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Chapter 780 - The Focus of the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     780 The Focus of the World

    "Leave, or I will exterminate your family!"

    The entire hall went silent and people looked over to see who dared to say anything like that.

    The faces of the four Grandmasters of the Zhang family were even flushed red with anger.

    The crowd made way and a young man with sunglasses moved closer with a glass of wine. He had grey long hair like an old man and had fair skin. He looked extraordinarily handsome and his body carried a weird charisma. He was smiling as if nothing in the world mattered to him.

    "Who's that? How dare he offend the Zhang family? He doesn't want to live?" Many wondered.

    The elder coughed and said with a hoarse voice, "Young man, this is none of your business."

    As the servant of the Zhang family, the elder stayed at Dragon Lake all year round. When he was young, he had once traveled around the world in disguise. The mortal world was like a swamp to him, which could only have mud fish but not dragons.

    If the world had not changed and the Dragon Lake hadn't come out in public, the elder wouldn't even have spared a glance at this mortal world.

    "There's nothing in the world that's not my business."

    Chen Fan approached them while the others made way for him, sizing him up with a doubtful look. They were certain he had lost his mind, to offend the Zhang family and the Dragon Lake for the sake of a woman.

    A lot of people glanced at A'Xiu and mumbled, "That girl seems to be a disciple of the North Qiong Sect. Is he one of them?"

    Yukishiro Sa and Yu Wenjin had become famous in the last three years, but A'Xiu mostly cultivated at the North Qiong Pavilion, so not many people knew about her. And yet, A'Xiu had already entered the Divine Sea Level and ranked right after Hua Yunfeng among the disciples.

    The others were worried after realizing that. The current North Qiong Sect wasn't the invincible North Qiong Sect from back then anymore.

    "The North Qiong Sect?"

    The elder then looked up and glanced at Chen Fan. He felt that Chen Fan had the same energy as a mortal and his eyes were filled with disdain. He only showed a hint of respect when he looked at A'Xiu.

    "I never thought I'd see the Sect Master and disciple of the North Qiong Sect here, but so what? My Master wants to invite Miss Xu to go upstairs. Even the Sect Master of the North Qiong Sect has to yield to the Zhang family," the elder said.

    "Hm, Master defeated the Christian Church, destroyed the Blood Sea and made the United States yield to him. Where were you back then?"

    A'Xiu snickered.

    The elder was startled.

    Many secret lands knew what Chen Fan did, but none of them was willing to be the first to fight with him. Besides, Chen Fan was indeed powerful and even the old dragon of Chang Bai had allowed Chen Fan to rule the Earth.

    "Haha, the Sect Master of the North Qiong Sect died in Kunxu. How could he possibly defeat a hundred Deities and the Seven Exalted Sects in the realm? Once the League of Deities is established today, your sect will also become history," the elder said and looked at Xu Rongfei.

    "Miss Xu, please. Don't make my Master wait."

    Xu Rongfei had already become frozen after hearing Chen Fan's voice in the beginning; she stared at Chen Fan like a statue.

    "Miss Xu!" the elder yelled harshly.

    Xu Rongfei still ignored him.


    The elder reached out to Xu Rongfei with his skinny hands like the claws of an eagle.

    Swish, swish.

    The sound of his claws slashing through the air was heard. Those hands were enough to cut through metal and tear a tank apart. Although Xu Rongfei had a talisman on her body, she would not be able to bear his attack.

    All the people who saw this were terrified.

    Even though they knew the elder wouldn't kill a woman, seeing him catch their Goddess to meet a hybrid young man made them feel frustrated.

    "How dare he!"

    An old man was so furious that his body was shaking.

    All the people present could only heave a sigh. As the Deities appeared, the Legendary Era began and people tended to use force to solve things. The past rules had started to change. How would anyone dare to abduct someone in front of so many celebrities three years before?

    Right when everyone thought there was nothing they could do.

    A cold voice resounded through the hall.

    "I said… leave!"

    He started speaking calmly and ended with a thunderous voice. It seemed as if ten thousand bombs had exploded around the elder's ears and the True Essence surged inside him through the sound waves.


    The elder screamed.

    He was bleeding and his eardrums cracked. His body was trembling and many of his organs had shattered. Even though Chen Fan had only used a little bit of his energy, the Immortal State Warrior couldn't withstand his attack and was immediately injured.

    Looking at the elder who fell on the ground and screamed.

    Everyone was confused.

    Chen Fan only attacked the elder and the others only heard a loud noise. The other four Grandmasters were also confused, but they knew in their guts that Chen Fan was responsible for it, so their rage started to rise. However, A'Xiu had already created four phantoms and each of them punched a Grandmaster. Their organs were crushed and they instantly died after flying a dozen meters away.

    In the end, Chen Fan walked with a glass of wine as if he had nothing to do with it.


    The others looked at Chen Fan and A'Xiu with frightened faces.

    "That girl is also a legend. She killed the Grandmasters effortlessly, as if she were slaughtering chickens!"

    "The young man is more terrifying… He defeated the Immortal State Warrior of the Zhang family silently."

    "The North Qiong Sect and the Zhang family are already fighting before the League of Deities is established. There will definitely be an astonishing battle."

    Many people were discussing.

    At the same time, Chen Fan walked to Xu Rongfei and the girl who was cold and supercilious in other people's eyes suddenly started crying in his arms.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    "F**k, is that… is that the goddess we know?" a businessman said.

    Many others looked at Chen Fan with jealousy.

    "It's all right, Fei Fei. I'm back. Everything will be fine." Chen Fan caressed Xu Rongfei's back and comforted her. The girl pouted and said as she hugged Chen Fan, "Hm, I'll listen to you."

    Chen Fan stepped on the elder and looked at him. "I told you, if you don't leave, I'll exterminate your family. Did you think I was joking?"

    "Bastard, do you know what you're doing? You're provoking the Zhang family, the Dragon Lake and the honorable ancestral dragon! The North Qiong Sect will suffer because of you," the elder said.

    "How dare you hybrids threaten me? Even if the old dragon comes, I can peel its skin off and make it into a snake feast," Chen Fan said.

    Everyone went silent.

    They looked at Chen Fan as if he were delusional. He provoked the Zhang family and said something like that about the ancestral dragon of Chang Bai? Everyone knew the old dragon who had lived for a thousand years was an invincible being, the most powerful in the world.

    "You're crazy!"

    The elder shook his head.

    The top floor soon knew about what had happened in the hall.

    Meanwhile, on the grand top floor.

    Zhang Ruoxu was standing at the center, surrounded by everyone. He acted as the host of the cocktail party, being the representative of the Zhang family.

    Many leaders of the major families or people from the secret lands had to respect the Dragon Lake even if they didn't care about Zhang Ruoxu.

    A few tycoons from Japan and Korea flattered Zhang Ruoxu. "Brother Ruoxu, if the League of Deities can successfully be established, the Zhang family will be able to remain as the top family in the East and you'll be the top Master."

    The Amou Family, the Thai Royal Family and the Cao Family made an appearance to congratulate him.

    "These things are decided by the Heavenly Beings. We won't be able to control anything if we don't become one of them," Zhang Ruoxu said calmly and his eyes were full of determination.

    For people like him, power was useless if they didn't become Earth Level Deities.

    The North Qiong Sect and Kunlun remained silent.

    This time, the North Qiong Sect was at a disadvantage. Many families and forces had started to falter in their belief toward the sect. In the meantime, not only the Japanese, the Korean tycoons and the foreign forces were surrounding Zhang Ruoxu; many Chinese families had also stepped in.

    Fang Qiong recognized them.

    The heir of the Han and Li families, and the Immortal State Warriors of the Wu family were with them. In comparison, there weren't many people who supported the North Qiong Sect. Those from Kunlun started to sigh and were quite anxious.

    "Don't worry. The Zhang family is making the wrong decision," Fang Qiong said confidently.

    Then, the news about the ground floor arrived upstairs. Zhang Ruoxu was immediately enraged; people around him could see the blue veins on his hands.

    "All right, let's see who dares to say those things."

    Zhang Ruoxu glanced at those from the North Qiong Sect and went downstairs.

    Everyone present tagged along. Fang Qiong cracked a smile and went down as well, while the people of Kunlun were confused. The entire floor became empty in an instant.

    The organizer of the cocktail party immediately reported this to his boss.

    Soon, what had happened at the hotel was spread across the world. People regarded this as the first confrontation between the two powerful parties of the League of Deities, the North Qiong Sect and the Zhang family.

    It instantly became the focus of the world's attention.