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Chapter 288 - Su Yuhan’s Unusualness!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 288: Su Yuhan’s Unusualness!

    The Ghost Rider Sect!

    Ye Chen learned from Su Tao’s memory that the sect had been passed down since ancient times. It was founded very long ago. They suspected that it was founded during the Shang dynasty.

    This sect was good in the Ghostrider Method, so they had conquered the continent back then.

    However, nobody knew how it vanished suddenly until Bai Zhanyuan found it.

    There was a formation at the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate, thus it was difficult for regular people to get in. Since Bai Zhanyuan found out that Su Yuhan had a pure yin body, he was eager to use her to perform a blood sacrifice to break the formation.

    However, to Ye Chen, it was easy for a powerhouse on the peak stage to break it.

    Moreover, so many years had passed, so the power of the formation was almost gone.

    “The Liu Ding Liu Jia Formation, huh?” Ye Chen chuckled softly while he lifted his hands to perform a hand seal to break the formation.

    However, Su Yuhan suddenly walked to the core of the formation.

    Just when he was about to try to stop her, he realized that the formation did not work on her.

    “What?” Ye Chen jolted a little and followed her immediately because he was worried that something might happen to her. Meanwhile, Ye Wushuang followed closely behind them while carrying Mengmeng.

    Now, Ye Chen clearly saw that with each step Su Yuhan took, the formation would weaken more and more.

    “How is that possible?!” He could not help but feel rather shocked.

    One must know that the formation at the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate had been activated. It was impossible for one not to be attacked by the formation unless the person was a Formation Master or someone who refined formations.

    Ten minutes later, Su Yuhan walked into the formation. They soon entered a long tunnel.


    The candles all over the walls lit up suddenly all the way to the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, there were scary ghost faces carved all over the walls in the tunnel.

    Su Yuhan suddenly stopped walking, appearing rather puzzled. “Ye Chen, I find this place rather familiar.”

    “Have you been here?” Ye Chen asked.

    “No!” Su Yuhan shook her head lightly and said in a blur, “It’s my first time here, but I don’t know why I find this place familiar as if I’ve been here before.”

    She paused as she spoke to this point. “Also, I’ve got the feeling that something is calling out to me in here.”

    Ye Chen’s expression changed slightly upon hearing that. He could not help but turn his head to look at Ye Wushuang behind him. They saw the seriousness in each other’s eyes.

    At that moment, Su Yuhan walked in further, walking even faster.

    “Slow down, Yuhan!” Ye Chen reminded and walked faster to catch up with her.

    Over ten minutes later, they arrived at the end of the tunnel. There was a heavy stone door before them. It was carved with all sorts of patterns. It was an inferno.

    There was a faint few words on the stone door. It was written ‘anyone who comes in will die!’.

    The words were faintly glowing in a green light as the candles around shone on it. It gave out an indescribable eerie feeling.

    Mengmeng ran into Ye Chen’s embrace, feeling rather scared. “Daddy!”

    “Wushuang, open the door!” Ye Chen said.

    Ye Wushuang took two steps ahead. Subsequently, he pressed his hand to the stone door. However, he could not open it no matter how hard he pushed it.

    “Let me do it!” Su Yuhan suddenly said. She walked directly to a row of candles. She stretched her arm out and turned the bottom of the first candle, then the bottom of the sixth candle.


    As a loud thud came, the extremely heavy stone door opened automatically.

    A low, suppressed aura came from the gap.

    Su Yuhan was about to go in, but Ye Chen held onto her and said with his deep voice, “How did you know about the switches on the stone door?”

    “I-I don’t know!” Su Yuhan looked at a blur and shook her head. She said after shaking her head, “A gleam seemed to flash through my head and I figured it out.”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned grim. “Yuhan, let’s go back. We’re not going in!”

    His instinct told him that something was wrong. Su Yuhan had never been here before, and she was a mortal.

    However, the formation at the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate which was troubling to Bai Zhanyuan did nothing to her. She was familiar with the place and even knew about the switches of the stone door.

    For safety reasons, he decided not to go in. He would come back himself if he insisted on going in!

    “No!” Su Yuhan, who had always been obedient, shook her head at the moment. She looked at him in a begging manner. “Ye Chen, d-don’t go just yet. The feeling is growing, and I must go in. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

    “We can go in, but I must lead the way!” Ye Chen nodded and took the lead to step into the gap of the stone door. At the same time, he held onto Su Yuhan’s hand tightly.

    A cold wind blew.

    A dim stone room appeared in their field of vision. It was like a living room that was over 300 meters wide. There were hundreds of luminous pearls mounted on the walls around them.

    However, everyone had their eyes on the stone platform in the middle of the stone room.

    The stone platform was merely three meters high. It was completely red as if it was soaked in fresh blood. Meanwhile, there were some huge bronze cauldrons all over.

    The bronze cauldrons were of various shapes, and there were birds, beasts, insects, and fishes carved on them.

    At that moment, green flames were burning in the cauldrons, exuding an extra eerieness in the stone room. There were countless bones scattered beneath the cauldrons. They belonged to humans and beasts, but most of them were rotten.

    It was an altar!

    Ye Chen’s pupils shrunk slightly.

    An altar was a tool used for sacrificial ceremonies.

    Sacrificial ceremonies existed since the very beginning of time. It was a ritual for humans to show their appreciation to God, especially during the feudal society period. Sacrificial items would be used during the ceremony. It could be food, animals, or even humans.

    The most classic would be the period during the ruling of King Zhou of Shang whereby he would sacrifice living humans.

    Even in the cultivation world, such sacrificial ceremonies existed. However, most of them were a cult technique. The object of sacrifice was mostly demons.

    Ye Chen had witnessed with his own eyes how a cult almighty destroyed a stellar territory and used tens of billions of population as the sacrifice to summon a demon that was from beyond their territory.

    Su Yuhan wanted to walk to the altar by instinct, but Ye Chen gripped onto her tightly until his left foot stepped onto a switch


    The ground shook, and the entire stone room began shaking.

    In the next second, black energy came out of the altar not far away. The black energy turned into shadows as they ascended.

    There were elusive faces in the shadows that released all sorts of eerie shrieks.

    At that moment, the entire stone room looked like it had turned into a ghost land. A hundred ghosts lingered around while wailing.

    Ye Chen protected Su Yuhan behind him by instinct.


    While terrifying spirits flew all over the stone room, gusts of cold wind blew at Ye Chen suddenly.