Ye Chen was the one who had killed Murong Yang and Old Fu from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, they were speechless with bewilderment.

    One must know that Murong Yang was a Spell Master on mastery-stage Dao Entry. Who below Illuminating God could kill him?

    Could that young man named Ye Chen be on Illuminating God?

    The people broke into discussion apart from being shocked when that thought came to mind.

    If that was the case, would they not have the opportunity to witness the battle of two Illuminating God experts from the spell world?

    At that moment, a huge crowd made their way to Longxi.


    On the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, Yao Bingyue sat down hard on the couch after hanging up the phone. There were shock and disbelief on her pretty face. “Murong He is inviting Ye Chen for a battle? It was Ye Chen who killed Murong Yang and Old Fu?

    “This means that Ye Chen is at least a Spell Master on peak-stage Dao Entry. He might even be an Illuminating God almighty…”

    Her face turned pale as she thought to this point. Regret began to grow within her.

    “I deceived him! I even sent Old Fu to kill him! If he comes for revenge…No!”

    She suddenly shook her head. Ye definitely would not live.

    No matter if he was on peak-stage Dao Entry or Illuminating God, he was definitely not Murong He’s match. Murong He had been known for decades, and he had reached Illuminating God in his cultivation…

    That was right!

    That was it!

    She could not help but reveal a grin on her face.

    ‘Ye! I’ve underestimated you before, but so what!? You’ve offended Murong He! I’d like to see how he’ll kill you soon!’