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Chapter 781 - Killing With A Stare

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     781 Killing With A Stare"The North Qiong Sect and the Zhang family of Chang Bai are at it!"

    "They say that four Grandmasters of the Zhang family were killed on the spot and even an Immortal State Warrior was injured."

    "Zhang Ruoxu, the heir of the Zhang family is on his way to the scene right now. It's going to be a bloodbath."

    The news was spread across all platforms and became a sensational headline on the internet. Nearly all the netizens across the world were talking about it.

    Initially, the founding of the East League of Deities had been at the top of the search chart.

    It had been the hottest search item on all the major search platforms. At this moment, there were over ten billion people in the east following all the developments regarding the League of Deities. It was difficult to trace the Earth Level Deities, so the public had focused their attention on the rich and powerful.

    "Hurry! Turn on the live feed."

    "I've heard that Zhang Ruoxu has already reached the peak of the Immortal State, and that he used to fight against Azure Dragon, ranking number three on the Divine Roll. Only Earth Level Deities could hold out against him. I think the North Qiong sect is in trouble," many people thought to themselves with concern.

    The Divine Roll was filled with much more powerful cultivators compared to what it was three years back.

    In recent days, most of the spots on the roll had been taken up by elites from major mystic realms who weren't any weaker than the Azure Thearch or the Thearch's Son.

    "We have a feed."

    The media rushed into the Yinfeng Tower and started broadcasting the event. The footage was then streamed directly through many platforms.

    In the video, Chen Fan was wearing a casual outfit with long grey hair and a pair of sunglasses. He wrapped one of his arms around the tiny waist of a drop dead gorgeous woman as he ambled into view.

    "That's him!"

    "Who is he? I've never heard of him!"

    "I wager he's a young disciple of North Qiong. However, I doubt he can hold out against Zhang Ruoxu."

    Even as the public speticulated the background of the strange young man, the elevator door opened up and a group of stately bigwigs emerged.

    Every livefeed's comment section became silent the moment those men and women appeared. They represented the power of the entire eastern hemisphere.

    The ones in the front were lords of powerful families.

    Then came the elite Earth Level Deities.

    The last one who came out of the elevator was a young man in a black outfit. His face was severe and his footsteps were firm.

    He was of the Naga's bloodline, the number three on the Divine Roll, Zhang Ruoxu! A flicker of dark light flashed in his eyes when he saw the old man under Chen Fan's foot.

    "Young Master, he humiliated the Zhang family and threatened to assimilate us. He… he also called us a family of bastards."

    The old man bleated like an old donkey.

    Zhang Ruoxu focused his icy gaze on Chen Fan. "Are you the Disciple of the North Qiong everyone has been talking about? What has my servant done to you to deserve such treatment? Why do you insult my family, the Zhang family of Chang Bai? Do you think you are safe under the North Qiong Sect's protection?"

    "Zhang family? I've never heard of it."

    Chen Fan yawned.

    Everyone's faces darkened and Zhang Ruoxu and his cohort's anger flared even further. Over the last three years,the Zhang family had claimed the seat of power in China and were considered equal to the five superpowers in the world. Chen Fan's remark was a blatant insult and his flippant manner rubbed it in.

    "Hehe, another charlatan, how typical of North Qiong disciples," a young man said. He was standing beside Zhang Ruoxu, wearing an archaic Onmyouji outfit that looked incredibly fitting on him.

    Amou Umi

    He was the heir of the Amou Family

    As servants to the God of Hades, the Amou Family had a special place in Japan and was considered more venerable than the royalty of Japan. Amou Umi had reached the Immortal State before he turned twenty and was extremely talented.

    "He is all-talk. His sect did nothing when we took the Medicine Hall's Hall Master away."

    The Junior Prophet from the Gu God Sect smirked.

    "Just so! We also took the Yin Dragon Pond from their Yin Ghost Sect and they did nothing, either. The North Qiong Sect is just a bunch of cowards!"

    The Young Lord of the Cao Family, Cao Qiudin laughed out loud.

    Color was drained away from A'Xiu's face as they spoke. By then the embarrassment in her eyes had been replaced by fire.

    People around the heirs of the mighty family nodded in agreement. It was apparent that the North Qiong Sect was no match against the Mystic realm. The North Qiong Sect knew that too, otherwise they wouldn't have remained reticent.

    "Let go of my servant, I might spare your life."

    Zhang Ruoxu lifted up his chain, looking away from Chen Fan to land his gaze on Xu Rongfei.

    A smile surfaced on the old man's face, thinking that Chen Fan was going to release him.

    The old man had already started to plan his revenge.

    "Is that so?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.


    A crunchy noise was heard, sounding as if someone had just cut open a watermelon.

    Under everyone's surprised eyes, Chen Fan tapped the tip of his toe on the old man's head, smashing it into a pulp. Not even the old man's Divine Soul could escape.

    Chen Fan's sudden move had extinguished any possibility of reconciling with the Zhang family.

    "This is going to get serious!"

    Many people closed their eyes and heaved a sigh.

    Shock and fury contorted Zhang Ruoxu's face; his body was taut with anger. It happened too fast for him to react and save his trusted servant. His face darkened as he squeezed a few words out of his mouth, "You are courting death!"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and replied calmly, "I said that I would slaughter the Zhang family. He was the first, you are next."

    The Zhang family had committed heinous crimes after they had claimed the Dragon Lake for themselves. They had pushed their weight around in Northeastern China and had gotten used to doing whatever they wanted. Even their servants thought they could get away with just about anything.

    "Good, very good!

    Zhang Ruoxu let out an ugly grin.

    Two rays of dark light shot out from his eyes as translucent scales appeared on his face. It was the result of his Naga Bloodline and those features would only show up when he was furious.

    "Young Lord, please allow me to teach him a lesson on your behalf," the Junior Prophet of the Gu God Sect said.

    Although there was an Earth Level Deity in the Gu God sect, his might was a far cry when compared with the one from the Zhang family. The dragon residing in the Zhang family was a real dragon who had lived a thousand years, quietly harnessing energy all the while. Meanwhile, the Gu God had reincarnated a few times; his energy had dwindled to a fraction of what it once was. Therefore, they needed protection from the Zhang family.

    "Clack, clack!"

    The Junior Prophet took a step forward against a gust of wind. He looked just like an outstanding young elite.

    However, everyone watched him with fear as they took a dozen steps back to get out of harm's way. Gu God was a Gu Worm that had reached a high enlightenment. He was the source of nearly all Gong Tau arts.

    "Be careful, he once poisoned an entire army," Ning Xin shouted out.

    The Junior Prophet was considered much deadlier than Zhang Ruoxu, particularly because of the Gu Worms hidden inside him. He was the heir apparent to the Chief Prophet, having already reached the mid-stage of the Immortal State, ranking number twenty seven on the Divine Roll.

    "Vroom, vroom."

    Everyone watched as the Junior Prophet reached out with one hand.

    Many small Gu Worms flew out of his sleeve, forming a large hand in the air that swooped down on Chen Fan. The sight gave many people goosebumps and thus shied away.

    "It's the Blood Sucking Gu. Rumor has it that this Gu can turn a living elephant into jerky," an Martial Artist shouted.

    Xu Rongfei was a bundle of nerves; she held tightly on to Chen Fan's elbow, but A'Xiu and Fang Qiong weren't worried for Chen Fan at all. Chen Fan was invincible; he had killed hundreds of sages, how could he be threatened by some worms?

    Lo and behold, Chen Fan snorted as a flicker of dark flame flashed in his eyes.


    Suddenly, a pitch dark yet incandescent Blade Aura appeared in the air.

    The Kylin Fire blade appeared only for a fraction of second, but it left a powerful effect on reality. Countless Blood Sucking Gu Worms were reduced into ashes.

    Meanwhile, a zigzagging Blade Aura was extended from Chen Fan, all the way to the Junior Prophet.


    Under everyone's shocked eyes, the Junior Prophet's body exploded from the inside, unleashing an overwhelming wave of dark energy that devoured all the Gu Poison and Gu Worms.

    The Kylin was the master of all beasts, and was the paragon of Yang energy.

    The Kylin Fire had a deadly effect on all Gu arts.


    The Junior Prophet was reduced into ashes before he could finish shrieking.

    A deadly silence fell over the room. The people who watched the live feed were also shocked beyond belief. The Junior Prophet of the Gu God Sect was one of the most powerful Immortal State Warriors.

    However, he couldn't even handle one deadly gaze from Chen Fan.

    "OMG. What kind of Divine Power is that? Is he an Earth Level Deity?"

    Many people were stunned by the development.

    "Even if he's not an Earth Level Deity, he's not far from it."

    Some senior Grandmasters let out a wry smile.

    Zhang Ruoxu's face grew solemn as a hint of caution flashed across his face. However, Zhang Ruoxu had never been truly challenged before, so the turn of events didn't scare him.

    "I never thought that the North Qiong Sect had powerful cultivators other than Hua Yunfeng, Xie Yan and Fang Qiong. Unfortunately, your life ends here."

    Zhang Ruoxu stood proudly with a pair of glinting eyes. His gaze was so sharp that it would cut through the air.


    Without saying anything else, Chen Fan slapped Zhang Ruoxu's face.